Actor S Sayings


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The hard sayings of our Lord are wholesome to those only who find them hard. C S Lewis

Only be an actor if you can't be happy doing anything else. I don't think you should be an actor if you want to be actor. I think you should be an actor if you have to be an actor. Linden Ashby

The leader must be an actor. George S Patton

Nothing is menial where there is love. Pearl S Buck

He sure put things into words good. S E Hinton

Things always work according to their nature. C S Lewis

All art is anonymous. R. S. Thomas

I shit on the chest of Fun. Hunter S Thompson

We shit on the chest of Weird. Hunter S Thompson

Nothing but a damn bunch of bullshit! Harry S Truman

Humankind cannot stand very much reality. T S Eliot

Men live by forgetting - women live on memories. T S Eliot

When everyone is somebodee, Then no one's anybody. W. S. Gilbert

You always like to learn from people as a young actor. I think every young actor says that, but it's true. Tom Westonjones

He spent considerable time at his clubs; his favorite was the Stuyvesant, because, as he explained to me, its membership was drawn largely from the political and commercial ranks, and he was never drawn into a discussion which required any mental effort S. S. Van Dine

Good God! he mummered. I don't know what to believe. In that respect, returned Vance, you're in the same disheartenin' predic'ment as all the philosophers. S. S. Van Dine

I trust the clergy are not involved in this problem. They're notoriously unscientific. One can't attack them with mathematics. S. S. Van Dine

Do you play chess, by the by? asked Vance. Used to. But no more. A beautiful game, though-if it wasn't for the players. S. S. Van Dine

It's very hard to tell an actor, 'Stop acting.' It's easy to tell a non-actor, because they're embarrassed when they act. They get ashamed when they do something cliche, whereas an actor is happy. John Carney



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