AM Lost Quotes


I am free and that is why I am lost. Franz Kafka

Where else? I belong to a lost generation and am comfortable only in the company of others who are lost and lonely. Umberto Eco

She seems sort of lost.' I thought, Lost how? How am I lost? Suddenly I felt lost. Melissa Bank

I am sure I lost out on a few million or more in money but I am happy with the team that I am on and the quarterback that I am with. Terrell Owens

If I think, I am lost. Paul Cezanne

In my dreams of this city I am always lost. Margaret Atwood

Having no destination, I am never lost. Ikkyu

If I look back I am lost. George R R Martin

I am more lost in wonder than ever. John Huston

Am I lost or just less found? C S Lewis

While I am speaking the opportunity is lost. Ovid

I am the wilderness lost in man. Mervyn Peake

I once was lost, but now am found, John Newton

I am not yours, not lost in you, Not lost, although I long to be Lost as a candle lit at noon, Lost as a snowflake in the sea. You love me, and I find you still A spirit beautiful and bright, Yet I am I, who long to be Lost as a light is lost in light. Sara Teasdale

Even though I'm seventeen, I guess I still thought this would always be true - that there would always be that lost-and-found, and not the lost-and-still-lost that I am now trapped inside. David Levithan

I am not the champion of lost causes, but the champion of causes not yet won. Norman Thomas

I have lost everything, and I am so poor now that I really cannot afford to let anything worry me. Joseph Jefferson

I am, I cried. I am, I said. And I am lost. Neil Diamond

I've never lost perspective on who I am. Well, maybe briefly, but generally I'm pretty balanced. Sting

I am not yours, nor lost in you, not lost, although I long to be. Lost as a candle lit at noon, lost as a snowflake in the sea. You love me, and I find you still a spirit beautiful and bright, yet I am I, who long to be lost as a light is lost in light. Sara Teasdale



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