Quotes on Worried

I'm worried about everything at all times. Odeya Rush

You know everybody has something to say. I'll be worried when they say nothing. Bobby Shmurda

Well probably the coolest show of that whole tour was in Germany. I had a chunk of material on [Adolf] Hitler, and I was worried about how they'd react, but they loved it. Bill Burr

Sebastian [ Vettel] can also learn to be more laid-back. It's never too late to learn. He's got some way to go. He's young and will turn out well. I'm not worried about that. He'll raise the bar ever higher. Niki Lauda

That's why whenever I have a really good idea, I'm always worried about theft. Rich Fulcher

Everybody gon' say something. I'd be worried if they said nothing. Kanye West

Most of the things I worried about in life never happened. Mark Twain

I'm not worried. I'm in control. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

I'm not worried about me or what's going to happen to me. Elizabeth Edwards

It's when we become afraid of everything and worried about everything that you are never going to reach your highest potential. Alicia Keys

I'm almost completely deaf anyway. So I'm worried. I'm very worried. Robert Pattinson

If the media isnt slanted toward the Left, why is everyone so worried about my affiliation with Glenn Beck but not with Alec Baldwin? Adam Carolla

C"est moi, c"est moi,"tis I,' I told him. It seemed appropriately melodramatic, though I did' know if he"d catch the reference. I should' have worried. Unexpectedly, he laughed. "Trust you to quote Lancelot rather than Guinevere. Patricia Briggs

I Don't Really Like Thanksgiving Food, I'm Not Worried About Overeating. Kim Kardashian

I bet you're worried. I was worried. I was worried about vaginas. I was worried about what we think about vaginas, and even more worried that we don't think about them. Eve Ensler

I am always worried when someone says, 'This is perfect. Baz Luhrmann

I'm always worried about my money for some reason. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Don't worry about my life, worry about why you're worried about my life! Nick Cannon

I am wired on some deep level to seek out something to be worried and obsess about. Chuck Lorre

A poem may be worked over once it is in being, but may not be worried into being. Robert Frost

I'm not worried about Instagram. J. R. Smith

If I were worried about my reputation, I wouldn't do anything with start-ups Sean Parker

Where is the yesterday that worried us so. Joan Walsh Anglund

I think there's going to be a lot of Americans who are really willing to be much more active than they were before, because they're worried about where Trump is headed. Charles Schumer

I've never been too worried about all the music critics and stuff. Caleb Shomo

I am not worried about the country. I'm just worried about anything that gums up the potential of the country. And right now, it's pretty gummed up. Warren Buffett

I know the relationship will be the same, so I'm not worried about it. It's called "The Kellyanne Role." And so somebody said that recently, so I like that, and I know what that means. Kellyanne Conway

Let's say you're all worried about student-loan debt and you need to have steady income. That doesn't have to be your everything. Alexis Ohanian

I'm worried about the world because of nuclear proliferation. Michael Bloomberg

Some of the exuberance of my essay-writing has gone because I'm worried about the uses they could serve. Susan Sontag

It's an enormous relief to go to work and be an actor and not be worried about writing. Lin-Manuel Miranda

I was just like, "I want to make a decent 2-D movie." I was so worried that, instead of being a decent 2-D movie, it would have been a bad 3-D one. J J Abrams

Donald Trump is never going to be the nominee. So, I'm not worried about a hypothetical that's never going to happen. Marco Rubio

I'm not worried about repeating myself - I'm more worried that I'd just get bored. Chaz Bundick

A lot of people are like, "How are you going to re-do it?" I'm not worried about what people are going to say because you know people are gonna be like, "It doesn't sound like this... It sounds like this." I'm just going to make music that I know I'm supposed to make. Justin Vernon

Don't you try and go through life worried if someone had liked you or not. You best make sure that they are doing right by you. James Earl Jones

I've never worried about being typecast - I've only ever worried about being not cast! Craig Fairbrass

I'm not worried about where Barack Obama is from. I'm worried about where he's going. Bobby Jindal

People are worried where additional supply will come from. Kate Warne

I have always worried about things more than I should. Rowan Atkinson

Worried thought prevents practical thought which could prevent worried thought. Vernon Howard

I'm always worried about everything. Like spiders. Taylor Swift

I'm not particularly political. I'm not particularly denominational. I'm not worried about any of that. T D Jakes

I'm worried about a permanent Republican majority. That's what I'm worried about for the future. Bill Maher

Most writers are secretly worried that they're not really writers. That it's all been happenstance, something came together randomly, the letters came together, and they won't coalesce ever again. Nicholson Baker

We were all worried that nothing good was going to happen for Florida Gary Danielson

I'm one of those religious people who are afraid of everything. I'm instantly worried about everything that could go wrong. Anne Lamott

If I knew why I worried so much, I wouldn't worry. Mignon Mclaughlin

But you know what? It's not my behavior I'm worried about anymore. It's yours. Scott Westerfeld

All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried. Donald Miller

Some people tell me that the worried blues ain't bad. Worst old feelin' I most ever had. Robert Johnson

I'm worried that the universe will soon need replacing. It's not holding a charge. Rick Cook

Most of the movies that I've made that I really felt good about and cared about made very little money anyway, so I'm not particularly worried about people downloading and sharing them. Edward Norton

It seems like I'm not [happy]. Because if you look at my tweets and what I think and say, it seems like I'm worried about what's going to happen. Tao Lin

An Irishman can be worried by the consciousness that there is nothing to worry about. Austin O'Malley

I don't know what I could do besides sing but I'm not worried because I figure I've got the rest of my life to find out! Michael Jackson

I am always worried whether I am doing my best work. William Dobell

When the fey were worried, it was time to panic. Cassandra Clare

I shuddered at the image in my head, at the word feed. But Jasper was' worried about frightening me, not overprotective like Edward always was. Stephenie Meyer

Life would' be worth living if I worried over the future as well as the present. When things are at their worst I find something always happens. W Somerset Maugham

If nobody ever worried about what was in other people's heads, we"d all be 33 percent more effective in our lives and our jobs. Randy Pausch

I shuddered at the image in my head, at the word feed. But Jasper wasn't worried about frightening me, not overprotective like Edward always was. Stephenie Meyer

Am I worried? Sure, I'm worried. When it comes to the Olympics, it can't be a predictable finish. Hayley Wickenheiser

I always get worried about disrupting continuity. I seem to get blamed for that a lot. Dave Filoni

I am by nature a worried optimist ... Madeleine Albright

I'm not really worried about the other 31 teams. Bill Belichick

I was just worried about my nose-job. Kathy Wakile

If we knew what comes next, we never would have worried. Mitch Albom

...whatever you're worried about, you're bigger than the worries. John Green

... you were so worried about legal and illegal that you never stopped to think about whether it was right or wrong. Terry Pratchett

Wisdom is worried for being slow in its speech and expeditious in its actions. Confucius

You are not worried about scoring; you are worried about winning the game. Michael Redd

As a writer, as a storyteller, you have to have your emotions close, and the older I've gotten, the less I've worried about not displaying emotions. John Ridley

You have to pick what you're going to be worried about. Markets are volatile, but retirement is certain. Nick Murray

As a director, I have to do everything. As an actor, I'm just worried about one role, that's it. As a director, everything is important. Everything is something you have to be very detailed and specific about in telling a story. So for me, the job is far greater than just being the actor, there's a lot more responsibility creatively, technically. Tasha Smith

Like anyone, I stress and get hard on myself from time to time, but it's minute compared to the pressure I used to put on myself to perform and succeed. To my kids' credit, they've probably helped me the most here: I'm more worried about what they're doing than what I'm doing! Amanda Beard

I say if you're worried, vote smart. Vote smart. Whoopi Goldberg

[Adolf Hitler] was always intensely worried about security and people watching or being nosy, intruding on his private life. Gretl Braun

I think when you look at the letters that I get, a lot of people are worried that maybe they wouldn't have a place in Donald Trump's America. Hillary Clinton

I've lived in the UK for longer than I lived in Ireland. I'm not worried about myself, but it's ridiculous for youngsters. Dylan Moran