Accept Change Quotes


Because we cannot accept the truth of transience, we suffer. Shunryu Suzuki

Accept change as a friend. And don't take yourself too seriously. Tom Peters

Cause change and lead; accept change and survive; resist change and die. Ray Noorda

I think the growth of the brain is a slow process. But you do change and the more you accept change and embrace change, the better. Diane Keaton

The key to developing the courage to change is to first accept that change is inevitable. Wallace Nesbitt

Today I have a choice. I can resist reality and suffer pain or peacefully accept what I cannot change. Karan Casey

If you can neither accept it or change it, try to laugh at it. Ashleigh Brilliant

Accept the difficulty of what you cannot yet change. But do not accept the impossibility of ever changing it. Aubrey De Grey

You can't change someone. The best thing you can do for someone is to just accept them. Guy Wilson

Change what cannot be accepted and accept what cannot be changed. Reinhold Niebuhr

We can debate this or that aspect of climate change, but the reality is that most people now accept our climate is indeed subject to change as a result of greenhouse gas emissions. Tony Blair

Baseball has always been slow to accept change. Only through dire pressure can any radical change be accomplished. The move of the Giants and Dodgers from New York to California brought that pressure in abundance. Ford Frick

I'm always willing to accept change, just as long as it isn't change for the sake of change. If that change will result in a better way of doing things, then I'm all for it. James Van Fleet

Change occurs slowly. Very often a legal change might take place but the cultural shift required to really accept its spirit lingers in the wings for decades. Sara Sheridan

You must accept that you can change and that a pattern of principles adhered to and used repeatedly will not only direct your life, but change it permanently. Peter J. Daniels

Never accept or be too comfortable with the status quo, because the companies that get into trouble are historically the ones that aren't able to adapt to change and respond quickly enough. Tony Hsieh

Dangers lurk in all systems. Systems incorporate the unexamined beliefs of their creators. Adopt a system, accept its beliefs, and you help strengthen the resistance to change Frank Herbert

We need to be very careful when considering whether or not to change the constitution to accept same-sex marriage as this issue touches on the fundamentals of how we live. Shinzo Abe

We accept the verdict of the past until the need for change cries out loudly enough to force upon us a choice between the comforts of inertia and the irksomeness of action. Learned Hand

Suppose you feel you cannot accept some fact about yourself. Then own your refusal to accept. Own the block. Embrace it fully. And watch it begin to disappear. The principal is this: Begin where you are-accept that. Then change and growth become possible. Nathaniel Branden



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