Ancient Greek Poems


Yiddish is the voice of exile, the tongue of ghettos, but I'll shed a tear when it joins ancient Greek and dead Latin. For gossip and insult, you can't beat Yiddish. Linda Barnes

The ancient Greeks did not have to wrestle with the philosophical problem of the existence of evil. They did not claim their gods were good, just magnificent. Margaret Visser

In all of Western civilization, there have been societies that celebrating the homosexuality, the ancient Greeks. But they, in fact, protected the institution of marriage as a union between one man and one woman. They got the joke. And the American people get the joke. Ken Blackwell

war with poison and chemicals was not so rare in the ancient world ... An astounding panoply of toxic substances, venomous creatures, poison plants, animals and insects, deleterious environments, virulent pathogens, infectious agents, noxious gases, and combustible chemicals were marshalled to defeat foes - and panoply is an apt term here, because it is the ancient Greek word for 'all weapons. Adrienne Mayor

The ancient Greek oral poets all had this anxiety about the deficiencies of their memories and always began poems by praying to the Muse to help them remember. David Antin

We have no adequate conception of the perfection of the ancient tragic dance. The pleasure which the greeks received from it had for its basis difference; & the more unfit the vehicle, the more lively was the curiosity & intense the delights at seeing the difficulty overcome. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

He is the richest who is content with the least. Socrates

Catharsis comes from the ancient Greek word...which literally translated means 'to pass a hard stool' Tim Sandlin

It's a shame to be called "educated" those who do not study the ancient Greek writers. Francois Rabelais

Few of the great works of ancient Greek literature are easy reading. Gilbert Murray

Man is the measure of all things. Protagoras

Kant does represents a distinctively modern view of the human condition in contrast to that of ancient high culture, found in ancient Greek ethics and also in ancient Chinese ethics. Allen W. Wood

At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst. Aristotle

Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist. Epicurus

Beware the barrenness of a busy life. Socrates

To the ancient Greeks the word, dikaiosini,justice was often synonymous with ekdikisis,vengeance. Sidney Sheldon

The games of the ancient Greeks were, in their original institutions, religious solemnities. Dorothea Brande

The life of the ancient Greeks and Romans has profoundly influenced our own, and yet the ways in which they affect us do not present themselves on the surface of our ordinary experiences. John Dewey

The ancient Greeks, as Plato reports, believed that we discover truth through "reminiscence," that is by "remembering," by intuitively searching into our own experience. Rollo May

The question of the composition of perceptible objects is one which already occupied the mind of the ancient Greeks. Johannes Stark



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