Adapt Change Quotes


Our ability to adapt is amazing. Our ability to change isn't quite as spectacular. Lisa Lutz

Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Nolan Ryan

Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative. H G Wells

Agility is the ability to adapt and respond to change ... agile organizations view change as an opportunity, not a threat. Jim Highsmith

The more you adapt, the more interesting you are. Martha Stewart

Times change and you have to adapt. Jerry Cantrell

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Stephen Hawking

The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings. Okakura Kakuzo

Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent. Nolan Ryan

There are two options: adapt or die. Andy Grove

Adaptability is not imitation. It means power of resistance and assimilation. Mahatma Gandhi

The successful human being is adaptable. We have to adapt to changes in weather. We have to adapt to changes in climate. We have to adapt to changing economic circumstances. People that don't have the flexibility to adapt or who are afraid of change or who oppose it are going to be left behind. Rush Limbaugh

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Albert Einstein

People adapt. People change. You can grow where you're planted. Sarah Addison Allen

For organizations and employees alike, the only real security is the ability to grow, change and adapt. Anonymous

You must constantly change and adapt to a new environment. Jong-yong Yun

I can adapt to change easily, but I'm not a fan of it. Ashley Wagner

I've always been the type of guy that wants to change, adapt and morph from year to year. Chris Jericho

Noticing small changes early helps you adapt to the bigger change that are to come Spencer Johnson

Life happens. Adapt. Embrace change, and make the most of everything that comes your way. Nick Jonas



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