Quotes on Women Lie

Men lie, women lie, numbers dont Jay-Z

Women lie about their age; men lie about their income. William Feather

WOMEN lie about sex. It doesn't matter how many partners she says she's had before you. She's lying. Richard Madeley

If I set out to sculpt a standing man and it becomes a lying woman, I know I am making art. Henry Moore

The accusation that I am a woman is incontrovertible. Frances Perkins

A woman is a sometime thing. DuBose Heyward

Fear and niceness, the handmaids of all women, or more truly, woman its pretty self. William Shakespeare

Womankind Is ever a fickle and a changeful thing. Virgil

A fickle and changeful thing is a woman ever. Virgil

A woman is no sooner ours than we are no longer hers. Michel De Montaigne

With women you don't have to talk your head off. You just say a word and let them fill in from there. Satchel Paige

There is always something a woman will prefer to the truth. Samuel Johnson

The penalty for getting the woman you want is that you must keep her. Lionel Strachey

Women are one and all a set of vultures. Petronius

I am the only one, whom you may find it hard to get rid of, for I have always counted myself as a woman. Mahatma Gandhi

A woman's place is in the wrong. James Thurber

Women are not for using. Women are for loving. Kevin Leman

That's the nature of women, not to love when we love them, and to love when we love them not. Miguel De Cervantes

You're all you've got. Ann Landers

I'm not good at debating - I'm much better at pontificating. Laura Schlessinger

It's not about being right, it's about getting it right. Elizabeth Spelke

Behind every good woman lies a trail of men. Tracy Bonham

The God of life summons us to life; more, to be lifegivers, especially toward those who lie under the heel of the powers. Daniel Berrigan

Above all, do not lie to yourself. Fyodor Dostoevsky

Above all, don't lie to yourself. Fyodor Dostoevsky

Your calendar never lies. All we have is our time. The way we spend our time is our priorities, is our strategy. Your calendar knows what you really care about. Do you? Tom Peters

The world is large," said Okonkwo. "I have even heard that in some tribes a man's children belong to his wife and her family." "That cannot be," said Machi. "You might as well say that the woman lies on top of the man when they are making the babies. Chinua Achebe

I know how mirrors work. They're all in league with the cosmetics trade. They tell a woman lies. Drawing her gaze from one imagined flaw to another, until all she sees is a constellation of imperfections. If you could get outside yourself, borrow my eyes for just an instant... There is only beauty. Tessa Dare

The world is large," said Okonkwo. "I have even heard that in some tribes a man's children belong to his wife and her family." "That cannot be," said Machi. "You might as well say that the woman lies on top of the man when they are making the babies. Chinua Achebe

You might as well say that the woman lies on top of the man when they are making the babies. Chinua Achebe

Yes and our obsession with youth in our culture and how we, women lie about their age after 35 obsessively and no one wants to let anyone know they're getting older, et cetera. Sela Ward

In the different voice of women lies the truth of an ethic of care, the tie between relationship and responsibility, and the origins of aggression in the failure of connection. Carol Gilligan

The topic of trust is an important factor in all matters of the heart - and here's why. Men lie to women. Women lie to men. And most people agree that some lying is even necessary - to avoid petty squabbles and to grease the wheels of a relationship. Joyce Brothers

Tell her we do' bite." "I do' lie to my friends. Nalini Singh

I don't lie; I improve on my life. Edith Piaf

The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to such a pass that he cannot distinguish the truth within him. Fyodor Dostoevsky

There is no such thing as an altogether ugly woman - nor altogether beautiful. Michel De Montaigne

Women see through each other, but they rarely look into themselves. Theodor Reik

The mechanism of violence is what destroys women, controls women, diminishes women and keeps women in their so-called place. Eve Ensler

Public depictions of women still tend to remain rigid and narrow - about the size of a coffin, say. Joan Frank

It is a woman's reason to say I will do such a thing because I will. Jeremiah Burroughs

For the nature of a women is closely allied to art. [Ger., Denn das Naturell der Frauen Ist so nah mit Kunst verwandt.] Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Women that are the least bashful are often the most modest. Charles Caleb Colton

Women are like those blinkin' little Greek islands, places to call at but not to stay. Stacy Aumonier

Women see through Claude Lorraines. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aw, it's just like a woman. When the shootin's all over and everything's safe, they pass out. Griffin Jay

When a woman says she won't, it's a good sign that she will. And when she says she will, it is an even better sign. H L Mencken

A woman's noblest station is retreat. George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton

Woman is the lesser man. Alfred Lord Tennyson

A woman impudent and mannish grown Is not more loath'd than an effeminate man. William Shakespeare

O most delicate fiend! Who is't can read a woman? Is there more? William Shakespeare

Women are never what they seem to be. There is the woman you see and there is the woman who is hidden. Buy the gift for the woman who is hidden. Erma Bombeck

"Great guys" can make great husbands. Jeanne Phillips

I"ve always been a woman of faith. Lauren London

There is Nothing Like a Dame. Oscar Hammerstein Ii

Woman is the masterpiece. Confucius

Nature meant woman to be her masterpiece. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

It's no fun to be a bluestocking in a family of jockstraps. Colleen Mccullough

Surely the world we live in is but the world that lives in us. Daisy Bates

So much conspires to silence us - because our truths are inherently subversive. Jane Fonda

No nation ever rises higher than its women ... Nellie L. McClung

No woman is worth more than a fiver unless you're in love with her. Then she's worth all she costs you. W Somerset Maugham

Women never reason, and therefore they are (comparatively) seldom wrong. William Hazlitt

God, why didn't you make Woman first - when you were fresh? Yves Montand

Why must women torment me so? Theodore Dreiser

The happiness of man is: I will. The happiness of woman is: he wills. Friedrich Nietzsche

Wild women don't get the blues. Ida Cox

The image I gravitate towards are spunky women, women who talk back. Catherine Hicks

I always advocate to young women that if we don't do this for ourselves, no one else is going to. We have to have a voice. Priyanka Chopra

Contraceptives are an insult to womanhood. Mahatma Gandhi

It's very tiring, being so old. But I do love living. Elisabeth Murdoch

What we desire is not to possess a woman, but to be the only one to possess her. Cesare Pavese

A woman needn't be dragged down by her functions. D H Lawrence

A woman can be anything the man who loves her would have her be. James M Barrie

Older women have always been attracted to me. Corey Clark

I must have women - there is nothing unbends the mind like them. John Gay

It's amazing how much trouble you can get in when you don't have anything else to do. Quincy Jones

Women have always been spies Harriet Rubin

But what is woman? Only one of nature's agreeable blunders. Abraham Cowley

If a woman likes another woman, she's cordial. If she doesn't like her, she's very cordial. Irvin S Cobb



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