Quotes on Winner

Everybody loves a winner, but nobody loves a winner. Steven Spielberg

History is, as we know, written by the winners. Rachel Martin

Soon I'll be thinner than all of you, she swore to herself. And then I'll be the winner. The thinner is the winner. Steven Levenkron

I never let anybody get out of there a winner. Sputnik Monroe

I don't want to call anyone an outright winner without having seen everything. Bun B

We are all winners here. Alfonso Ribeiro

Winners win not because they're allowed to, but because they decide to. Ralph Marston

History gets written by the winners... Cassandra Clare

A fighter can be a winner, but that doesn't make a winner a fighter. Markus Zusak

Without winners, there would be no civilization. Woody Hayes

Remember, channel your inner winner. Tim Gunn

There never was a winner, who wasn't a beginner. Denis Waitley

I do want to go out on top, as a winner Art Modell

Cynics criticize and winners analyze. Robert Kiyosaki

In a capitalistic society the losers slaved for the winners and you have to have more losers than winners. Charles Bukowski

I have seen many lean riders in the peloton, but very few Tour winners Jan Ullrich

God is on the side of the winner. Neil Strauss

History is written by winners. Alex Haley

I was always a winner, but just didn't know it. Dmx

In the longest run of all, your life, you're going to be a winner. Amby Burfoot

Winners lose more often than losers lose. William Cranch Bond

We all want things in life. Donald Trump is to be known as a winner, because he does win. He wants to be known as a genuine - and he is a legitimate winner. Rush Limbaugh

I'd be a whale shark. I'd like to be the biggest. The winner. Size is always important. Claire Holt

As always, most media aligns with the presumptive winner even though their claimed societal virtue is to investigate those in power. Julian Assange

Hillary Clinton is not a winner. Donald Trump

Winner take all does not exist in the Constitution. It's a restriction imposed on the electors by the states. Lawrence Lessig

My point is, if we respect the winner and approach that person, have access to that person and that person will look at what we are presenting, that is not too bad. Jim Brown

What separates the winners from the losers is that they can deal with doing their best while still coming up short. Jim Courier

It doesn't matter if you work with an Oscar winner or if you work with an unknown actor. There is always a collaboration between the director and the actors, and you always have to listen as the actors have to listen to you as a director. Baran Odar

I feel like I'm the winner. I really do. Carrie Prejean

He had won but he didn't feel like a winner. Richard Yates

Winner knows nothing about food. Michael Winner

But ever since I was a kid, I was always the winner. Lebron James

Electronics is clearly the winner of the day. John Ford

Without winners, there wouldn't even be any civilization. Woody Hayes

You don't feel like a winner and then do; you do like a winner and then feel. Orrin Woodward

I'm known as a winner now. Brett Hull

Get the winners into the game. Bear Bryant

I want to go down as a winner. Kevin Durant

Not only is history written by the winners, it is also made by them. Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

There never was a winner that didn't expect to win in advance. Denis Waitley

There's round-winners, and there's fighters. Nate Diaz

You can't be a winner if you're a whiner...wiener. Jeffrey Gitomer

The winner is one who knows when to drop out in order to get in touch. Marshall Mcluhan

You'll never be a winner of souls unless you're first a weeper for souls. Charles Spurgeon

You are always a winner. Sometimes you win, sometimes you make others win. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

It only takes a handful of big winners to make a lifetime of investing worthwhile. Peter Lynch

He who wins through fraud is not a winner. Umar

Are you telling me your brain and your lady parts decided on a love fest bake-off winner? Janet Evanovich

If we can make Washington more like Texas, the whole country will be a winner. John Cornyn

Women don't want to win, they want a winner. Patrice O'Neal

Winner gave me my bread and Russell gave me my art. Oliver Reed

Everybody wants to be a winner. Winning for you is everything, right? Wrong, winning is the only thing! Snoop Dogg

I scoop Emmy winners like kitty litter. Rick Ross

I know I'm a sinner, but make me a winner! Bob Monkhouse

We"re not about picking a mayor. We"re about making a mayor, making the winner. And that's what we"re gonna do.... I talk to them (the mayoral candidates) constantly. All of them. I know all about all of their families. I know about their dogs and this and that. Michael Mulgrew

It's not the cards that you have all the time that makes you a winner or a loser. Doyle Brunson

No square shall enter in the circle of winners Curren$y

Winners use words that say 'must' and 'will'. Jordan Belfort

It's winner takes all, but a draw will do. Mark Saggers

I ain't never been nothin but a winner. Bear Bryant

Recognize winners. They come in all forms. Bear Bryant

I'm a winner. Dwyane's a winner. We're going to bring winning to Miami. Chris Bosh

Every winner has scars. Herbert Newton Casson

Ladies love a soppy lyric. There's a real winner in 'Carry You Home. James Blunt

Winners develop the habit of doing the thing losers don't like to do. Ed Foreman

Winners aren't popular, losers often are. Virginia Wade

Winners are convinced they will finish first. The others hope to finish first. Lanny Bassham

So winners, Hae-Joo proposed, are the real losers because they learn nothing? What, then, are losers? Winners? David Mitchell

Don't try to be a hero. Try to be a winner. George Brett

This race is not for the swift, but for the smart, for the one who knows himself as the winner Burning Spear

When you forgive, you gain strength and come out a winner. Joyce Brothers

Winners believe in their worth in advance of their performance. Denis Waitley

People say history was written by the winners. No, it wasn't. It was written by the bullies. Colin Quinn

Winners of souls must first be weepers for souls. Charles Spurgeon

The only legacy I want is to be thought of as a winner. Derek Jeter

Losers focus on what they are going through; winners focus on what they are going to. John C Maxwell

Losers react. Winners anticipate. Tony Robbins

Your spiritual sense will make you either a winner or a loser. Sylvester Stallone

It's not his job, the president's, to pick winners and losers, nor to pass judgment on anybody. Rush Limbaugh



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