Quotes on Trouble

nothing is ever quite as bad as it could be. Amy Hempel

Usually one gets a heavier cross when one attempts to get rid of an old one. Edith Stein

Troubles never come singly. Mary Louisa Molesworth

Only the dead have no troubles. Leonard Louis Levinson

a trouble shared is a trouble half endured. Gene Stratton-Porter

things never seem as bad as they are. Craig L. Rice

There is more talke then trouble. George Herbert

Trouble brings trouble upon trouble. Sophocles

The trouble with all of us is we are where we shouldn't be. Michael Ondaatje

More are weakened than strengthened by their troubles. Mason Cooley

Trouble trouble and it will trouble you. P L Travers

The trouble with the Irish question always has been that it was an English question. Katharine Tynan

My trouble is I analyze life instead of live it. Hugh Prather

Don't go looking for trouble; it's already looking for you. Charlaine Harris

Everything that's worth having is some trouble... Lucy Maud Montgomery

Stay away from trouble when you can. Kenny Rogers

Confidence by itself, unless it has a valid basis, can get us into trouble. Peter Schiff

Don't bring anything to me but trouble. Charles Kettering

Troubleshooters?" Michael asked. "When there's trouble," I told him, "they shoot it. Jim Butcher

Do' go looking for trouble; it's already looking for you. Charlaine Harris

It saves a lot of trouble if, instead of having to earn money and save it, you can just go and borrow it. Winston Churchill

Nothing will get you into trouble so deep or as sad as faith. Rick Bass

Everybody's got their troubles. Dorothy Parker

Put your troubles aside and start living. Rihanna

things are never so indescribably ghastly that they can't get worse. Alice Thomas Ellis

fretting at trouble only doubles it. George Sand

It's money that brings trouble. It always has and it always will. Mary Roberts Rinehart

It has turned out to be an annus horribilis. Queen Elizabeth II

The trouble is that I'm in a hurry, but God isn't. Phillips Brooks

Humor tells you where the trouble is. Louise Bernikow

All the things we do' say, all the words we swallow, and it makes nothing but trouble. Anna Quindlen

None get to God but through trouble. Catherine of Aragon

Money is more trouble than it is worth. Horace Greeley

I just never get into trouble. It's not my thing. Natasha Lyonne

Better never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you; for you only make your trouble double trouble when you do. Robert D Keppel

The main trouble with women is that they will just not put the seat back up again. Martin Clunes

Obviously the trouble with having a hit with something like a cover of a ballad, you attract a whole new set of listeners, which is great, but on the other hand they start to pigeonhole you a little bit. Tracey Thorn

Again, having - fortunately having never been in trouble. And eventually I found out that I was on a watch list. Mahershala Ali

If I get to the point where I don't like my clothes, I'm in big trouble. Ralph Lauren

Our country's in deep trouble. Donald Trump

If you can't get yourself understood, you may have trouble, so you need some interpretation every now and again wherever you might be. Ry Cooder

America is in such trouble. Donald Trump

You get in a lot of trouble when you start putting fictitious numbers. Warren Buffett

I know that if we allow ourselves into the gridlock of tribalism, we're in trouble. Elizabeth Lesser

When did a smile ever get anyone into trouble? Hannah Kent

I am in trouble here. This woman is not right. Stephen King

How Far back must we go to discover the beginning of trouble? Philip Roth

You know I'm always in trouble. Tony Yayo

Many gloat over their own troubles. Mason Cooley

I love L.A., but you can get into a lot of trouble out here. Matt Kemp

All the things we don't say, all the words we swallow, and it makes nothing but trouble. Anna Quindlen

I really lived life to its fullest and that got me in trouble from time to time. Matthew Perry

I have no trouble being a good dude because that's what I am. Busta Rhymes

Trouble shared is trouble halved. Dorothy L Sayers

Women - always in trouble with them, but can't live without them. Ayrton Senna

I go out with friends, but I don't have time to get in trouble. Britney Spears

The trouble is, I know too much about how to cook to be satisfied with a cook. Dorothea Tanning

Who expects trouble gets trouble. Donnie Burns

There is always one way to make anybody do anything - the trouble is to find it. Myrtle Reed

people in great trouble don't change to other people. They only change to themselves. May Sinclair

It's always something to remind you that everything ain't never gonna be alright! J. California Cooper

Nobody knows the trouble you've seen - and nobody wants to. Helen Yglesias

Deep inside you know / when trouble comes / and there's no one else to turn to / you can call on each other / and count on each other ... / because each other / is all you have. Adele Faber

Stay with the question. The more it troubles you, the more it has to teach you. Jacqueline Winspear

You can always tell you're in trouble when the good option involves a prosthetic leg. Hugh Elliot

At first trouble is a new experience - gradually you learn that - that it isn't fatal. Josephine Lawrence

There is a country proverb which says, 'If you don't trouble trouble - trouble won't trouble you. Patricia Wentworth

He that seekes trouble never misses. [He that seeks trouble never misses.] George Herbert

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. I'll not willingly offend, nor be easily offended. Bruce Lee

You do not achieve anything without trouble, ever. Margaret Thatcher

The trouble with a movie is that it's old before it's released. It's no accident that it comes in a can. Orson Welles

Want to get in trouble with me, Carlos? Simone Elkeles

My trouble was I had a mind but I couldn't make it up! Dr. Seuss

Just stay close to us. If we get in trouble, we'll kill everything. Ilona Andrews

The love that follows us sometime is our trouble, which still we thank as love. William Shakespeare

Do not trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. Robert Jordan

It's the things that we know FOR SURE, that just ain't so, that get us into trouble. Wayne Dyer

Researching books gets you into nothing but trouble. Sara Sheridan

The price of telling your troubles is having to listen to advice. Mason Cooley

Our troubles keep us going. Mason Cooley



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