Always Sunny In Philadelphia Charlie Quotes


Cats do not abide by the laws of nature. Charlie Day

I eat stickers all the time dude! Charlie Day

I love the show 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia;' that's probably a guilty pleasure! I laugh so hard. Linden Ashby

I have a really, really hard time sitting down and watching a TV show, except I'm apparently willing to watch the same episode of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' like, seven times. Shane Carruth

I feel like it's a dangerous and dark world if 'Sunny' becomes mainstream comedy. If you were to turn on CBS at 8 o'clock on Thursday and see an episode of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia,' I don't know if I want to live in that world. Rob Mcelhenney

Showrunner I admire: Weiss: "All friendship bias duly acknowledged: Rob McElhenney and the guys at 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' have been doing their show for longer than any live action comedy. To make something that consistently great for that long, and to keep it fresh ... I think that's a tremendous accomplishment. David Benioff

Rob McElhenney who runs 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.' That show absolutely kills me and I am stunned by the consistency of greatness it has maintained over what is now a record breaking amount of seasons ... How do you do that for so many years? My 14-year-old daughter and I watch it together and we both laugh crazy hard. Louis C K

Not always sunny, but always in a sunny state of mind Lilly Pulitzer

In Philadelphia, I inadvertently came upon an edition of Robert Ingersoll's Essays and Lectures. This was an exciting discovery; his atheism confirmed my own belief that the horrific cruelty of the Old Testament was degrading to the human spirit. Charlie Chaplin

Her sunny side was always up. Richard Brautigan

In Texas it's always hot, dry, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Piper Perabo

It's always sunny above the clouds. Always. Every day on earth - every day I have ever had - was secretly sunny, after all. Caitlin Moran

I always thought he gave me that name because I have a kind of outgoing or sunny disposition. And in those days I was kinda blonde and bearded and had an afro and was bushy like a sun. So I don't know, he named me Surya Das but who knows. Surya Das

We need to have Bill Cosby month in Philadelphia. Chaka Fattah

Politics in Philadelphia is a contact sport. Michael Nutter

My experience with the Junior League, when I worked in Philadelphia for four years in reference to children's things, is that whenever they were asked they responded. They always responded with sincerity, and they did a good job. C Everett Koop

My films have always been considered the benchmark in action. I have a big responsibility to shoulder. Sunny Deol

I have always been comfortable weathering the storm. I"d like to get more comfortable weathering the sunny day. Andrea Gibson

So always look for the silver lining And try to find the sunny side of life. P G Wodehouse

I have always been comfortable weathering the storm. I'd like to get more comfortable weathering the sunny day. Andrea Gibson



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