Accurate Quotes


Eyes are more accurate witnesses than ears. Heraclitus

Without the accurate spine movement, one can't exist dynamically. B.K.S. Iyengar

Only accurate rifles are interesting Townsend Whelen

Nothing could be more boring than an absolutely accurate movie about the law. Roger Ebert

Try to be accurate about stuff. Anne Enright

Precise forecasts masquerade as accurate ones. Nate Silver

Disinformation, in order to be effective, must be 90% accurate. Peter Dale Scott

Since when was the stock market an accurate barometer of anything? Arthur Hailey

May my silences become more accurate. Theodore Roethke

History may be accurate, but archaeology is precise. Doug Scott

Nothing is more effective than sincere, accurate praise. Bill Walsh

Always dress to what is accurate to who and what you are. Daymond John

God created astrologers to make pollsters look accurate. John Kasich

Wikipedia, eh? Must be accurate then! Terry Pratchett

I've always been told that women know everything. Is that not accurate? Steve Berry

Silence is so accurate. Mark Rothko

The first duty of a newspaper is to be accurate. If it be accurate, it follows that it is fair. Herbert Bayard Swope

Jazz is a very accurate, curiously accurate accompaniment to 20th century America. Ken Burns

It did suffer and it became very weak, while the reporters from Iraqi radio and television stations were more active and had more accurate information. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

Americans need accurate information in order to consider Social Security reform. Too bad the media can't be counted upon to provide it. Herman Cain



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