American Society Quotes


The family has always been the cornerstone of American society. Ronald Reagan

The aspect of American society is animated, because men and things are always changing; but it is monotonous, because all the changes are alike. Alexis De Tocqueville

Let's face it: The Jewish community is the most active political community in American society. Zbigniew Brzezinski

A nation, as a society, forms a moral person, and every member of it is personally responsible for his society. Thomas Jefferson

To all organic conceptions of life Americans oppose a mechanistic conception. In a society which has 'started from scratch', everything has the characteristic of being fabricated. In American society appearances are masks, not faces. At the same time, proponents of the American way of life are hostile to personality. Julius Evola

Whiteness in a racist, corporate-controlled society is like having the image of an American Express Cardstamped on one's face: immediately you are "universally accepted." Manning Marable

Black people cannot and will not become integrated into American society on any terms but those of self-determination and autonomy. Gerda Lerner

In American Society today, we need to have volunteerism. I truly believe that it is the glue that will hold us together and it will be the energy that will take us into the 21st century. Barbara Mikulski

It seems to me there are good deficits and bad deficits. Now, we have a deficit that comes from the militarization of our society and our policy and our approach to the global arena. Victor Saul Navasky

We must recognize that we can't solve our problems now until there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power.... a radical restructuring of the architecture of American society. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The busybodies have begun to infect American society with a nasty intolerance - a zeal to police the private lives of others and hammer them into standard forms - A Nation of Finger Pointers. Lance Morrow

If I were to select a jack-booted group of fascists who are perhaps as large a danger to American society as I could pick today, I would pick BATF [the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms]. John Dingell

The most dangerous thing in American society is a self-respecting and self-loving black person, because they're on the road to freedom and that means they're gonna run up against the powers that be. Cornel West

The only way to change American society, and indeed I think this is true of other societies as well, is for people to discover the power latent in the cooperative roles that they play in a range of institutions. Frances Fox Piven

Concentration of wealth and power has been built upon other people's money, other people's business, other people's labor. Under this concentration, independent business has been a menace to American society. Franklin D Roosevelt

The family has always been the cornerstone of American society. Our families nurture, preserve, and pass on to each succeeding generation the values we share and cherish, values that are the foundation of our freedoms. Ronald Reagan

The beauty of being black in American society is that black has always been an inclusive definition. White has always been an exclusive definition. I think one of the challenges for white people is to figure out how to have a more inclusive picture of who their families are, of who they are. Benjamin Jealous

The real world of American society is one which it is very misleading to call simply a democracy. Of course, it is in a sense a democracy, but it is one in which there are enormous inequities in the distribution of power and force. For example, the entire commercial and industrial system is in principle excluded from the democratic process, including everything that goes on within it Noam Chomsky

Were we directed from Washington when to sow and when to reap, we should soon want bread. Thomas Jefferson

With all that we hear of American hustle and hurry, it is rather strange that Americans seem to like to linger on longer words. Gilbert K Chesterton



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