Quotes on Spread

Spread love whenever you go... Mother Teresa

Money is like manure; it's not worth a thing unless it's spread around. Brooke Astor

Money is like manure, you don't have to spread it around, you can just sell it to Potash Corp as fertilizer. J Paul Getty

The more we spread the word, the further it will go and more it will change! Jane Goodall

The more we tune into our own frequency of love, the more love will spread. Gabrielle Bernstein

Im from Dallas. My whole family is based in Texas and Mississippi and Arkansas, spread throughout most of the South. Jay R Ferguson

Confirmation strengthens us to defend the faith and to spread the Gospel courageously Pope Francis

If you are not at peace with yourself then you cannot spread peace. Tariq Ramadan

Decide that you will not try to do everything at once. That is why time is spread out. Norman Vincent Peale

The word of the day is legs. Let's go back to my place and spread the word. Gena Showalter

For there no yew nor cypress spread their glom But roses blossom'd each rustic tomb. Thomas Campbell

Mormons know that its not enough to practise your religion - you also have to spread your religion. Jonah Peretti

Money is like manure; it's not worth a thing unless it's spread around. Brooke Astor

?Spread your love everywhere you go. Mother Teresa

Above all else, products spread when they're useful and they're usable Kevin Systrom

If the knowledge is spread, it cannot be stamped out. Daniel H Wilson

A smile is the only infectious affliction everyone is encouraged to spread. Omar Kiam

It is better to spread trust all around than to hand out money! James Monroe

Let us put it this way, techno-scientific intelligence is presently insufficiently spread among society at large to enable us to interpret the sorts of techno-scientific advances that are taking shape today. Paul Virilio

On the other hand, you get other films that are spread over a much longer period of time and it's entirely exhausting. But there's always light at the end of the tunnel with a film. John Hurt

They've spread like cancer. ISIS has spread like cancer. Donald Trump

Russia is leading a movement around the world to spread autocracy and authoritarianism. Adam Schiff

Economics spreads happiness. Tim Harford

[Tikka Khan] made his appeal with loudspeakers, and still he came to know of only four cases. Shall we multiply by ten and make it forty? We're still far from the senseless figures spread around by Mujib [Rahman] and Indra Gandhi. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

My meditation is not something separate from life, it is something that has to be spread all over life. Rajneesh

It is true, we should not be discussing in a wide spread way the exact tactics that we're going to use because that allows terrorist to know to practice how to evade us. Marco Rubio

I hope I'm better looking than Yoda, but - I'm really interested in people who have something to say, a change they want to make and can't figure out why they can't make it spread. Seth Godin

I'm always looking for new ways to spread my creative wings. Ariana Madix

The more widely you can spread this notion of achieving ROI by preserving and improving ecosystems, the better. Ramez Naam

Money is like muck, not good unless spread. Francis Bacon

I was spread out dailyand examined for flaws. Anne Sexton

I've seen and learned enough to keep my music fresh and spread out. Lloyd Banks

The spread of freedom is the best security for the free. Tony Blair

Spread your love and fly. Sugar Ray Leonard

No whispered rumours which the many spread can wholly perish. Hesiod

Quell rebellion before it spreads. Vespasian

Don't spread patriotism too thin. Theodore Roosevelt

I spread love wherever I'm at. I'm like Marvin Gaye. Tracy Morgan

Once doubt begins it spreads rapidly. John Maynard Keynes

Iraq will spread them even more and chop them up. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

I want to do good, and I want people to be happy, and sometimes when youre a people pleaser, you spread yourself too thin. Tika Sumpter

Blessed are those who know nothing, and diligently spread the same. Ellen Buckingham Mathews

My style was always to spread out rather than to move up. Andy Warhol

IMAGINE PEACE: Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread ? PEACE . Yoko Ono

May cricket continue to flourish and spread its wings. The world can only be richer for it. Donald Bradman

Every thought is public, Every nook is wide; Thy gossips spread each whisper, And the gods from side to side. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I paint the way I spread butter on pumpernickel. Josef Albers

Do not spread the compost on the weeds. William Shakespeare

Spread the sickness, infect the world. David Draiman

Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way. The Notorious Big

Spread those strong wings of yours. Fly. Annabel Pitcher

Spread your love wherever you go. Mother Teresa

Money is like manure; it should be spread around Brooke Astor

Discard yourself and thereby regain yourself. Spread the trap of humility and ensnare love. Rumi

What does peace do? Peace blossoms. What else? Peace spreads. What else? Peace illumines. What else? Peace fulfils. Sri Chinmoy

There is an artist imprisoned in each one of us. Let him loose to spread joy everywhere. Bertrand Russell

What has spread all over the world is not yoga. It is not even non-yoga; it is un-yoga. Prashant Iyengar

Tentacles of terrorism spread everywhere John Major

Money is like manure, its only good if you spread it around. Winston Churchill

How can there be any progress of the country without the spread of education, the dawning of knowledge? Swami Vivekananda

Don't limit your challenges - challenge your limits. Don't spread patriotism too thin. Theodore Roosevelt

When you hit 'Save' on a spread sheet and you assign a spreadsheet to something, that [stuff] becomes official. Geoff Ramsey

Since the start, we've conceived French tech as a network of versatile local ecosystems spread all around the country, rather than a Paris-only business. We want our entrepreneurs to know that they can create a startup and make it grow in the place where they come from. Axelle Lemaire

The safety requirements, which are necessary, spread everything out and push people farther and farther away from the stage and from each other. Frank Gehry


Let's do 150 stops. Let's go to 75 universities, and let's spread this gospel of Internet entrepreneurship everywhere we go. Alexis Ohanian

[The director] has to, I feel, be one step back, not only from cinema, but also from politics and all these issues in order to tell and depict the situation that spreads to people. Sergio Leone

I had one warden tell me since I've been out, and I visited an inmate in prison right here in New York, Warden Fay up at Green Haven. I visited an inmate in prison and he told me that he didn't want anybody in there trying to spread this religion. Malcolm X

All the poison that my Hon. friend (Edwina Currie) suggests I would happily take rather than be spread eagled on the floor of the House by her. Nicholas Fairbairn

A virus has three purposes: to duplicate, to infiltrate and to spread from one host to the next. Ultimately, even a single virus can shut down an entire system. Wayne Dyer

And the reason is that until Wonder came along and figured out how to spread the idea of sliced bread, no one wanted it. That the success of sliced bread is not always about what the patent is like or what the factory is like, it's about can you get your idea to spread or not? Seth Godin

Or, if I take that same auditorium and I make it much bigger and put more space between seats, it'll be quieter because it's much harder when you're not in physical contact with people to spread a virus from person-to-person, right? There are all sorts of patterns that we see in epidemiology that help us understand why something spreads. Seth Godin

I have personally been affected by women's reproductive health issues, and I will continue to support that cause and spread awareness about it. Bethany Cosentino

This might surprise you, but I do feel like I have, because the shooting of all these films was spread out, for the most part. They just happen to be coming out at the same time. Zoe Kravitz

Spread love and continue life. Keep creating life, that's my message! Sizzla

Either you're going to tell stories that spread, or you will become irrelevant. Seth

Rose never propagandize its fragrant, but its own fragrance spreads through its surrounding. Sukarno

My goal is to spread ideas. Trends always start at the top. Homaro Cantu

I like to have space to spread my mind out in. Virginia Woolf

I like to spread myself out. Since I was a kid, I always recognized some void. Fred Ward