All I Want Is You Quotes


All I want is moonlight, with you there inside of me, all night, doing it again and again. You know I want you so bad. Toni Braxton

Like, I want the world to be better! All I want is positive! All I want is dopeness! Why would you want to control that? Kanye West

I want you to have all the academic freedom you want as long as you wind up saying the bible account (of creation) is true and all others are not. Jerry Falwell

All I want you to do is rock. That'll be forever, man. Jason Newsted

Because, when I'm making music, I don't think about anything, you know? All I think about is what I want to hear. So that for me is what I want - I want my head to be constantly being rearranged. Squarepusher

If all you got is "I don't want to be that" then sell insurance. Matt Chandler

I guess happiness is not a state you want to be in all the time. John Belushi

Angel, when I look into the future, all I see is you! All I want is you. I know the feeling. Joss Whedon

This is for the writers. I want to thank all the writers. I especially want to thank my fellow nominees, because I worship you guys. I'm learning from you every day. Diablo Cody

I belong to you. There is no one else. All I want is to be where you are. Tammara Webber

I don't want to beg or promise you things I can't give you. There isn't much of me to give, but what I have is yours. This is all up to you, Sadie. If you want me, I'm yours. If you can't do this, then I'll walk away and leave you alone. I swear. Abbi Glines

But if you want me to knock Kingdom Come, all I will say is that I heard the guitarist said he'd never heard my playing, and I'd defy any guitarist in American not to have heard Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page

What does it say?" I said, when I had. She said, "It is filled with all the words for how I want you...Look. Sarah Waters

I don't want to tell you how much insurance I carry with the Prudential, but all I can say is: when I go, they go too. Jack Benny

I want you. I want only you. I want all of you. But I'll take whatever you're ready to give. Rachel Vincent

All I have to say is basically if performing, singing, acting ,and dancing is what you want to do, then you just have to do it - no matter where it is. Ariana Grande

Used to be all I'd want to learn was wisdom, trust and truth, now all I really want to learn is Forgiveness for you Ed Roland

I love so much you see, you're even in my dreams I can hear baby, I can hear you calling me I'm so in love with you, all I ever want to do is Thank you baby, thank you baby.. Alton Ellis

All I do is play music and golf - which one do you want me to give up? Willie Nelson

I believe that you've got to love your work so much that it is all you want to do. Richard Avedon



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