Quotes on Telling Lies

Always tell the truth. That way you don't have to remember what you said. Mark Twain

If you tell a lie, always rehearse it. If it don't sound good to you, it won't sound good to anybody. Satchel Paige

So much of being a woman is telling lies Candace Bushnell

But I have told the truth. Isn't that ironic? They sent me because I am so good at telling lies. But I have told the truth. Elizabeth Wein

He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it the second time. Thomas Jefferson

The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. Richard Bach

Science is a set of rules to keep us from telling lies to each other. All scientists really have is a reputation for telling the truth. Isaac Asimov

The English are polite by telling lies. The Americans are polite by telling the truth. Malcolm Bradbury

Mujib [Rahman], as you've seen, is a congenital liar. He can't help telling lies - it's something stronger than he. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

A man should be jailed for telling lies to the young. Lillian Hellman

It is Homer who has chiefly taught other poets the art of telling lies skillfully. Aristotle

The history of our race, and each individual's experience, are sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal. Mark Twain

The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think. We do this because we're afraid.We fear we will not find love,and when we find it we fear we'll lose it. We fear that if we don't have love we will be unhappy. Richard Bach

No one believes a liar. Even when she's telling the truth. Sara Shepard

There are times when telling lies are not a bad thing. It can be a compassionate thing. But to make it benign, you have to be aware of your compassionate reasons for telling that lie. Richard Gere

Truly, to tell lies is not honorable; but when the truth entails tremendous ruin, To speak dishonorably is pardonable. Sophocles

Now, I know from experience that the trouble with one lie is that it usually takes more lies to cover it up. And if you don't watch out, you wind up telling lies to cover up the lies that are covering up the original lie. Wendelin Van Draanen

Sometimes what I wouldn't give to have us sitting in a bar again at 9:00 a.m. telling lies to one another, far from God. Denis Johnson

It is an occupational hazard that anyone who has spent her life learning how to lie eventually becomes bad at telling the truth. Ally Carter

Always telling the truth is no doubt better than always lying, although equally pathological. Robert Breault

It was a lie but he believed in telling lies to people. Truth telling and medicine just didn't go together except in dire emergencies, if then. Mario Puzo

One may sometimes tell a lie, but the grimace that accompanies it tells the truth. Friedrich Nietzsche

Every time we tell a lie, the thing we fear grows stronger. Tad Williams

A lie told often enough becomes the truth. Vladimir Lenin

If you want to be thought a liar, always tell the truth Logan Pearsall Smith

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. Adolf Hitler

Always tell the truth or the truth will tell on you. Frank K. Sonnenberg

When you're dealing with your life, my God, you gotta tell the truth. Elaine Stritch

Seek the truth. Tell the truth. Live in truth. Isaiah Washington

In society, one doesn't tell the truth, one tells the exact opposite. Nelson Eddy

Im hopeless at telling lies. I can attempt strategic ones in order not to hurt peoples feelings, but then Ill blow it 10 minutes later. Nicholas Haslam

We cannot teach children the danger of telling lies to men without realising, on the man's part, the danger of telling lies to children. A single untruth on the part of the master will destroy the results of his education. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Telling lies is a bit like tiling bathrooms - if you don't know how to do it properly, it's best not to try. Tom Holt

Governments lie; bankers lie; even auditors sometimes lie: gold tells the truth. William Rees-Mogg

I watched him [a 'fat Russian agent'] with some interest, for it was the first time that I had seen a person whose profession was telling lies - unless one counts journalists. George Orwell

The cruelest lies are often told in silence. A man may have sat in a room for hours and not opened his mouth, and yet come out of that room a disloyal friend or a vile calumniator. Robert Louis Stevenson

Now, I know from experience that the trouble with one lie is that it usually takes more lies to cover it up. And if you don't watch out, you wind up telling lies to cover up the lies that are covering up the original lie. Wendelin Van Draanen

Donald Trump doesn't have significant tells when he's lying because truth and lies to him are kind of homogenized. He's such a pro at it that you don't see a lot of divergence in his body language when he's lying or telling the truth. It's just constant bulls**t. He's probably a very good bluffer. Daniel Negreanu

Telling lies and showing off to get attention are mistakes I made that I don't want my kids to make. Jane Fonda

You needn't love your enemy, but if you refrain from telling lies about him, you are doing well enough. E W Howe

The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth. H L Mencken

The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear. Herbert Agar

Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it. Jonathan Swift

If you tell the truth you do not need a good memory! Mark Twain

I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends... that if they will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them. Adlai E Stevenson

The theater has always been to me a place where beautiful lies are told. Charles Ludlam

Everybody lies about sex. Robert A Heinlein

Good lies need a leavening of truth to make them palatable. William Mcilvanney

Those who think it is permissible to tell white lies soon grow color-blind. Austin O'Malley

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. Mark Twain

The cruelest lies are often told in silence. Robert Louis Stevenson

I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies. Pietro Aretino

We tell lies when we are afraid... afraid of what we don't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie, the thing that we fear grows stronger. Tad Williams

When you can't tell the truth, tell *a* truth. Greg Cox

I have risked everything to tell the truth. Tell the truth Maya Angelou

So much of science proceeds by telling stories. Stephen Jay Gould

... when caught unawares I usually tell the truth, and what's duller than that? Iris Murdoch

I have been involved with this stuff [newspapers, television] all my life, but I'm involved, so I know when you're telling the truth and when you're not. Donald Trump

None but the dead are permitted to tell the truth. Mark Twain

Everyone has the right to tell the truth about her own life. Ellen Bass

I like telling stories. Hunter Parrish

My assignment is what every writer's assignment is: tell the truth of his own time. Leslie Fiedler

The writer's job is to tell the truth, Ernest Hemingway

It's a lot easier to tell the truth usually. Elliott Smith

I'm a writer. I just love telling stories. Kurt Busiek

it's always best to tell the truth. Rudyard Kipling

Love lieth deep; Love dwells not in lip-depths. Alfred Lord Tennyson

A single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity. Baltasar Gracian

I do not mind lying, but I hate inaccuracy. Samuel Butler

Your very eyes. How they have always been for me the command to obey, the inviolable and beautiful commandment. No, no, I'm not telling lies. Your appearance in the doorway! ... You have been my body's health. Whenever I have read a book, it was you I was reading, not the book, you were the book. You were, you were. Robert Walser

Trust grows when people see leaders translate their personal integrity into organizational fidelity. At the heart of fidelity lies truth-telling and promise-keeping. Max De Pree

Is not anyone with any degree of mental honesty conscious of telling lies all day long, both in talking and writing, simply because lies will fall into artistic shape when truth will not? George Orwell

Science fiction is not predictive; it is descriptive.... Prediction is the business of prophets, clairvoyants, and futurologists. It is not the business of novelists. A novelist's business is lying.... Open your eyes; listen, listen. That is what the novelists say. But they don't tell you what you will see and hear. All they can tell you is what they have seen and heard, in their time in this world, a third of it spent in sleep and dreaming, another third of it spent in telling lies. Ursula K Le Guin

Governments constantly choose between telling lies and fighting wars, with the end result always being the same. One will always lead to the other. Thomas Jefferson

In this world of lies, Truth is forced to fly like a scared white doe in the woodlands; and only by cunning glimpses will she reveal herself, as in Shakespeare and other masters of the great Art of Telling the Truth, even though it be covertly, and by snatches. Herman Melville

At the end of the day, acting is all about telling lies. We are professional imposters and the audience accept that. We've made this deal that we tell you a tale and a pack of lies, but there will be a truth in it. You may enjoy it, or it will disturb you. Pete Postlethwaite

Telling lies is a fault in a boy, an art in a lover, an accomplishment in a bachelor, and second-nature in a married man. Helen Rowland

When a Cabinet Minister who is sacked for telling lies is re-appointed, in the face of every constitutional convention, only for the same man to be sacked again from the same Cabinet for the same offence by the same Prime Minister no wonder the public are cynical about politics. William Hague

People who are brutally honest get more satisfaction out of the brutality than out of the honesty. Richard J Needham

It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place. H L Mencken



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