Activities Quotes


We can ill afford to have activities conducted as "non-profit," that is, as activities that devour capital rather than form it, if they can be organized as activities that form capital, as activities that make a profit. Peter Drucker

If you let social activities take precedence over your academic activities, then you will soon lose your basketball activities. John Wooden

When I was a teenager, I began to settle into school because I'd discovered the extracurricular activities that interested me: music and theater. Morgan Freeman

I make most of my friends through my extracurricular activities. Kiernan Shipka

My hobbies and leisure activities include cars and golf. Michael Strahan

Trying to wage war on 23 million Americans who are obviously very committed to certain recreational activities is not going to be any more successful than Prohibition was. James Carriger Paine

Zen is just a lifestyle, your everyday life. It is doing your best at your job, relationships, health, hobbies, and other daily activities! Mika

Something about her suggested that her leisure activities included wrestling large woodland animals and banging bricks together. Maureen Johnson

If someone else of the opposite sex joins either of you in your favorite recreational activities, you are at risk of falling in love with that person. Willard F. Harley

You get to a point where it gets very complex, where you have money laundering activities, drug related activities, and terrorist support activities converging at certain points and becoming one. Sibel Edmonds

It is public land and we will do our best to provide recreational activities. We are looking at initially allowing kayak access, wade fishing, bicycle access and walking access on some of the interior roads. John Wallace

I used to be more of a sporty girl. I love outdoor activities. I haven't been doing much since living in Vancouver. I have my routines down in L.A. Lana Parrilla

One regret I have is that I did not learn more about what was happening very early, so that I could have tried to stop people from engaging in illegal activities. Fred F Fielding

Time perception is very much about how you sequence your activities, how many activities you layer overtop of others, and the types of gaps, if any, you leave in between activities. Douglas Coupland

People are often quite surprised by the sport and leisure activities practised by the blind. For example, tandem cycling is very popular. Andrea Bocelli

I absolutely love any kind of outdoor activities like snowboarding, hiking, surfing, and laying out on the beach if I ever get the time... which is not often! Gina Holden

The quality of a life is determined by its activities. Aristotle

One of my favourite activities is eating. Waris Ahluwalia

We have a reliable computerized network devoted to counterterrorist activities. George Pataki

To the best of my knowledge, when I became national secretary and, indeed, Victorian secretary, the - my predecessors in the union had detected wrong activities, activities which arent in the best traditions of the AWU or, indeed, trade unionism. Bill Shorten



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