Another Chance About Quotes


I know now, after fifty years, that the finding/losing, forgetting/remembering, leaving/returning, never stops. The whole of life is about another chance, and while we are alive, till the very end, there is always another chance. Jeanette Winterson

It's always great to have another chance at something. Stockard Channing

I strive for perfection, but of course it can never be perfect. I'm never satisfied at the end of a performance. But the great thing about live theatre is that every night you get another chance to get it right. Anthony Warlow

I got a lot of grief from my teammates about that. It might backfire on my mom. Hopefully, my brother will have another chance somewhere down the road. Scott Niedermayer

I find it next to impossible to remain politely silent when people prate to me about the glory of being given another chance to live happily ever after! Mercedes Mccambridge

I'm excited about the opportunity to go back out there with my teammates and get another chance at this thing [a Super Bowl]. Victor Cruz

I tended to give a book a chance and another chance and another, sometimes seeing it all the way to the end, still hoping for for it turn out different. Maybe I was confused about what you owed a book. What you owed people, for that matter, real or fictional. Deb Caletti

I think I'll give them another chance. Americans deserve another chance with my music. Albert Ayler

The chance you had is the life you've got. You can make complaints about what people, including you, make of their lives after they have got them, and about what people make of other people's lives, ...but you mustn't wish for another life. You mustn't want to be somebody else. Wendell Berry

Another flashing chance at bliss Another kiss, another kiss Jim Morrison

Whatever character you play, it gives you the chance to expose another side of yourself that maybe you've never felt comfortable with, or never knew about Laura Dern

Without a doubt, absolutely, a woman will be a president, and probably sooner rather than later. I am excited about that, and if what I did serves as a steppingstone for another woman down the course, I am very grateful to have had that chance. Michele Bachmann

For me, above all, my stances on global warming are a product of my love for the weather. There is no goal for me. It's about having another chance to do what I was made to do. And somehow, when I'm with people who I sense have the same ideas, it makes me stronger and more able to run toward what I was made for. Joe Bastardi

You don't get another chance, life is no Nintendo game. Eminem

Every day on Earth is another chance to get it right. Steve Earle

Today might not be so good. But tomorrow, you got another chance to get it right. David Baldacci

Every time a child is born, we have another chance. Eda LeShan

Everyday is another chance to get things right. Lauryn Hill

Was there any human urge more pitiful-or more intense- than wanting another chance at something? Joe Hill

If you let life pass you by now, it won't ever come back. You don't get another chance Danielle Steel



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