Anonymous Flag


Where the flag of truth waves unfurled, there you will find superstition waiting in ambush. Anonymous

If you are ashamed to stand by your colors, you had better seek another flag. Anonymous

You know you're a skydiver when you analyze every flag you see in terms of it's too windy/not too windy to jump. Anonymous

We do not consecrate the flag by punishing its desecration, for in doing so, we dilute the freedom this cherished emblem represents. William J. Brennan

The American flag represents all of us and all the values we hold sacred. Adrian Cronauer

The American flag is the symbol of our freedom, national pride and history. Mike Fitzpatrick

The infernal flag-waving after 9/11 nearly drove liberals out of their gourds. For the left, 'flag-waving' is an epithet. Ann Coulter

The Confederate flag represents the same thing to blacks as the Nazi flag represents to Jews,. Ken Page

The only argument you can make against having [Confederate] flag as spectacularly shown as it is around the south is the Nazis. I mean, it would be like having the swastika flag... Whoopi Goldberg

Our flag is not just one of many political points of view. Rather, the flag is a symbol of our national unity. Adrian Cronauer

You are the makers of the flag and it is well that you glory in the making. Franklin Knight Lane

I wear [American flag] all the time. It represents my freedom to speak about exactly what I want to, whenever I want to. Kesha

I am an old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness, flag waving patriot. John Wayne

It's time for the [Confederate] Flag to come down, because it just doesn't represent who we are as a people, as Americans anymore. Jack Hunter

There will be no white flag above my door, I'm in love and always will be Dido Armstrong

We cannot allow the American flag to be shot at anywhere on earth if we are to retain our respect and prestige Barry Goldwater

The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side, Julian Bond

When facism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the American flag. Sinclair Lewis

Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag -if they do, they must be consequences -perhaps loss of citizenship or year in a jail. Donald Trump

If it were up to me, I would put in jail every sandal-wearing, scruffy-bearded weirdo who burns the American flag. But I am not king. Antonin Scalia



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