Quotes on Train

Everybody is headed for the same place, and they are headed on the same train, and under the same engineer. Harry S Truman

I train every day of my life as they have never trained a day in theirs. Aleksandr Karelin

To any aspiring actor, go and train yourself. Abby Brammell

The future's comin' at ya' like a freight train. Lila McCann

The more I train, the more luckier I become. Renzo Gracie

If you've wrecked one train, you've wrecked them all. Charles Addams

No job in America should go unfilled because somebody doesn't have the right skills to get that job, nobody. So, if there's a job open, we should train those folks right away so that they can do the job. Barack Obama

A good Traceur trains until he/she gets it right. An excellent Traceur trains until he/she cannot get it wrong. David Belle

Train your mind to see the good in everything Paul Walker

A pseudo-event ... comes about because someone has planned it, planted, or incited it. Typically, it is not a train wreck or an earthquake, but an interview. Daniel J Boorstin

Liberty trains for liberty. W E B Du Bois

As you train and as you develop your talents, you do get better, hopefully, or you get out of the business. Debbie Reynolds

Train not to get something right, train so that you can never get it wrong David Belle

Train our children to love God. Daniel Harvey Hill

A critic is a gong at a railroad crossing clanging loudly and vainly as the train goes by. Christopher Morley

Everyone's life is a train wreck. Your life happens to be a high-class train wreck. Tyne Daly

We must train ourselves in courage and generosity. Roger Caillois

Champions are everywhere, you just have to train them properly Arthur Lydiard

There is no act, however trivial, but has its train of consequences. Samuel Smiles

Resolutely train yourself to attain peace Gautama Buddha

I'm done with F1 unfortunately. I'm too old, the train has passed Valentino Rossi

Train where your fitness is NOW, not where you want to be. Scott Jurek

Like the trains, she's never on time and always departing. Margaret Atwood

You are the conductor of your own success train. William Cranch Bond

It's the light of the oncoming train. Robert Lowell

I would rather train someone and lose them, than not train them and keep them Zig Ziglar

God has arrived. I met him on the 5:15 train. John Maynard Keynes

We train together to make each other great. Kara Goucher

Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day. Nick Diaz

I don't actually drive trains. I'm an actor. Chris Pine

If all else fails, I could go to a train station and open up my saxophone case and make some bucks. I can do "Mary Had A Little Lamb," I can do "Happy Birthday." Sean Price

Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull and Jean Beliveau probably looked at us in the '80s and said, "These guys are soft. We used to take the train." Wayne Gretzky

When I'm not training for a role then I don't really train. Margot Robbie

Whatever you train, you change your brain. Matthieu Ricard

We are planes, trains, and automobiles, and we're always hauling stuff up these tiny cobblestone streets, so the more mobile you are, the better. Chris Harrison

Cats are hard to train, but they can train them. Edward Herrmann

And she [Margaret Thatcher] also had a sort of a way, like a railroad train, of going, taking a breath and starting quite quietly and making a point in a way that you don't really know that this point is going to be made through several examples, and there will be not be a break in the speaking voice at any point. Meryl Streep

I'm confident because of the - what we [USA government] call the strategic agreement we're now working on with them, we will be deeply involved within every aspect of their government from helping them improve their agriculture, to train air traffic controllers, to train pilots for the F-16s they're buying. So we'll have a deep relationship. Joe Biden

I hope there's a life after life - and maybe I can even come back again and get on another train, and ride and gain some more wisdom. George Jung

I didn't train all that time just to come here and get it over with as fast as I can John Bingham

Do you have any toy train schedules? Steven Wright

A monkey could drive this train. Meg Whitman

Trains, like time and tide, stop for no one. Jules Verne

When the ideas are coming, I don't stop until the ideas stop because that train doesn't come along all the time. Dr Dre

How did I get to Hollywood? By train. John Ford

You train your man to do nothing. Jennifer Aniston

The harder I train, the luckier I get Renzo Gracie

Leadership is hard to train on. Ben Horowitz

Anyone can train hard. Do you have the discipline to recover? Lauren Fleshman

Oh I get it...You're looking for the quickest way to the hospital, huh? ~Train Heartnet Kentaro Yabuki

Train wreck, extremely fast train, but usually ends up derailed somehow, Clint Bowyer

Eat a lot and train hard, I am sure that you will succeed. Serge Nubret

If a train stops at a train station, what do you think happens at a work station? Hal Varian

I hosted Soul train but I listen to everything. Shemar Moore

Hire for character, train for skills. Michael Josephson

Hire for attitude. Train for skill... More Tom Peters

Wherever there is excessive wealth, there is also in the train of it excessive poverty. Walter Savage Landor

You can't let nobody run your train. Lebron James

Train everyone lavishly. You can't overspend on training. Tom Peters

The abuse of love, like the abuse of health, brings suffering and death in its train. Juliette Drouet

You're about to be the conductor on the most brilliant, runaway train in showbiz. Good luck you'll love it. Dermot O'Leary

Why are the patriots the ones who don't want to spend money on trains? Bill Maher

The light from the oncoming train focuses the mind. Bruce Springsteen

It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry Bob Dylan

We all love to win, but how many people love to train? Mark Spitz

Nowhere can I think so happily as in a train. A A Milne

The restlessness and the longing, like the longing that is in the whistle of a faraway train. Except that the longing isn't really in the whistle-it is in you. Meindert DeJong

Train like a beauty look like a beast Cassey Ho

You cannot out-train bad nutrition. It's impossible. Scott Eastwood

Consistency is a virtue for trains. Stephen Vizinczey

The only way to train for a startup is by starting. Chris Campbell

The unconsidered act of the poorest of men may fire the train that leads to the subterranean mine, and an empire be rent by the explosion. Albert Pike

When you do something young enough and you train for it, it just becomes a part of you. Randy Pausch

If you are so inflamed that you can't train, and ibuprofen and fish oil help with inflammation, maybe you'd better take the ibuprofen and fish oil. Mark Rippetoe

Training with confidence is the only way to train Dave Draper

A train will bring you back to the place you came from, but it will not return you home. Jedediah Berry

Instead of expending time to train yourself not to be afraid of snakes, avoid them altogether. Richard Koch

It was a train full of strangers, and they were all the same. Cherie Priest

And these gems of Heav'n, her starry train. John Milton

Knowledge Is Power! Train smart and obtain power! John Webster



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