Allen Quotes


I think Woody Allen is Woody Allen, and no matter where he goes he still makes his Woody Allen films. Abbas Kiarostami

I am plagued by doubts. Woody Allen

Death's long anabasis. Allen Tate

Change is almost always negative. Things degenerate. Woody Allen

America I've given you all and now I'm nothing. Allen Ginsberg

...the bewildering beauty of Paris... Allen Ginsberg

Inside skull vast as outside skull Allen Ginsberg

It's never to late to do nothing at all. Allen Ginsberg

Mosquitos ruin the safari. David Allen

The American people don't read. Allen Dulles

You too must seek the sun... Allen Ginsberg

Subjectivity is objective. Woody Allen

The better you get, the better you better get. David Allen

Things are symbols of themselves. Allen Ginsberg

It ain't innovation unless something moves. Bob Allen

When I hit one over, I knew I was good. Ray Allen

What is obscenity? And to whom? Allen Ginsberg

Minnesota's a great city. Ray Allen

God is either cruel or incompetent. Woody Allen

Life is for the living. Woody Allen



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