Angel in Heaven Poems


Holy angel, in Heaven blessed, My spirit longs with thee to rest Gaston Leroux

When the inner child finds a guardian angel, publishers are in heaven. Wendy Kaminer

In the Heaven's above, the angels, whispering to one another, can find, among their burning terms of love, none so devotional as that of 'Mother. Edgar Allan Poe

It can in no sense be said that heaven is outside of any one; it is within ... and a man, also, so far as he receives heaven, is a recipient, a heaven, and an angel. Emanuel Swedenborg

It was heaven. Forget angels, forget St. Peter and glittering harpsichords. Heaven was a dance in the arms of one's true love. Julia Quinn

I thought that I was in heaven But I was sure surprised Heaven help me, I didn't see The devil in your eyes You look like an angel Walk like an angel Talk like an angel But I got wise You're the devil in disguise Oh yes you are The devil in disguise Elvis Presley

But our love was stronger by far than the love Of those who were older than we Of many far wiser than we And neither the angels in heaven above, Nor the demons down under the sea, Can ever dissever my soul from the soul Of the beautiful Annabel Lee. Edgar Allan Poe

God is in his Heaven, all's right with the world. Robert Browning

She brings him hope in the way that angels do, taking him to heaven in ways he never knew. Garth Brooks

But most it is presumption in us when the help of heaven we count the act of men. William Shakespeare

Humans become angels on earth, not in heaven. Paramahansa Yogananda

Someday in heaven, when the angels all sing, well, these rags that I'm wearing will be fit for a king. Garth Brooks

Angels contented with their face in heaven, Seek not the praise of men. John Milton

Dogs are angels sent from heaven in order to help us to be better people. Robert Genn

Its easy to be an angel when you are in heaven. Anonymous

God, send me an angel from the heavens above. Send me an angel to heal my broken heart from being in love, 'cause all I do is cry. God, send me an angel to wipe the tears from my eyes. Amanda Perez

Remain tranquil and prepare to bear still greater trials. All is not lost even though you be troubled oftener or tempted more grievously. You are a man, not God. You are flesh, not an angel. How can you possibly expect to remain always in the same state of virtue when the angels in heaven and the first man in paradise failed to do so? I am He who rescues the afflicted and brings to My divinity those who know their own weakness. Thomas A Kempis

You are a man, not God; you are human, not an angel. How can you expect to remain always in a constant state of virtue, when this was not possible even for an angel of Heaven, nor for the first man in the Garden? Thomas A Kempis

And what's above is in the past As sure as all the angels are. Wallace Stevens

Let us affectionately love His angels as counselors and defenders appointed by the Father and placed over us. They are faithful; they are prudent; they are powerful; Let us only follow them, let us remain close to them, and in the protection of the God of heaven let us abide. Bernard Of Clairvaux



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