Quotes on Sitting

Do something whatever you do, it will be better than sitting and hoping things will improve. Robert Anthony

There is a point in every contest when sitting on the sidelines is not an option. Dean Smith

You have to spend a lot to make a lot. It's not like I'm sitting on top of a pile of money. Katy Perry

Being in a floodplain is like sitting down in a bathtub. Robert Hunter

When sitting in meditation, say, "That's not my business!" with every thought that comes by. Ajahn Chah

I don't enjoy doing nothing or sitting in my trailer watching ESPN. Mark Wahlberg

The medium of podcasting and the personal nature of it, the relationship you build with your listeners and the relationship they have with you - they could be just sitting there, chuckling and listening... there's nothing like that. Marc Maron

I only have one wrinkle and I'm sitting on it. Jeanne Calment

I'm even though I'm not per se sitting at a desk and in school, I'm still learning all the time. Hayden Panettiere

Sitting at the table doesn't make you a diner, unless you eat some of what's on that plate. Malcolm X

Everything comes to me while I'm sitting on the pot. Eddie Van Halen

I havent mastered the art of sitting and smiling. Ashley Wagner

Put out as much as you can. It doesn't do anything sitting on a shelf. Brian Eno

T is as cheap sitting as standing. Jonathan Swift

Quality doesn't improve by sitting on things. Val Logsdon Fitch

If you don't know how to meditate at least try to spend some time every day just sitting. Billy Connolly

Pete and Repeat were sitting on a wall. Pete fell off. Who was left? Repeat. Bruce Nauman

You can't do business sitting on your ... armchair! Feargal Quinn

You can find out a lot sitting in the barber's. Dizzee Rascal

&9834;Kyo-kun and Tohru sitting in a tree... K-I-S...&9834; - Shigure Sohma Natsuki Takaya

Sitting down with younger women writers and saying, "This is what I do and you can do this" is hugely important. Sarah Ruhl

Kyo-kun and Tohru sitting in a tree... K-I-S... - Shigure Sohma Natsuki Takaya

I'm probably more famous for sitting on the toilet than for anything else that I do. Frank Zappa

I always bounce my legs when I'm sitting. David Eagleman

Nothing's going to come to you by sitting around and waiting for it. Zoe Kazan

The gentleman will sit! The gentleman is correct in sitting! Anthony Weiner

?Kyo-kun and Tohru sitting in a tree... K-I-S...? - Shigure Sohma Natsuki Takaya

At home, I don't like to be just sitting around; I like to go out and do things. It's when I'm the happiest. Erin Heatherton

I'm not sitting on a soapbox telling women what they should and shouldn't do, but I know what works for me. Cate Blanchett

Why can't fellows be allowed to do what they like when they like and as they like, instead of other fellows sitting on banks and watching them all the time and making remarks and poetry and things about them? Kenneth Grahame

Stand, you've been sitting much too long, there's a permanent crease in your right or wrong. Sly Stone

Sometimes I don't understand why I'm sitting here. Karrie Webb

Part of the experience of being entertained is sitting back and plugging into someone else's vision. Penn Jillette

There is nothing worse for me than sitting in traffic. That's what killed me in L.A. Joe Montana

I've never been one for sitting on beaches. Piper Perabo

I've never thought sitting around worrying helps anything, except to help shorten your life. Robert Bateman

It's not the writing part that's hard. What's hard is sitting down to write. Steven Pressfield

Sitting around miserable all day won't make you any happier. John Boyne

No one ever accomplished anything great sitting down. Chris Hadfield

It's not the writing part that's hard. What's hard is sitting down to write. Steven Pressfield

Never underestimate the power of sitting quietly. Josh Mcdermitt

I do most of my work sitting down; that's where I shine. Robert Benchley

It is my last wish to be burried sitting up. Bette Davis

I had a sense of what leadership meant and what it could do for you. So am I surprised that I am sitting up here on the 62nd floor of Rockefeller Plaza? No. Vernon Jordan

Sitting around and waiting for your muse is not the best choice. Kristin Hannah

When walking, just walk. When sitting, just sit. Above all, don't wobble. Mark Richardson

Were way overdue on a woman sitting in one of those Big Three chairs. Elizabeth Vargas

One cannot spend forever sitting and solving the mysteries of oone's history. Daniel Handler

Never eat anything at one sitting that you can't lift. Jim Henson

Go back in time. Next question go and look at dinosaurs. I would be sitting on a rock looking at a T- Rex, loving life. Oliver Sykes

It doesn't matter if you want to be in the NFL or do something else. If you want something great, you won't get it sitting around. Eric Dickerson

I work all the time because it's a great distraction and it keeps me from sitting home and obsessing morbidly. Woody Allen

If I'm in a bar and I gotta be sitting next to some clown who's like, "It's my tune," I don't want to hear you belt out Bruce Springsteen. That's why we have jukeboxes! Let's let Bruce be Bruce. Jake M. Johnson

Arrest me for sitting on a bus? You may do that. Rosa Parks

Remember we were sitting there by the water Taylor Swift

I love sitting down and having actual conversations. But I don't do that sound-bite, be-candidly-funny thing. Kristen Stewart

I've never seen or heard of a mob sitting down to read a film script. Deepa Mehta

If you're sitting around thinking what other people think about your work, you"ll just become paralysed. Steven Soderbergh

Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come. John Lennon

We have been sitting here all night bullshitting and we still do' know what to do. Tao Lin

Why doesn't the past decently bury itself, instead of sitting waiting to be admired by the present? D H Lawrence

How was I gonna get an education, sitting right back of Bobby Ann Mason? Rick Trevino

I always write a story in one sitting. Katherine Anne Porter

[Before each of numerous portrait sittings:] Now then, with teeth or without? Queen Elizabeth II

There's something to be said about sitting in front of the TV and being removed from your own life and just pushed into another one. Crystal Reed

Money is made by sitting, not trading. Jesse Lauriston Livermore

When you go card dead its torture just sitting there. Doyle Brunson

I think money isn't any good sitting around, so I spend some time in the shoe department at Saks. Janet Evanovich

Nobody, at least sitting in my seat , is defending drunk driving. I am not for drunk driving. Tucker Carlson

I soon realized that I didn't have a great passion for academia and I didn't like sitting in front of the computer all day. I would much prefer to be a carpenter. Jacob Hashimoto

I love just sitting quietly meditating. With an hour free, it depends. I love getting down on the floor and playing with my kids. Nicole Kidman

When you believe in something, stand up for it, even if everyone is sitting. Natasha Friend

I aspire to know when best to walk or eat, which music I need, and how to keep myself sitting as I am now, stubbornly enraptured with doing practically nothing. James Richardson

I am also a drummer of sorts. I've got an electronic set sitting in my bedroom. Gary Cole

There's nothing like sitting back and talking to your cows. Russell Crowe

I like sitting and writing with my buddies. Adam Sandler

So many of the things I've predicted were technologies that were just sitting right in front of us. Joshua Lederberg

I'm pretty good at getting things out of the way, especially paperwork. I hate it sitting about, as it somehow weighs me down. Cherie Lunghi

It's not quite right to be sitting outside India and to be judging what is happening in India. Vijay Mallya

Yes, I loved MASH. As we are sitting here now talking, it's playing somewhere in the world. Wayne Rogers



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