Ancient Egyptian Proverbs


Tutankhamun was not black, and the portrayal of ancient Egyptian civilization as black has no element of truth to it. Zahi Hawass

MUMMY, n. - an ancient Egyptian handy, too, in museums in gratifying the vulgar curiosity that serves to distinguish man from the lower animals. Ambrose Bierce

Set screamed something in Ancient Egyptian. I was fairly sure it was' a compliment. "I will rend your limbs from their sockets!" he shouted. "I will-" "Die?" Carter suggested. Rick Riordan

Set screamed something in Ancient Egyptian. I was fairly sure it wasn't a compliment. "I will rend your limbs from their sockets!" he shouted. "I will-" "Die?" Carter suggested. Rick Riordan

We're coming into a rebirth of the planet. And some cultures have echoed it, such as the Mayans have echoed that, and it came from the ancient Egyptians. Jimmy Cliff

The form language used by the ancient Egyptians in their structures is minimal. Harry Seidler

The style of ancient Egyptian art is transcendently clear, something 8-year-olds can recognize in an instant. Its consistency and codification is one of the most epic visual journeys in all art, one that lasts 30 dynasties spread over 3,000 years. Jerry Saltz

'Doctor Who' was the first mythology that I learned, before ever I ran into Greek or Roman or Egyptian mythologies. Neil Gaiman

We have now seen that there is no particle of evidence for the Egyptian origin of Tarot cards. A E Waite

Ancient history is oddly short on incorrect omens. Stacy Schiff

In ancient Greece, politics and the market were not decoupled. George Papandreou

Ancient Rome was a violent place. James Purefoy

The ancient Egyptians had a superstitious antipathy to the sea; a superstition nearly of the same kind prevails among the Indians; and the Chinese have never excelled in foreign commerce. Adam Smith

The ancient Egyptians used to say: if you say a man's name, he is alive. I take this opportunity to say, Jim Morrison. Ray Manzarek

The Ancient Egyptians considered it good luck to meet a swarm of Bees on the road. What they considered bad luck I couldn't say. Will Cuppy

To be satisfied with a little, is the greatest wisdom; and he that increaseth his riches, increaseth his cares; but a contented mind is a hidden treasure, and trouble findeth it not. Akhenaton

If one tries to navigate unknown waters one runs the risk of shipwreck Albert Einstein

Because of some defect in my motor skill, I can never COMPLETELY wrap [gifts]....If I had been an ancient Egyptian in the field of mummies, the lower half of the Pharaoh's body would be covered only by scotch tape. Dave Barry

I've visited the future and I've seen the Heavenly City standing upon this Earth!-Beautiful, gorgeous, incomparable, almost indescribable, the most gorgeous sight you'll ever want to see! A beautiful pyramid-shaped City like the ancient Egyptian pyramids, only much more beautiful!-That Golden City like crystal gold, pyramid-shaped, 1500 miles wide! Think of it! And 1500 miles high! David Berg

Personally, my interests are ancient history and ancient civilizations. In my own life, I'd like to go to places like Easter Island. Nicolas Cage



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