Quotes on Wells

Things are achieved when they are well begun. George Eliot

Playing well with others isn't all it's cracked up to be. Alafair Burke

He that lives well sees a farre off. George Herbert

He that looseth is Marchant as well as he that gaines. George Herbert

He thinkes not well, that thinkes not againe. George Herbert

Hee lookes not well to himselfe that lookes not ever. George Herbert

If you must flie, flie well. George Herbert

The nude alone is well dressed Auguste Rodin

Things well fitted abide. George Herbert

Sure you can; the only question is whether you do it well. Nicholas Meyer

We never understand a thing so well,and make it our own, as when we have discovered it for ourselves. Rene Descartes

Well I am the one who loves changing from nothing to one. Leonard Cohen

Happyish. Well, happyish isn't so bad.' 'It's the most we can hope for. David Nicholls

Was that life? Well then, once more! Friedrich Nietzsche

You must - you MUST - choose well. Terry Rossio

A thing worth learning is worth learning well. Patrick Ness

Nothing is so well learned as that which is discovered. Socrates

Allow your love to nourish yourself as well as others. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Success is how well you do what you do when nobody else is looking. John Paul Dejoria

It's simply doing what you're supposed to do as well as you can when you're supposed to do it. Mike Krzyzewski

It's not so much what you do, it's just how well you do it, and that you do, do it. Layne Beachley

My gast was pretty well flabbered. Jim Butcher

In all change, well looked into, the germinal good out-veils the apparent ill. Francis Thompson

Well, it's not just money. I consider myself establishment right now. I'm borderline establishment, I'm hanging on by my toenails - but I'm establishment. Dennis Hopper

Your faith is measured by how well you love those who can't stand you. Mark Hart

Do well by doing good. Benjamin Franklin

Well behaved women do not make history. Mae West

And because I love this life, I know I shall love death as well. Rabindranath Tagore

Why must one love rarely to love well? Albert Camus

A celebrity is someone famous for being well known Morris Fishbein

Choose well those with whom you travel. Lorraine Heath

It's better to do one thing well than ten things poorly. Heather Hart

Well, what did I expect? S&M didn't stand for soft and mushy? Jeaniene Frost

You have learned what you have learned very well. It has helped you survive. Virginia Satir

Of one that lov'd not wisely but too well. William Shakespeare

I'm doing badly, I'm doing well; whichever you prefer. Franz Kafka

Well that was sucktastic Rick Riordan

He who hid well, lived well. Rene Descartes

Never do anything for anyone who can just as well do it themself Abraham Lincoln

That which is not worth doing at all is not worth doing well. Warren Buffett

About endings....unless we do them well, we have to keep repeating them. Ursula Hegi

Things not worth doing are not worth doing well. Ken Blanchard

Well, I'm a professional. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

He carries well, to whom it waighes not. [He carries well, to whomit weighs not.] George Herbert

All seemed well pleased, all seemed, but were not all. John Milton

He who talks much cannot always talk well. [It., Chi parla troppo non puo parlar sempre bene.] Carlo Goldoni

I thought Eddie Redmayne portrayed me very well... At times I thought he was me. Stephen Hawking

Living isn't just about doing for yourself,but what you do for others as well. Nelson Mandela

Nobody's death is impending." ..."Well technically everyone's death is impending. Eoin Colfer

You can't always go to the well and have things be funny. Richard Ford

We aren't playing as well as we'd like. Scottie Pippen

Life reveals itself to us only in so far as well live it. Thomas Merton

I was almost put out of business by a well-meaning corpse. W C Fields

He is dead now, but he meant well. George Carlin

And the ones that know you so well are the ones that can swallow you whole. Dar Williams

Let your customers say, 'Well, here I am,' while you say, 'There you are!'. Ron Kaufman

Well, maybe I'm not so emotionally dysfunctional after all. Ian Kelsey

Well, obviously religion must come from inside. Jimi Hendrix

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. Seth Godin

... even when we find not what we seek, we find something as well worth seeking as what we missed. Robert Boyle

It's simply doing what you're supposed to do as well as you can when you're supposed to do it. Mike Krzyzewski

I don't like to shoot too many movies since I like to do them well. Jean Dujardin

Well behaved women barely make history. Marilyn Monroe

Women are well on the road to equality but we haven't arrived yet. Gloria Feldt

Being right can never compete with doing well. Henry Cloud

The times are very bad. Very well, you are there to make them better. Thomas Carlyle

Well, you know, I am in the business and I like to promote myself. Klaus Nomi

A thing that most creatives don't do well is that you've gotta learn to listen. Lee Clow

There are times when sense may be unseasonable, as well as truth. William Congreve

I'm very budget-minded myself, and it serves me well. Tim Gunn

I'm well beyond dyslexic: I have no sense of direction; I never know where I am. Jules Feiffer

I'm very fortunate in the sense that outside of cohabitating relationships and so forth, I've always got on just as well with women. Jack Nicholson

I'm doing badly, I'm doing well; whichever you prefer. Franz Kafka

Well, here's what you can do, and that's about it. Kevin Kelly

When we promote the well-being of others God has placed in our lives our service glorifies God. Elizabeth George

You can't stay well without telling-and living-the truth. Martha Beck

We are what we eat - not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Derek Rydall

Actually I dance really well on the floor. Oksana Baiul

My favorite thing to do is eat and eat well. Lena Olin

Death is something we really understand extremely well. Bill Gates



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