50 Cent Sleep Quote


Working with 50 Cent was great, you know what I'm saying? It was just great to work with 50 Cent. Obie Trice

Rather a man with 50 per cent ability and 100 per cent character than a man with 100 per cent ability and 50 per cent character. Henry John Heinz

I've got to sleep. Sleep is my only way to escape. Beatrice Sparks

Still it cried 'Sleep no more!' to all the house: 'Glamis hath murder'd sleep, and therefore Cawdor shall sleep no more,-Macbeth shall sleep no more! William Shakespeare

O sleep! O gentle sleep! Nature's soft nurse. William Shakespeare

Working with 50 Cent was great, you know what Im saying? It was just great to work with 50 Cent. Obie Trice

There will be plenty of time to sleep once you are dead Benjamin Franklin

Life is a sleep, love is a dream; and you have lived if you have loved. Alfred De Musset

Sweet sleep fell upon his eyelids, unwakeful, most pleasant, the nearest like death. Homer

Don't sleep through your dreams. James St James

Sleep is your friend. Dreams are your unwelcome guests. Anne Rice

Sleep is death without the responsibility. Fran Lebowitz

Sleep in peace, and wake in joy. Walter Scott

In my dreams I sleep with everybody. Anais Nin

There is a fullness of all things, even of sleep and love. Homer

Daytime sleep is a cursed slumber from which one wakes in despair. Iris Murdoch

The definition of adulthood is that you want to sleep. Paula Poundstone

Nights are not just for sleep. Marilyn Monroe

You can only sleep in one bed at a time. Nick Rhodes

There was a period after my first solo album came out that about 50 per cent of my work was with symphonies and big bands. We did the Captain and Tennille as well, but it ended up being about 50-50. Toni Tennille



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