Anita Blake Quotes


They be crazier than we are. Laurell K Hamilton

the true way to a man's heart is six inches of metal between his ribs." You have to love Anita Blake... ... Laurell K Hamilton

I, Anita Blake, scourge of the undead-the human with more vampire kills than any other vampire executioner in the country-was dating a vampire. It was poetically ironic. Laurell K Hamilton

You walk like a duck with a wet diaper on.' Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Laurell K Hamilton

Women may get to wear lots of pretty colors, but men get the comfortable shoes. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Laurell K Hamilton

Sometimes it would be nice not to have to do my best. Sometimes it would just be nice not to have a crisis to deal with. - Anita Blake Laurell K Hamilton

The rich and powerful always seem to prefer the tops of buildings. Hasn't anyone ever explained to them that higher just means you have farther to fall? - Anita Blake Laurell K Hamilton

Anything under size five isn't a woman. It's a boy with breasts. Laurell K Hamilton

I wasn't crying, my eyes were running. My eyes were running because there were pieces of zombies all over my toys. Jesus. Laurell K Hamilton

Anyone who tells you size doesn't matter has been seeing too many small knives. Laurell K Hamilton

I spent the next fifteen minutes convincing a crying werewolf that I was' going to hurt her. My life was getting too strange, even for me. Laurell K Hamilton

Never trust people who smile constantly. They're either selling something or not very bright. Laurell K Hamilton

Zebrowski says that if you killed someone else just hide the body, he's not starting over on the paperwork. Laurell K Hamilton

It's not about winning, Haven. I'm not a prize to be won. I'm not the princess that needs rescuing from the dragon. I'm the prince and I kill my own monsters. You need to be ok with that. -Anita Blake Laurell K Hamilton

Richard was a riddle with no answer, and I was tired of playing a game I couldn't win. Laurell K Hamilton

Important safety tip - never look a vampire in the eye. Laurell K Hamilton

One serial killer sends me a human head in a box, and I get all spooked; Go figure. Laurell K Hamilton

Never throw stones if you think they're going to come back and hit you. Laurell K Hamilton

Death, jewelry, or magic; it sounded like Valentine's Day. Laurell K Hamilton

Can the sarcasm,' he said. 'Please, I always use fresh sarcasm, never canned. Laurell K Hamilton



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