Advising Children Quotes


Gradually, football has seen its appeal slip at the most basic levels. Pediatricians are advising parents not to let young children play organized football too early in life. Charlie Pierce

I would want to be fully informed before advising the president. Rex W. Tillerson

There are lawyers advising to sue, so the lawyers can keep their retainments. RZA

The worst waste of breath, next to playing a saxophone, is advising a sun. Kin Hubbard

The history of storytelling isn't one of simply entertaining the masses but of also advising, instructing, challenging the status quo. Therese Fowler

All children are my children. Nana Mouskouri

Every child is your child. Chris Oyakhilome

I love children. I've always loved children. Georgina Chapman

I've never loved anybody the way I love my children. Katey Sagal

I do disapprove very strongly of labelling children, especially young children, as something like 'Catholic children' or 'Protestant children' or 'Islamic children.' Richard Dawkins

Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven. Henry Ward Beecher

To find someone who loves your children like you do is really rare. Goldie

Your children are not your children, they come through you, but they are life itself, wanting to express itself. Wayne Dyer

To watch how lovingly your children parent their own children is to know profound achievement. Sally Field

The crisis of children having children has been eclipsed by the greater crisis of children killing children. Marian Wright Edelman

The state does' own your children. Parents own the children. Rand Paul

If you ask, you're a boor. Just accept it. Hillry Clinton loves children! She helped children! She village'd children. She raised children. She wrote a book about it. Rush Limbaugh

A question may be asked, 'Will mothers have their children in eternity?' Yes! Yes! Mothers, you shall have your children. Joseph Smith Jr

You are in a position to create wealth not only for yourself but for your children and your children's children. Ray Nagin

At Nature's Kitchen we take pride in saying that we wouldn't serve anything to your children that we wouldn't feed to our own children. Brenda Peterson



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