Quotes on Wisdom

Where ever you are, be there totally. Eckhart Tolle

Preceptive wisdom that has not been vivified by life has in itself no affinity for life. J. G. Holland

The more we take, the less we become. Sarah Mclachlan

. . . Intelligence is not the same thing as wisdom. Laozi

What we have to be is what we are. Thomas Merton

Wisdom had rather be buffeted than not listened to. Publilius Syrus

For only by unlearning Wisdom comes. James Russell Lowell

Knowledge can be communicated, but wisdom cannot. Hermann Hesse

God doesn't work for us; we work for God. Beth Moore

The wisdom of the ancients. Francis Bacon

Wisdom not only gets, but once got, retains. Francis Quarles

I thought I'd definitely be a writer, whatever I did. Thomas Keneally

You are what you seek. Robert Holden

Where sense is wanting, everything is wanting. Benjamin Franklin

I've always shied away from conventional wisdom, though I know the power of it. Peter Jennings

[So] Mingle some brief folly with your wisdom. Horace

Trusting yourself is trusting the wisdom that created you. Wayne Dyer

Wisdom and love do not take up their abode in the same breast. Emile Souvestre

Wisdom is only found in truth. [Ger., Die Weisheit ist nur in der Wahrheit.] Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wisdom is infused into every form. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowledge without wisdom is double folly. Baltasar Gracian

Is there any such thing as wisdom not applied to life? Henry David Thoreau

What would you do if you knew for sure that no one would ever find out? Charles Caleb Colton

The true measure of your character is what you do when nobody's watching. Charles Caleb Colton

Perfection doesn't exist... only good attempts. Charles Caleb Colton

Don't let the fear of the thorn keep you from the rose. Groucho Marx

After wisdom comes wit. Evan Esar

'I tried and it didn't work' is a lot better than, 'I wish I'd tried'. Catherine DeVrye

What doth better become wisdom than to discern what is worthy the living. Philip Sidney

Wisdom is seldom gained without suffering. Arthur Helps

Wisdom comes to no one by chance. Seneca the Younger

Close both eyes to see with the other eye. Rumi

Seek greater knowledge and you shall possess greater truth Natalya

We thought we were done with these things but we were wrong. We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom. Stephen Vincent Benet

The wisdom of our ancestors. Edmund Burke

To understand yourself is the key to wisdom. Confucius

APHORISM, n. Predigested wisdom. Ambrose Bierce

Wisdom cometh by suffering. Aeschylus

The beauty of things must be that they end. Jack Kerouac

Each man is led by his own liking. Virgil

Am I getting smart with you? How would you know? Scott Adams

Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to get along without it. Scott Adams

What you would seem to be, be really. Benjamin Franklin

The grand instructor, time. Edmund Burke

Pleasing ware is half sold. George Herbert

A fool and his money are quickly parted. Jeff Bridges

Every dog has its day. John Heywood

We can and do control the direction of our own evolution. Jasmuheen

He who does wrong does wrong against himself. He who acts unjustly acts unjustly to himself, because he makes himself bad. Marcus Aurelius

It's the impeded stream that sings Wendell Berry

...a great good is worth being long desired. Vincent de Paul

Be with Allah, You will find Allah with you. Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi

The only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves. Ita Buttrose

It's not what life does to you but what you do to life that counts. Jim Stynes

Occasionally, don't be afraid to say: This is what we deserve. Ted Egan

The beginning of wisdom is the knowledge of folly. Norm Macdonald

Those who love wisdom must investigate many things Heraclitus

Wisdom is the health of the soul. Victor Hugo

curiosity is the beginning of wisdom. Francoise Sagan

Wisdom is the repose of the mind. Johann Kaspar Lavater

Happiness is the best cosmetic. Karen Duffy

Most battles are won before they are ever fought. George S Patton

That all depends on what "is" is. William J Clinton

You are only as good as the woman you are standing beside. Charlie Chaplin

For there is no higher religion than the Truth. Marion Zimmer Bradley

It's the fear of what comes after the doing that makes the doing hard to do. Tony Kushner

We all find time to do what we really want to do. William Feather

Our idea of God tells us more about ourselves than about Him. Thomas Merton

He is happy in his wisdom who has learned at another's expense. Plautus

The absent are easily refuted. C S Lewis

If we don't know our own history, we are deemed to live it. Hannah Arendt

Exhausting thought, And hiving wisdom with each studious year. Lord Byron

You have a dizzying intellect. William Goldman

Use your fear... it can take you to the place where you store your courage. Amelia Earhart

Life must be rich and full of loving-it's no good otherwise, no good at all, for anyone. Jack Kerouac

It is wisdom to think upon anything before we execute it. Plautus

What's in store for me in the direction I don't take? Jack Kerouac

Whose silence are you? Thomas Merton

Example is the best precept. Aesop

The beginning of wisdom is to desire it. Solomon Ibn Gabirol



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