Abusive Father Quotes


My Struggles is a record close to me. It's about what I went through at home living with an abusive father. Missy Elliot

My mother was physically and emotionally abusive. My father was an extremely cold man. S E Hinton

I grew up with an extremely abusive father. As a mother, I wanted to protect my own children from exposure to violence. When I found out one of my daughters was in an abusive relationship, it broke my heart. Finally, she left him ?- but only after his abuse started spreading to the children. Ginny Brown-Waite

The Milkoviches are a much more extreme, much darker version of what the Gallaghers could be. The Gallaghers don't have a violent, sexually abusive, bigoted gangster for a father. Noel Fisher

I grew up in an abusive home and was told on a daily basis by my father that I would never amount to anything and that I looked like a boy. Janice Dickinson

I can't imagine laying a finger on my kids. I go the other way and probably because my father was so abusive. Billy Bob Thornton

The people who know God well - the mystics, the hermits, those who risk everything to find God - always meet a lover, not a dictator. God is never found to be an abusive father or a tyrannical mother, but always a lover who is more than we dared hope for. How different than the "account manager" that most people seem to worship. God is a lover who receives and forgives everything. Richard Rohr

I grew up in a really bad situation; my father left when I was young - you know, an abusive situation. So the minute I put my fingers on a guitar and closed my eyes and just played, it literally was like a drug. It took me into a totally different world, and I just pulled from emotions and experiences that I was going through. DJ Ashba

I want to say that nobody accuses their parents of abusing them without justification to do that. I didn't just make it up. A lot of things were true and abusive and horrible things that happened to me that my father did. Roseanne Barr

My Struggles is a record close to me. It's about what I went through at home living with an abusive father. Missy Elliott

The people who know God well-mystics, hermits, prayerful people, those who risk everything to find God-always meet a lover, not a dictator. Richard Rohr

When I talk about unrequited love, most of you probably think about romantic love, but there are many other kinds of love that are not adequately returned, if they are returned at all. An angry adolescent may not love her mother back as her mother loves her; an abusive father doesn't return the innocent open love of his young child. But grief is the ultimate unrequieted love. However hard and however long we love someone who has died, they can never love us back. At least that is how it feels... Rosamund Lupton

It is important to note that research has shown that men who have abusive mothers do not tend to develop especially negative attitudes toward females, but men who have abusive fathers do; the disrespect that abusive men show their female partners and their daughters is often absorbed by their sons. So while a small number of abusive men do hate women, the great majority exhibit a more subtle-though often quite pervasive-sense of superiority or contempt toward females, and some don't show any obvious signs of problems with women at all until they are in a serious relationship. Lundy Bancroft

All human beings are inherently good, so when someone goes off the rails, there must be some mitigating factor - he was bullied, was a loner, had an abusive father, or a domineering mother, etc. Ray Comfort

After my father died when I was seven and my mother entered into an abusive relationship, I shuffled between houses - staying with friends, families from church, and relying on the kindness of teachers and people throughout my community to help me grow up essentially without parents. Ronnie Musgrove

A thousand times today I've started to open my mouth, started to squeak out, "Can you tell me...? But then I'd look into the front seat, at my mother's silent shaking, my father's grim profile, the mournful bags under his eyes, and all the questions I might ask seemed abusive. Assault and battery, a question mark used like a club. My parents are old and fragile. I'd have to heartless to want to hurt them. Margaret Haddix

The squirrels on campus were beyond domestic; they were practically domestically abusive. Rainbow Rowell

Men, when they're out of work, tend to become abusive. Harry Reid

To her, the name of father was another name for love. Fanny Fern

It is much easier to become a father than to be one. Kent Nerburn



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