Quotes on Skin Care

I love skin care and actually wanted to be an esthetician for many years. Ashley Rickards

I was looking for someone to formulate a skin care line I could use. Connie Sellecca

As long as I don't end up hosting a skin care commercial with Cher, I'm happy. Jon Stewart

When it comes to skin care, I like to keep things simple. I'm not the type of person who runs out to have facials. Chyler Leigh

I had retail businesses. They were beauty businesses, skin care and all that. I got into that as a fluke. I was going to open up a gym. I just had a Men's Fitness cover come out that was the third bestselling of Men's Fitness covers. Drew Waters

The only thing I really get snobby about is - not food or wine or certainly not television - I would say I get snobby about skin-care regimens and people taking care of their skin in the right way. June Diane Raphael

I'm mildly obsessed with skin care. I do a lot of masks at home, like Elisha Coy's Korean Collagen masks. I also use an embarrassingly wide variety of facial creams. Nina Arianda

I keep up with everything in terms of health, fitness, nutrition, skin care, hair, nails. Really, everything. I'm an avid reader of every women's health newsletter from every hospital in the country. Evelyn Lauder

There are two things in life that I really wanted to do: be an actress, and to be in skin care, and I've gotten to do both of them. Victoria Principal

I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup. Demi Moore

Beauty is an experience, nothing else. It is not a fixed pattern or an arrangement of features. It is something felt, a glow or a communicated sense of fineness. D H Lawrence

I don't care about skin the color, everybody is a human being. Beneath every skin color, you bleed red. That's just the bottom line of the truth. Angelique Kidjo

I don't think because I hang out with enough black people, I'm gonna turn black. What kind of rationalization is that? I'm just friends with people that I like. I don't care what skin color you are. Khloe Kardashian

As a kid I'd play with homemade recipes, like putting pineapple on my face to exfoliate my skin and doing facial steams with lavender or peppermint oils. I just loved doing stuff like that. It's what motivated me to launch my skin care line. Demi Lovato

I wouldn't mind spending a little more time and effort and money on good skin care. And I'm sure they'll come out with, as they are doing, with more and more treatments that are noninvasive and healthy ways to keep your face looking as good as it can. Catherine O'Hara

All these people who think they deserve free health care, or a job, or a plasma screen TV, simply because they radiate heat at 98.6 degrees, or because they were born in a certain place, or because they have a certain skin color - it's all bunk. There's no such thing as a 'just' wage. There's only what you earn. Doug Casey

I'm trying to be good with my skin care now that I'm getting older. I really do think it's from the inside - so exercise, hydration, sleep, sex. Gwyneth Paltrow

My own skin-care ritual is quite simple and straightforward; I don't like a lot of fuss, surprisingly. My products are designed to make you look and feel better. I think there are a lot of men out there who want and need the same products. Tom Ford

When I began my search for the perfect skin care to fight the aging process, I noticed that my sensitive skin was reacting horribly to any product I used. Connie Sellecca

ObamaCare is to health care as a fart is to an elevator. Greg Gutfeld

Whatever may befall us, God knows and cares as no one else can. Aiden Wilson Tozer

Egoist is someone who cares more for himself than me. Julian Tuwim

The bowl dispels corroding cares. Horace

Paines to get, care to keep, feare to lose. George Herbert

When you get to sing with someone you care about, it's magical. Vanessa Hudgens

I love myself and I don't care if you don't love me Ram Gopal Varma

Take good care of your employees, and they'll take good care of your customers, and the customers will come back. J. Willard Marriott

When You Weren't Looking ...why. ...Can't you ...care ...more ...about ...me. Ellen Hopkins

If we take good care of one another, God will take care of us. John Taylor

I still can't understand why anyone cares about what I do or what I say. Eva Longoria

I'm a redneck. And we can wear whatever because we just really don't care about those things. And when you're a redneck named Bubba, you really don't care. Bubba Watson

In most relationships, somebody cares about the other one more and that's usually why you get out of a relationship because it's not reciprocated. Miles Teller

Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge. Simon Sinek

I can only fulfill myself by serving someone or something apart from myself, and if I am unable to care for anyone or anything separate from me, I am unable to care for myself. Milton Mayeroff

For "The Intervention" I came up with a back-story and Clea [Duvall] was like, "No." And I was like, "I don't care." Melanie Lynskey

It's part of Donald Trump's psychodynamics to always care about his press coverage intensely. He's more interested in that than anything else. David Brooks

We should also start taking care of the future, not just the heritage. Gilberto Gil

I don't care what the polls say. Roger Ailes

I get ratings. If I didn't get ratings, they [media] wouldn't do it. They don't care about poll numbers, they only care about ratings. Donald Trump

Listen to your bodies. You are constantly receiving information from your body about how to care for it and yourself. Claudia Black

I don't know whose box I'm in, and I don't really care. Frank Gehry

Eva [Braun] wanted him [Adolf Hitler] to look his absolute best and he just didn't care. Gretl Braun

For example, I wear clothes I buy at trendy shops because I don't care much about clothing. If someone wants to create a trend around clothing, I'll happily and blindly follow. Lewis Schiff

I don't care how fancy you wrap trash, it's still trash. T D Jakes

I'm sent a script. I read the script. If I love it, I want to do it. And that's it I don't care who's in it, how much money is behind it, really to an extent who's directing it. Ewan Mcgregor

If you really care about content, you should pay for it. Tim Wu

When I'm smiling, I'm supposedly not taking the game seriously. When I'm not smiling, then it's like, "He don't care. He's just out there." Dwight Howard

Love doesn't care how much money you have. Rumer Willis

I don't at all care who's on the right or left or in the center. Even though we use them, even though I use them myself, these expressions have lost all meaning. Indira Gandhi

I don't care where Obama goes. He can go wherever he wants. Rush Limbaugh

I have always stated I designed the stadium as a toilet seat. I don't care if this is a great cultural event or a national symbol. It has nothing to do with me. It deals with the city. Ai Weiwei

We've learned that Donald Trump can say whatever he wants and switch it a minute later, and nobody really cares. Jumaane Williams

I'm interested in stories about human beings. I don't care where or when they are set. William Monahan

Casual to me implies a lack of care or thought. Patrick Grant

Don't let anyone dictate what you should and shouldn't wear. Do what you want. Who cares? Ian Astbury

I didn't really care about my physical health; I only cared about what was on screen. Nicole Kidman

I'm someone who would like to act like I don't care, but I care. John Mayer

The further I get from the things that I care about, the less I care about how much further away I get. Robert Smith

I once read somewhere that, in any relationship, the one who cares the least is the one with all the power. Tony Parsons

But I never thought of who he wasn't, I never had to explain or defend him to myself, I didn't even care what we talked about. Curtis Sittenfeld

Frankly, health care and politics are 'inextricably intertwined.' Angela Braly

I really don't care that I'm ranked. Terry Bradshaw

The only thing I care about is my family. Terry Bradshaw

I couldn't care less about business. Manolo Blahnik

Women don't take care of themselves because they take care of everybody else. Ellen Pompeo

Thernos 1.0 is an external point-of-care BlackBerry. Elizabeth Holmes

I'm at the top, top, top of my game now. I'm so happy to be on that stage, I'm in control of it, and I love every minute of it. I walk onstage in rehearsal and I start to smile. And so I just don't care what anyone else is doing. Do what you want, say what you want. Nobody else can do what I do onstage. Nobody. Joan Rivers

Money is human kind's greatest invention. Money doesn't discriminate. Money doesn't care whether a person is poor, whether a person comes from a good family, or what his skin color is. Anybody can make money. Takafumi Horie

I learned that the world didn't see the inside of you, that it didn't care a whit about the hopes and dreams, and sorrows, that lay masked by skin and bone. It was as simple, as absurd, and as cruel as that. Khaled Hosseini

I had no cares. I was one of those kids: 'If you laugh at me, laugh at me.' I don't have that censor, which is important in this business because you're constantly told: 'Gosh, you didn't look very good. You don't look pretty in that scene, or you didn't do that right, or you'd look so much better if your hair looked lighter.' You really have to have tough skin or you'd end up like a heaping, crying mess all the time. Danneel Ackles

We were young. We were 23. I was a kid, growing up, that would burn and fry. I didn't understand why. We did all this study and research and learned so much about skin cells and rejuvenation and how the body works and (how) everybody is different. (We) learned what doctors do for treatment of certain things and so I changed my direction and opened up a skin-care company - healthy tanning, skin-care products and rejuvenation and all of that and it took off. Drew Waters

Everything will take care of itself. Nick Johnson

Fisk would take care of it. Hilari Bell

At least 25% of the money Americans spend on health care is wasted. Joseph A. Califano, Jr.

Here's what I can assure you, we are going to have a better plan, much better health care, much better service treatment, a plan where you can have access to the doctor that you want and the plan that you want. Donald Trump

We're gonna have a much better health care plan at much less money. Donald Trump

What makes you care about nature, about the planet? Is it really that you're afraid of what's going to happen if you don't take care of it? Or is it that you actually love the planet, and regardless of your self-interest and regardless of its instrumental use to you, you want to take care of it? Charles Eisenstein

Now I feel life is really short and I have to take care of things. Sandra Cisneros

How you feel will take care of itself. William H Macy

My point, they [Trump's followers] still don`t care. They`re going to stick with him no matter what. Rush Limbaugh



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