Amazing Boyfriend Quotes


You're amazing, and I so want to be your boyfriend, because of what you just said, and also because that shirt makes me want to take you home and do unspeakable things while we watch live-action Sailor Moon videos John Green

When it comes to love, always be open. Because the second youre not pining after a boy, or a boyfriend, amazing love comes into your life. Emma Roberts

It's amazing, the look in your eyes, like you could save me, but you won't even try Matt Nathanson

A couple of years ago I used to have long, curly, mermaid hair that was amazing, and then I broke up with my boyfriend and I cut it off to my shoulders. It was in this awkward Molly Ringwald phase, so I just kept cutting it shorter. Betty Who

[I will not] sulk about having no boyfriend, but develop inner poise and authority and sense of self as woman of substance, complete without boyfriend, as best way to obtain boyfriend. Helen Fielding

I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, all that you're yet to be. Ernest Hemingway

I always see people tweeting about these crazy amazing things their boyfriend or girlfriend did for them. You shouldn't have to constantly be trying to prove your love when you're in a relationship. Matt Prokop

To be amazing means you have to do amazing things. Idan Ravin

A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas. I used to think it was my boyfriend, and one day I woke up and it wasn't. I was freaked out about it, but then I was, like, 'Well, you know what? He's never hurt me and he just gave me some amazing sex, so I have no problem. Anna Nicole Smith

I was dating my first boyfriend in high school for a long time, and we broke up before prom. I hadn't met anyone else that I really wanted to go with, and my friends have always been amazing. So I went with my friends and got a million photos with them! Shay Mitchell

When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are. Donald Miller

I become a waterwheel, turning and tasting you, as long as water moves. Rumi

Everyone, whether you are married or have a boyfriend or girlfriend, there's always someone who has a hold of your heart. You learn to let it go, but there's always a place in your heart. For me, it was someone I went to college with and we had an amazing bond, but I left. Kip Moore

The most amazing thing about little children ... was their fantastic adaptability. Kristin Hunter

I've really enjoyed my three years at 'Hollyoaks.' I worked with the most amazing people. Nico

Beyonce is the most amazing woman in the world. Chris O'Dowd

I think having children is the most amazing thing. Rachel Stevens

You can do amazing things when you believe. Gerard Way

You are meant to have an amazing life. Rhonda Byrne

Lionel Messi is the most amazing player I have ever seen. Harry Redknapp



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