Action Movies Quotes


I like action movies! Action movies are awesome. Mackenzie Foy

I was made for action movies. Asia Argento

I'm a fan of action movies. Kate Beckinsale

I'm shockingly terrible at action movies. Emma Stone

Hollywood is throwing action movies at me. Liam Neeson

Ironically, I think action can be the dullest part of movies nowadays - and I love action movies! Matthew Vaughn

I'm not a fan of action movies. I don't watch many action movies, I don't have a lot of references except for 70s action movies or cinema noir. Olivier Megaton

3D is quite a lot more advanced in animated movies; for live-action movies we're just taking baby steps, we're just in the beginning. Ang Lee

We really wanted it to be an action movie. Those are the movies that we love. We're big fans of like Shane Black movies, when we were younger - me and Evan [Goldberg]. Seth Rogen

I find animated movies very touching. They reach an audience that's hard to get with a live-action film. Steve Martin

Very few people make exterior movies anymore. It's always action films driven by action and quick editing. Janusz Kaminski

I've always wanted to do action and action movies. I grew up on that. Tania Raymonde

A lot of action movies today seem to have scenes that just lead up to the action. Jason Statham

'Immortals' is all action. I love action movies. That's really where I want to spearhead my career. Kellan Lutz

I like action-adventure movies. Ian Ziering

I'm a classic movie person. I love action movies, too, but when I grew up I didn't have much action movies. Bruno Zheng Wu

I like action movies, even though I think action movies are kind of derided now. But there is something extraordinary about action movies, which is absolutely linked to the invention of cinema and what cinema is and why we love it. Danny Boyle

I live in New York City, and I'm making huge action movies. The people that make huge action movies live in L.A., and they're surrounded by other people who make huge action movies. I'm surrounded by people making documentaries! Doug Liman

Action movies to me are dramas with recognizable human beings that are in extraordinary situations. Walter Hill

I love doing live action movies, but there's a great job in doing animation, especially one with music. Robin Williams



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