Quotes on Study Abroad

The benefits of studying abroad are almost endless. Michelle Obama

People put 'study abroad' on their resume. I actually like when they don't study abroad because that means they aren't entitled. Millard Drexler

So we know that it's not enough for us to simply encourage more people to study abroad. We also need to make sure that they can actually afford it. Michelle Obama

No one who has lived through the second half of the 20th century could possibly be blind to the enormous impact of exchange programs on the future of countries... William J Clinton

International exchanges are not a great tide to sweep away all differences, but they will slowly wear away at the obstacles to peace as surely as water wears away a hard stone. George H W Bush

The fact is, with every friendship you make, and every bond of trust you establish, you are shaping the image of America projected to the rest of the world. That is so important. So when you study abroad, you're actually helping to make America stronger. Michelle Obama

...International education cannot be the work of one country. It is the responsibility and promise of all nations. It calls for free exchange and full collaboration...The knowledge of our citizens is one treasure which grows only when it is shared. Lyndon B Johnson

Life is something that everyone should try at least once. Henry Tillman

To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted. Bill Bryson

Even in challenging economic times, making sure that study abroad is part of our college students' education is a vital investment. If we want a new generation of leaders and innovators who can be effective in an ever more globalized world, sending our students overseas is not a luxury. It's a necessity. Rick Steves

Our nation must engage with the rest of the world. But to be successful, we must listen. Our interaction with the world must be a conversation, not a monologue... these exchanges are a strategic pillar of our nation's public diplomacy. Dina Powell

I just think we can't do enough of this [student exchanges]... And when you get young children traveling internationally, I think they come back different people. And you can't put a price tag - you can't put a value on that. Arne Duncan

...the exchange of students...should be vastly expanded...Information and education are powerful forces in support of peace. Just as war begins in the minds of men, so does peace. Dwight D Eisenhower

It is worthwhile to engage in something that is close to one's heart. I had a scholarship. So if I donate money to give brilliant Chinese students an opportunity to study abroad, then this embodies everything I believe in: education, globalization, social mobility. I am an example of social mobility. Zhang Xin

Growing up, I thought I was white. It didn't occur to me I was Asian-American until I was studying abroad in Denmark and there was a little bit of prejudice. Maya Lin

The spirit of seeking understanding through personal contact with people of other nations and other cultures deserves the respect and support of all. Gerald R Ford

Study broadly and without fear. John Green

I study history because I am interested in the future. Peter Rachleff

I would live to study, not study to live. Francis Bacon

In science, one learns the most by studying what seems to be the least. Marvin Minsky

I didn't study music. I literally lived it, Paco de Lucia

How can I study from below, that which is above? Aristophanes

Study Bach. There you will find everything. Johannes Brahms

There are those who spend their lives studying it and those who spend their lives doing it. Ernie Hudson

We must seek, in studying God, to be led to God. J I Packer

I did not even finish my studies Bill Gates

Study everything, join nothing. Paul Brunton

I feel like the places where I like to live, or study, or visit are places where people's differences are celebrated rather than just tolerated. Paul Marcarelli

All the studies say that immigrants are less likely to be criminals in the United States. That's what they say. The sources are there. Joe Arpaio

An Osage tribal study found that between $41 million to $50 million left a 50-mile radius around their own casino John Warren Kindt

What the polls don't tell you is, though other polls do, is that if you do a study of CEOs, top executives in corporations, they're liberal. Noam Chomsky

We cannot study everything at the same time. Matthieu Ricard

I've been dogmatic to use myself as a case study. Simon Sinek

I spent half my life, roughly speaking, doing the study of nature in many aspects and half of my life studying completely artificial shapes. And the two are extraordinarily close; in one way both are fractal. Benoit Mandelbrot

I didn't study the piano - the piano studied me. Carl Andre

If you once love Him, you will study to please Him. John Newton

I didn't study; I live. Eric Cantona

I did not find my studies particularly enthralling. Alex Cox

There are so many things that go into a surgical study. Nicole Ari Parker

I've spent a life loving women and studying them as much as I can, or am allowed to. Darren Aronofsky

I don't study; I create. Viktor Korchnoi

I'm not studying everything that can go wrong. What I'm studying is how much love there can be, even when everything appears to be going wrong. Andrew Solomon

I've been through a lot. I've thought a lot about life, and I've spent a lot of time studying history and science. Dan Brown

Study! Study ! Study! Get an education. Kerry Washington

It's worth living abroad to study up on genteel and delicate manners. The maid smiles continuously; she smiles like a duchess on a stage, while at the same time it is clear from her face that she is exhausted from overwork. Anton Chekhov

Simple exchanges can break down walls between us, for when people come together and speak to one another and share a common experience, then their common humanity is revealed. We are reminded that we're joined together by our pursuit of a life that's productive and purposeful, and when that happens mistrust begins to fade and our smaller differences no longer overshadow the things that we share. And that's where progress begins. Barack Obama

There is a flickering spark in us all which, if struck at just the right age...can light the rest of our lives, elevating our ideals, deepening our tolerance, and sharpening our appetite for knowledge about the rest of the world. Educational and cultural exchanges...provide a perfect opportunity for this precious spark to grow, making us more sensitive and wiser international citizens through our careers. Ronald Reagan

The tactics...no, amateurs discuss tactics,.... Professional soldiers study logistics. Tom Clancy

He that studies his content, wants it. George Herbert

The more you practice and study, the better you are so I still practice and study all the time. Cyndi Lauper

Buddhism is the study of how to be immeasurably happy. Frederick Lenz

Buddhism is the study of changing who we are, modifying or perhaps totally restructuring ourselves as perceivers. Frederick Lenz

Intellectuals are people who go to study things other people do naturally. Bill Cosby

Study prophecies when they are become histories. Thomas Browne

All rules for study are summed up in this one: learn only in order to create. Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling

Socrates asks him the crucial question about education, and that is, If you study with this fellow, what will he make of you? Leroy S Rouner

You won't become a saint by studying your Bible; you'll become a saint by living it. Leonard Ravenhill

To study is not to consume ideas, but to create and re-create them. Paulo Freire

You prepare. You study. You've got to be ready for anything. Philip Rivers

Whether I went to school or not, I would always study. RZA

Action without study fatal. Study without action is futile.... Mary Ritter Beard

None of us can study anything properly unless we do it with our whole being. Mary Midgley

Everything you study, everything you learn, makes you a better writer, because you have more understanding of how things work. Marge Piercy

We ain't goin' study war no more. Martin Luther King, Jr.

You cannot learn very much about excellence from studying failure. Marcus Buckingham

Study to know Him more and more, for the more you know, the more you will love Him, George Whitefield

History is' something you study. It's something you should just know. Kiera Cass

Men study science as god not the God of science. Adrian Rogers

Life without literary studies is death. Seneca the Younger

Action without study is fatal.... Mary Beard

Study words so that you can use them significantly, effectively, worthily. Grenville Kleiser

I don't study to know more, but to ignore less. Juana Ines de la Cruz

Study nature as the countenance of God. Charles Kingsley

To study music, we must learn the rules. To create music, we must break them. Nadia Boulanger

Study as though you cannot catch up to it, and as though you fear you are going to lose it. Confucius

Study everything, but study yourself first. Ralph Smart

Cook more often. Don't study; just cook. Masaharu Morimoto

You don't study photography, you do it Elliott Erwitt

Health is value greater than studying. Thomas Jefferson

In order to be one of the greats, you've got to study the greats. Raekwon



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