Accepted to a Friend Quotes


Too late we learn, a man must hold his friend Unjudged, accepted, trusted to the end. John Boyle O'Reilly

[I had a sense of interior panic].Always. I didn't really know what to call it for a long time, but I have a friend in Greece who used that word panic a lot, and I found myself resisting it, until I totally accepted that as a precise description of my interior condition. It was mostly panic from one moment to the next. And nothing much else was going on. Leonard Cohen

I knew Scotty was going to win. At the beginning of the episode, I was like, 'Scotty, are you ready to win?'. I knew he was going to in my heart. I accepted it. I couldn't pick a more perfect person to get second place to. He's my best friend. Lauren Alaina

I was raised Christian after age 5, but I didn't really understand it until high school. A friend of mine invited me to his youth group. There I heard the gospel, understood it, and accepted it. Francis Chan

Evil is a fact, not to be explained away, but to be accepted; and accepted, not to be endured, but to be conquered. John Haynes Holmes

With whom do you argue? With a woman, of course. Not with a friend, because he accepted all your defects the moment he found you. Besides, woman is mother-have we forgotten? Marcello Mastroianni

We all want to be stars. The idea of being revered and envied must be encoded somewhere deep in our DNA. So must the desire to revere and envy others we imagine to be better, more accepted, and more popular than we are. The only problem is that the most necessary qualities required to be a celebrity - self-absorption, egomania, shamelessness - are the least attractive in a friend. Tonya Hurley

When I started acting, I hoped I could make some kind of positive contribution to this world. When I get a letter from some kid in Nebraska saying that, prior to Han, nobody wanted to be his friend because Asians weren't cool if they weren't into martial arts - Now he's accepted and recognized as a human being. That's pretty awesome, right? Sung Kang

I knew being accepted was going to be hard, but I knew I was involved in a situation that was going to bring opportunities to other blacks. Larry Doby

Like an enemy I knew as intimately as any friend, I came to know the nagging, constant emptiness of the incongruent life. I ignored myself and lived for people, purposes, and goals that weren't my own. I betrayed who I was and instead accepted a fictional substitute that was defined from the outside in. Phil Mcgraw

No one intends to make serious mistakes. They come when you compromise your standards to be more accepted by others. You be the strong one. You be the leader. Choose good friends and resist peer pressure together. Richard G Scott

God's slavation is not a purchase to be made, nor wages to be earned, nor a summit to be climbed, nor a task to be accomplished; but it is simply and only a gift to be accepted, and can only be accepted by faith. Hannah Whitall Smith

Everybody had to be thoroughly understood before being accepted. Joseph Conrad

God has a right to interrupt your life. He is Lord. When you accepted Him as Lord, you gave Him the right to help Himself to your life anytime He wants. Henry Blackaby

To live with the terrible truths about ourselves is the only way of not living them out. A need denied has infinitely more power than a need accepted. Jo Coudert

A poor idea well written is more likely to be accepted than a good idea poorly written Isaac

If you ever have a new idea, and it's really new, you have to expect that it won't be widely accepted immediately. It's a long hard process. Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

Loneliness, when accepted, becomes a gift that will lead us to find a purpose in life. Paulo Coelho

No one can argue with a testimony, it is not a debatable issue. It is there to be accepted or rejected. Bruce R. McConkie

It's not just a struggle for blacks to be accepted by whites, but the other way around as well. A lot of people don't see that. Q-Tip



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