Apologized Quotes


Apologized for saying Barack Obama was clean and articulate. Joe Biden

A parent who has never apologized to his children is a monster. If he's always apologizing, his children are monsters. Mignon Mclaughlin

I asked Tom if countries always apologized when they had done wrong, and he says: 'Yes; the little ones does. Mark Twain

Griffin Bell later apologized to me for that decision. Julian Bond

A congressman sent a tweet that compared president Obama to Adolf Hitler. He has now apologized. It's not helping that he apologized to Hitler. Conan O'Brien

The President has apologized for his activities with Monica Lewinsky. These were too little, too late, in my opinion. Barbara Cubin

I asked Tom if countries always apologized when they had done wrong, and he says - "Yes; the little ones does". Mark Twain

It was better that we never apologized to each other. Then we'd be admitting that we were wrong and we owed each other something. That's where people got into trouble. Jennifer Echols

Tiger Woods apologized to the three women in America he never got around to sleeping with. Bill Maher

I did not know that [ the Chancellor Angela Merkel is a bit frightened of dogs]. I wanted to make her happy. When I learned that she does not like dogs, I apologized, of course. Vladimir Putin

[Barack] Obama has betrayed Israel, gutted the military, and apologized on ten world tours. Marco Rubio

RS: You've called Bush a loser. Reid: And a liar. RS: You've apologized for the loser comment. Reid: But never for the liar, have I? Harry Reid

Reid spoke of future President Barack Obama in 2008 describing him as a, light-skinned' African American 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one. Reid apologized for these remarks in January 2010 when they were publicized. Harry Reid

I was bullied a lot in middle school, and my bullies have since all apologized. Rachel Bloom

Dave couldn't remember the last time a grownup had apologized to him. Andrew Clements

Joan Rivers broke down barriers, advocated for free speech, and never apologized for who she was. Judy Gold

I was emancipated at 15 and off to Japan on a contract working. I felt for my parents. I apologized profusely years later, but I was just very strong-willed and strong-minded and had my own idea - thought outside of the box. Jaime Pressly

Tony Blair a couple years ago was going around apologizing for everything. He apologized for the Irish potato famine. The Canadian government apologized for how it treated Indian school children.When is the Democratic Party going to apologize for being the biggest slave-holding-supporting institution on the planet and sticking with racism for the century after the abolition of slavery? Sean Hannity

It seems strange that my life should end in such a terrible place, but for three years I had roses, and apologized to no one. Alan Moore

Rick Perry said America's revolutionary war was fought in the 16th century. When told it was actually the 18th century, Perry apologized and said, 'I never said I was a geology major.' Conan O'Brien



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