After the Resurrection Jesus


The task of the Church after Jesus' resurrection and ascension was to proclaim the forgiveness of sins to all nations. Charles Stanley

In the New Testament outside the Gospels and the beginning of Acts, again and again, the fact of Jesus' resurrection is closely linked to our own ultimate resurrection, which isn't life after death - it's life after life after death. N T Wright

Jesus's resurrection is the beginning of God's new project not to snatch people away from earth to heaven but to colonize earth with the life of heaven. That, after all, is what the Lord's Prayer is about. N T Wright

The entire plan for the future has its key in the resurrection. Billy Graham

After more than 700 hours of studying this subject, and thoroughly investigating its foundation, I have come to the conclusion that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most wicked, vicious, heartless hoaxes ever foisted upon the minds of men, or it is the most fantastic fact of history Josh Mcdowell

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was necessary to establish the truth of his mission and put the stamp of all-conquering power on his gospel. Edward Mckendree Bounds

All ministry that is faithful & eventually fruitful finds its roots in the life, death, & resurrection of Jesus Christ. Matt Chandler

All ministry that is faithful & eventually fruitful finds its roots in the life, death, & resurrection of Jesus Christ. Matt Chandler

I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Barack Obama

Jesus's resurrection is the beginning of God's new project. N T Wright

If Jesus rose from the dead, then you have to accept all that he said. Timothy Keller

Here's the simplest answer: Within weeks, the disciples proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that He had been bodily raised from the dead and appeared to them. Josh Mcdowell

There is more evidence that Jesus rose from the dead than there is that Julius Caesar ever lived or that Alexander the Great died at the age of thirty-three. Billy Graham

The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus means that one day everything sad will come untrue.... J R R Tolkien

Belief in the resurrection is not an appendage to the Christian faith. It is the Christian faith. George Carey

There is no historic incident better or more variously supported than the resurrection of Christ. Brooke Westcott

The message of Easter is not that Jesus is alive, it is so much more. The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen! Colin S. Smith

To speak of sin without grace is to minimize the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the fruit of the Spirit, and the hope of shalom. Cornelius Plantinga

The Crucifixion, Atonement, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ mark the beginning of a Christian Life, not the end of it. Jeffrey R. Holland

The resurrection of Jesus is rooted in history, grounded in scripture and confirmed in experience. Nicky Gumbel



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