1984 About History Quotes


Connection to the music and the history was very powerful to me. I think that's what I feel the most blessed about. Jon Gordon

It is possible to know all about doctrine and yet not know Jesus. The soul is in danger when knowledge of doctrine outsteps intimate touch with Jesus. ....Have I a personal history with Jesus Christ? The one sign of discipleship is intimate connection with Him, a knowledge of Jesus Christ nothing can shake. Oswald Chambers

Love made us partners in narcissism, and we talked ceaselessly about how close we were, how perfect our connection was, like we were the first people in history to ever get it exactly right. Jonathan Tropper

[My mother] told me a little bit about the scene out there and I think, as a small child, I just always felt a connection to that history because my mother had described it to me. Jon Gordon

Records told the same tale, then the lie passed into history and became truth. George Orwell

Was George Orwell right about 1984? Steve Jobs

In its Greek origins, historia meant inquiry, and from Thucydides onwards, the past has been studied to understand its connections with the present. Simon Schama

Massage's history is rooted in technique and body knowledge, but is also about heart, healing intention and connection between therapist and client. A tension - sometimes constructive, other times uncomfortable - has been prevalent in the field between one impulse toward structure and recognition and another toward freedom and flexibility to be responsive to individual circumstances Bob Benson

History is written by winners, so most history books are about people who win. Harold S. Kushner

Every work of history constructs contexts and designs, forms in which past reality can be comprehended. History creates comprehensibility primarily by arranging facts meaningfully and only in a very limited sense by establishing strict causal connections. Johan Huizinga

We live in a world of things, and our only connection with them is that we know how to manipulate or to consume them. Erich Fromm

Our mothers are our most direct connection to our history and gender. Hope Edelman

a time has come in our history when what is known has little connection with what is done. Jennifer Stone

The financial history of the Baltimore and Ohio since the close of the nineteenth century is interesting chiefly in connection with changes in the control of the property John Moody

It's all about hope, kindness and a connection with one another. Elizabeth Taylor

Succeeding in business is all about making connections Richard Branson

I've been writing full-time since about 1984 - mostly magazine features and columns. Mary Roach

Tech is all about building human connections. Padmasree Warrior

He is the purest figure in history. About George Washington William E Gladstone

And the history books forgot about us, and the bible didn't mention us Regina Spektor



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