10 Famous Quotations


It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations. Bartlett's Familiar Quotations is an admirable work, and I studied it intently. The quotations when engraved upon the memory give you good thoughts. They also make you anxious to read the authors and look for more. Winston Churchill

There's a famous quotation from the time the Buddha learned of the deaths of two of his greatest disciples: "It's as if the sun and the moon have left the sky." From that quotation, I would guess that while the Buddha loved all beings everywhere, with no exclusion, he also had relationships that were special to him, and he felt their loss. Sharon Salzberg

In life, never spend more than 10 percent of your time on the problem, and spend at least 90 percent of your time on the solution. Tony Robbins

This maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me. Edgar Allan Poe

One of the beautiful things about baseball is the history. Jim Abbott

Left hand, right hand, it doesn't matter. I'm amphibious. Charles Shackleford

There are some concrete ways to create a winning attitude. But nothing beats practicing it. When you prepare to win, belief comes easily. Pat Summitt

I quote others in order to better express myself. Michel De Montaigne

To be amused by what you read - that is the great spring of happy quotations. Charles Edward Montague

When a fissure off the California coast started pumping and dumping oil on the nearby towns and beaches, everybody started dumping on Union Oil. Matters weren't helped one iota by a manufactured quotation attributed to Union's president, Fred Hartley, alleging his amazement at the publicity for the loss of a few birds.... Fred Hartley never said what the press reported, as the transcript and the Senate committee members definitely established. But I don't suppose the truth will ever catch up with the more colorful falsehood. Malcolm Forbes

Quotations, like much better things, has its abuses. Isaac D'Israeli

Quotations when engraved upon the memory give you good thoughts. Winston Churchill

Quotations are best brought in to confirm some opinion controverted. Jonathan Swift

There have been as great souls unknown to fame as any of the most famous. Benjamin Franklin

Here are more quotes about chemistry and famous quotations made by chemists relating to their science. There's no way you can create a chemistry where none exists. Michael Parkinson

Just as a small fire is extinguished by the storm whereas a large fire is enhanced by it - likewise a weak faith is weakened by predicament and catastrophes whereas a strong faith is strengthened by them. Viktor E Frankl

I know the Virginia players are smart because you need a 1500 SAT to get in. I have to drop bread crumbs to get our players to and from class George Raveling

You know the theory of cell irritability?. If you take an amoeba cell and poke it a thousand times, it will change and then re-form into its original shape. And then, the thousandth time you poke this amoeba, the cell will completely collapse and become nothing. That's kind of what it's like being famous. People say hi, how are you doing, and after the thousandth time, you just get angry; you really pop. Bill Murray

We sometimes think of quotations as extracts from larger texts, but some quotations originated complete unto themselves. Gary Saul Morson

I have heard that nothing gives an Author so great Pleasure, as to find his works respectfully quoted by other learned authors. Benjamin Franklin



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