Age Relationships Quotes


Here's how men think. Sex, work - and those are reversible, depending on age - sex, work, food, sports and lastly, begrudgingly, relationships. And here's how women think. Relationships, relationships, relationships, work, sex, shopping, weight, food. Carrie Fisher

Here's how men think. Sex, work-and those are reversible, depending on age-sex, work, food, sports, and lastly, begrudgingly, relationships. And here's how women think. Relationships, relationships, relationships, work, sex, shopping, weight, food. Carrie Fisher

A new generation of Christians is being called to help build a world in which God's gift of life is welcomed, respected and cherished-not rejected, feared as a threat and destroyed. A new age in which love is not greedy or self-seeking, but pure, faithful and genuinely free, open to others, respectful of their dignity, seeking their good, radiating joy and beauty - a new age in which hope liberates us from the shallowness, apathy and self-absorption that deaden our souls and poison our relationships. Pope Benedict Xvi

Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope. Camille Paglia

I believe in the age of the Internet, Facebook and Twitter, that relationships are everything. Tom Peters

I spent a lot of time not in school, so I didn't have deep relationships with kids my own age. Jodie Foster

Intimate relationships cannot substitute for a life plan. But to have any meaning or viability at all, a life plan must include intimate relationships. Harriet Lerner

Women's childhood relationships with their fathers are important to them all their lives. Regardless of age or status, women who seem clearest about their goals and most satisfied with their lives and personal and family relationships usually remember that their fathers enjoyed them and were actively interested in their development. Stella Chess

I prefer old age to the alternative. Maurice Chevalier

old age' is always ten years more than we are. Joan Rivers

In old age, mirror is not a friend! Mehmet Murat Ildan

The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what we say or what we do, but what we are. Stephen Covey

War is the most striking instance of the failure of intelligence to master the problem of human relationships. Harry Elmer Barnes

A talent for drama is not a talent for writing, but is ability to articulate human relationships. Gore Vidal

At the critical juncture in all human relationships, there is only one question: What would love do now? Neale Donald Walsch

There is no way to take the danger out of human relationships. Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

To me, this is not an information age. It's an age of networked intelligence, it's an age of vast promise. Don Tapscott

Old age takes away from us what we have inherited and gives us what we have earned. Gerald Brenan

Experts in aging make a distinction between passive aging and purposeful aging. Successful, purposeful aging calls for continued involvement, relationships, discipline, and an attitude of faith. George Sweeting

It is interesting that the U.S. has this very strong proportion of the population that rejects scientific conclusions about the age of the Earth and about evolutionary relationships between species, including humans. Francis Collins



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