Ancient Proverbs and Meanings


I had always been an enthusiastic reader of stuff about ancient Greece. I would read Herodotus and Thucydides just for fun. Steven Pressfield

the ancient people perceived the world and themselves within that world as part of an ancient continuous story composed of innumerable bundles of other stories. Leslie Marmon Silko

Almost all the people who lived in Atlantis meditated and had powerful psychic skills. Frederick Lenz

Their experiments caused them to destabilize the structure of the continent and thus Atlantis sank beneath the waves. Frederick Lenz

In their meditations, the high priests and priestesses of Atlantis had seen that the Atlantean civilization was going to end cataclysmically. Frederick Lenz

Rae Chorze-Fwaz has preserved and passed on their secret meditation techniques in oral tradition from the time of Atlantis until he present day. Frederick Lenz

Yiddish is the voice of exile, the tongue of ghettos, but I'll shed a tear when it joins ancient Greek and dead Latin. For gossip and insult, you can't beat Yiddish. Linda Barnes

Members of the Rae Chorze-Fwaz order trace their origins back through Tibet, Japan, China, India, and ancient Egypt to the place the order was founded, the lost continent of Atlantis. Frederick Lenz

As the profoundest philosophy of ancient Rome and Greece lighted her taper at Israel's altar, so the sweetest strains of the pagan muse were swept from harps attuned on Zion's hill. Edward Thomson

During the Atlantean Cycle, the earth's aura, the invisible astral energy field that surrounds and protects our planet and through which all psychic perception flows, was very pure. Frederick Lenz

The high-priests and priestesses of Atlantis had discovered many of the deepest secrets of the universe. They had come to understand all about reincarnation, karma, and the innermost workings of the Enlightenment Cycle. Frederick Lenz

Rae Chorze Fwaz was a mystery school. A mystery school is an occult order comprised of people who study meditation, enlightenment and psychic and occult arts. Frederick Lenz

During the time of Atlantis, members of the Mystery Schools discovered and developed specific concentration exercises that they found would radically increase and sharpen their innate psychic abilities. Frederick Lenz

The old Atlantean sciences from the tribe of enlightenment, of which there are only a few remnants and chards left in this world, were medicine, law, computers, and the performing arts. Frederick Lenz

They wanted to preserve and protect the mystical knowledge gained from their meditation practices and pass it on to future civilizations they clairvoyantly saw were going to be born after the destruction of Atlantis Frederick Lenz

The mystery school continued throughout the greater Egyptian civilization, which was the second age of humankind and later on into the third age of humankind when the Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan high cultures flourished Frederick Lenz

Alan [Lomax] and his father started off changing the definition of folk music from something ancient and anonymous to something very contemporary. Pete Seeger

Long before the advent of what scientists and scholars consider to be the beginning of human civilization, there was an age undreamed of ... the age of Atlantis. Frederick Lenz

During the age of Atlantis, the low population density and the resulting purity of the earth's aura, made conditions ideal for discovering secret meditation techniques. Frederick Lenz

Where there is the tree of knowledge, there is always Paradise: so say the most ancient and most modern serpents. Friedrich Nietzsche



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