Amazing Music Quotes


Music always brings great things and makes me meet amazing people. It's amazing. Marilou

Believe me when I say that some of the most amazing music in history was made on equipment that's not as good as what you own right now. Jol Dantzig

I want to continue to produce film, television, and theater, and to make the most amazing music that I've made in my life. Alicia Keys

I think vulnerability is one of the most amazing things about music. SonReal

I'm the lead singer of the Beach Boys and an ambassador of this amazing music that touched a generation. Mike Love

I feel like the Church should have the most amazing entertainment and the best music, because we know the author and the source of music and entertainment, which is our Father. Danny Gokey

I met a lot of amazing people whose lives were changed (for the better) by the power of music. Music gave them strength to get out of abusive relationships or to just pick up a musical instrument and learn to play. Lita Ford

To be amazing means you have to do amazing things. Idan Ravin

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. Friedrich Nietzsche

Miranda Lambert! She not only has amazing music, but she is an awesome role model for females and rescues lots of animals! Miranda Lambert

I just want to create amazing music that speaks and defines who I am. I want it to be based on my life and/or what I am going through at that specific time. Heather Headley

It was a relief to be able to do my own band, because I was very responsible for all this amazing music I didn't want to mess up before. Dhani Harrison

There's a ton of amazing music that's not getting heard. A-Trak

I think when the music and the product is amazing, people buy it. Warryn Campbell

Well, what I love about '80s rock music is the amazing, fantastic melodies. Julianne Hough

And you should hear the music. Incredible, amazing music, like nothing you've ever heard, music that almost takes your head off, you know? That makes you want to scream and jump up and down and break stuff and cry... Lauren Oliver

I'm always going to get more of a charge playing Chicago than I will Duluth or some place like that. Just because of the history and the people there are way more knowledgeable than a lot of other cities. It's an amazing music scene with some great bands and great musicians. Matt Cameron

I think the amazing thing about gospel music is that not only does it lift up the death and resurrection of our Lord, which is consistent with the Gospel, but it is uniquely communicated depending upon the generation. T D Jakes

When I saw you I fell in love. And you smiled because you knew. Arrigo Boito

To combat the confusion and depression that assault me when I come off the road in the middle of a tour, I seek the most oblivionated music possible. When it's the 'way out there' that I seek, I go right to my stash of amazing music from Japan. Henry Rollins



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