Quotes on Truly Happy

When you see ? happiness in the happiness of others, that's when you will be truly happy. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

When you see happiness in the happiness of others, that's when you will be truly happy. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

In order for us to become truly happy, that which we can become, we must become. Abraham Maslow

If people can understand the Lord's message in Bhagavad-gita, they can become truly happy. Mukunda Goswami

In order to be truly happy, you must live along with, and you must stand for something larger than yourself. Oprah Winfrey

When one lives attached to money, pride or power, it is impossible to be truly happy Pope Francis

No people can be truly happy... if abridged of the freedom of their consciences William Penn

To be truly happy you must recognize who you are with nothing. Gangaji

I have come to realize you can never be truly happy unless you've known some sorrow. Lisa Kleypas

To be truly happy is a question of how we begin, and not how we end, of what we want and not what we have. Robert Louis Stevenson

True love goes ever straight forward, not in its own strength, but esteeming itself as nothing. Then indeed we are truly happy. The cross is no longer a cross when there is no self to suffer under it. Francois Fenelon

A truly happy woman drives some men and almost every other woman absolutely crazy John Irving

Truly happy memories always live on, shining. Over time, one by one, they come back to life. Banana Yoshimoto

A truly happy person is someone who is joyfully independent of outer conditions. Ayya Khema

The way to be truly happy is to be truly human, and the way to be truly human is to be truly godly. J I Packer

Every person I have known who has been truly happy has learned how to serve others. Albert Schweitzer

The only time that I am really truly happy-when I feel at my best-is when I'm on the stage. Etta James

You will never find a truly happy self-centered person. They simply don't exist. Zig Ziglar

...decide for yourself what makes you truly happy and then organize your life around it. Write down your goals and make plans to achieve them. Brian Tracy

I don't think there's more than half-a-dozen cartoons that I've been really truly happy with in all the time I've been doing it. Pat Oliphant

If our condition were truly happy, we would not seek diversion from it in order to make ourselves happy. Blaise Pascal

So long as you do not quarrel with sin, you will never be a truly happy man. J C Ryle

To be truly happy and contented, you must let go of what it means to be happy or content. Confucius

One of the ways to be happy, to be truly happy, is to contribute to a cause that is greater than yourself. And, through Harvard-based research, we can see that happy people live longer. Sheryl Wudunn

Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower. A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour. Happiness is a direction, not a place. Sydney J Harris

The greatest poverty one can have is to be poor in one's heart and for falling in love, he is truly happy. He discovers purpose. Russell Brand

The few men who possess the wealth of the material things of the earth at the present time are not truly happy. Joseph Franklin Rutherford

Some people just do' appreciate having a dog around. It's sad to think there are people like that. I knew Gloria was that way-maybe that's why she could never be truly happy. W. Bruce Cameron

Our moments are music, and sometimes - just sometimes - we can catch them and put them into some lasting form. If we did' have music, I do' think we could ever be truly happy, and if we did' have special moments, we would never find music. David Levithan

Do not judge others. Be your own judge and you will be truly happy. If you will try to judge others, you are likely to burn your fingers. Mahatma Gandhi

What would you be like if you were the only person in the world? If you want to be truly happy you must be that person. Quentin Crisp

Jerome Charyn is one of the most important writers in American literature and one of only three now writing whose work makes me truly happy to be a reader. Michael Chabon

But even in her laughter there was something missing. She never seemed to be truly happy; she just seemed to be passing time while she waited for something else. She was tired of just existing; she wanted to live. Cecelia Ahern

Some people just don't appreciate having a dog around. It's sad to think there are people like that. I knew Gloria was that way-maybe that's why she could never be truly happy. W. Bruce Cameron

Man is in reality a spiritual being and only when he lives in the spirit is he truly happy. Abdu'l-Baha

You can never be truly happy in a life unless you have known a sorrow. All terrible things we have gone through in life have created spaces inside us where happiness can live Not to mention love. Lisa Kleypas

The only way to ease our fear and be truly happy is to acknowledge our fear and look deeply at its source. Instead of trying to escape from our fear, we can invite it up to our awareness and look at it clearly and deeply. Nhat Hanh

Once you're truly happy with yourself alone, that's when you are safe to find the right person to spend the rest of your life with. Tyler Perry

Success in life is measured, most easily, by the number of days that a person is truly happy. Eric Edmeades

Our moments are music, and sometimes - just sometimes - we can catch them and put them into some lasting form. If we didn't have music, I don't think we could ever be truly happy, and if we didn't have special moments, we would never find music. David Levithan

To be truly happy, you need a clear sense of meaning and purpose in life. Brian Tracy

You have to be happy with who you are and the choices you make. If you don't like yourself, you'll never be truly happy. Taylor Swift

To be truly happy, you need a clear sense of direction. You need a commitment to something bigger and more important than yourself. You need to feel that your life stands for something, that you are somehow making a valuable contribution to your world. Brian Tracy

Happy birthday greetings and warmest wishes, too May today, tomorrow, everyday Be truly happy for you. Margaret Brown

If you truly love someone, you don't judge them by their past. You leave it there. Just be happy that their future belongs to you. Nishan

All I have learned in life really just boils down to this: there is only one difference between the so-called wise and the so-called foolish...and between those who are truly happy and those who are not. Those who are wise - and those who are happy - embrace and appreciate life. Those who are unhappy and unwise do not. That is all; that is the only difference. Rasheed Ogunlaru

Consciously or not, we are all on a quest for answers, trying to learn the lessons of life. We grapple with fear and guilt. We search for meaning, love, and power. We try to understand fear, loss, and time. We seek to discover who we are and how we can become truly happy. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I'm looking forward to finding someone in life that I can be truly happy with and relate to on all levels - someone I can bounce my stuff off. Right now, though, I'm not searching for that. I couldn't possibly handle it at this point. But I still like knowing it will be out there sometime later. Josh Hartnett

But if we are truly happy inside, then age brings with it a maturity, a depth, and a power that only magnifies our radiance. David Deida

The most successful network marketers I know, the ones receiving tons of referrals and feeling truly happy about themselves, continually put the other person's needs ahead of their own. Bob Burg

When you're truly happy, you are being yourself. Robert Holden

I am truly happy that I am able to travel from time to time to the USSR the country I love above all. I always have been, I am now and will always be a loyal friend of the Soviet Union. Paul Robeson

A quality person is someone with integrity. To be worthy of the highest trust is a noble attribute and compliment. You will need to maintain confidences. Certainly it is greater to be trusted than loved. Truly happy persons will always be totally honest in their dealings with their fellowman. Marvin J Ashton

Make others truly happy as you strive to make yourself happy. Speak a helpful word. Give a cheering smile. Do a kind act. Serve a little. Wipe the tears of one who is in distress. Render smooth a rough place in another's path. You will feel great joy. Sivananda

One thing I am convinced more and more is true, and that is this: The only way to be truly happy is to make others happy. When you realize that and take advantage of the fact, everything is made perfect. William Carlos Williams

So here is one of my theories on happiness: we cannot know if we have lived a truly happy life until the very end. This view of life and death was reinforced by my close witnessing of the buildup to the death of Philip Gould. Philip was without doubt my closest friend in politics. When he died, I felt like I had lost a limb. Alastair Campbell

If only we'd stop trying to be happy we'd have a pretty good time. Edith Wharton

Happiness is hard to recall. Its just a glow. Frank Mccourt

Success is a learnable skill. You can learn to succeed at anything. If you want to be a great golfer, you can learn how to do it. If you want to be a great piano player, you can learn how to do it. If you want to be truly happy, you can learn how to do it. If you want to be rich, you can learn how to do it. It doesn't matter where you are right now. It doesn't matter where you're starting from. What matters is that you are willing to learn. T Harv Eker

You have to enjoy your job; you should wake up every day and love what you do... I honestly do... From the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul. I'm truly happy. Aaliyah

Let us each grasp a new idea this year. Let us grasp the awareness of what it is that makes us truly happy. Let us consider our personal preferences and learn how to recognize, then embrace, moments of happiness that are uniquely our own. Sarah Ban Breathnach

To be truly happy in this world is a revolutionary act...It is a radical change of view that liberates us so that we know who we are most deeply and can acknowledge our enormous ability to love. Sharon Salzberg

There would be nothing I could do to you that would harm you more than what you're already doing to harm yourself...You are never going to amount to anything. You will always be the worthless muck people scrape from their shoes. You only get one life and you are wasting yours. That's a terrible shame. I doubt you will ever know what it is to be truly happy, to achieve anything of worth, to have genuine pride in yourself. You bring it all on yourself, and I could do no worse to you. Terry Goodkind

The moment you enter Bhutan, you notice that there are no traffic lights. It is almost like you've stepped into a Shangri-La or a vortex of time 200 years ago. Those kinds of experiences are very much of the countryside of Bhutan, where people are truly happy in the sense of not creating and wanting more. Karan Bajaj

The cause of happiness and the solution to our problems do not lie in knowledge of material things. Happiness and suffering are states of mind, and so their main causes cannot be found outside the mind. If we want to be truly happy and free from suffering, we must learn how to control our mind. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

You can't have a happy family if you don't have a happy marriage. Jeremy Sisto

I'm just really happy. Jacoby Jones

For the most part, as a society, we are not happy with ourselves. Jamel Shabazz

I'm very happy. I'm doing what I love. Kam Williams

I'm not going to hide the fact that I am a happy person. Blake Judd

I've been doing the Millarworld stuff for decades, and everybody seems really happy that's working on it. Mark Millar

I always felt that if somebody picks on you it's because they're not happy doing what they're doing. Benjamin Walker

I'm not happy with just repeating myself. Chris Cleave

I'm in a monogamous relationship and very happy. Frances Bean Cobain

I'm really happy in my life. Melissa Mccarthy

Truly living required risk. Gena Showalter

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Omar Khayyam

My head aches, my eyes burn, my arms and legs have given up, and my face in the mirror has a grayish cast. The bed, across the room, calls in its unmistakable lover's croon, Come to me, come, only I can make you truly happy, oh, how happy I'll make you, don't resist, remember how you moan with pleasure the instant we touch..... Laura Acosta Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Despite all the doom and gloom that constantly assaults our senses, there is a way for us to ransom our lives and reclaim our futures: it consists in turning away from the world to recognize what in life makes us truly happy. For each of us, what that is will be different. But once we obtain this inner knowledge, we will possess the ability to transform our outer world. "You can live a lifetime and, at the end of it, know more about other people than you know about yourself," the pilot and writer Beryl Markham reminds us. We cannot let this continue to occur. Sarah Ban Breathnach

Imagine the one god himself has reversed his clock and reversed your regrets. Imagine knowing the bone-deep truth that whatever impossibility would make you truly happy has been granted. Imagine knowing you can once again hold your lost lover or your newborn child. Imagine what you feel during those first seconds of knowing. Now, imagine those first seconds last for days on end. .... Like I said, I'm a chemist. It's all coming back to me.p62 Craig Clevenger



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