Quotes on Sick Person

Whoever gives advice to a sick person acquires a feeling of superiority over him, whether the advice be accepted or rejected. Friedrich Nietzsche

If you have a sick or lonely person at home, be there. Maybe just to hold a hand, maybe just to give a smile, that is the greatest, the most beautiful work. Mother Teresa

Hospitals are only an intermediate stage of civilization, never intended ... to take in the whole sick population. May we hope that the day will come ... when every poor sick person will have the opportunity of a share in a district sick-nurse at home. Florence Nightingale

I am never happier in the Lord than when I am in a bedroom with a sick person. Smith Wigglesworth

What kind of sick person would answer rainbows? Troye Sivan

You're - psychotic. There's something wrong with you." "I know," Benteley agreed. "I'm a sick man. And the more I see, the sicker I get. I'm so sick I think everybody else is sick and I'm the only healthy person. That's pretty bad off, isn't it? Philip K Dick

You're as sick as your secrets. Isabelle Holland

This is a very sick man, this Obama. Mark Levin

A woman's pity, which is talkative, carries the sick person's bed to the public marketplace. Friedrich Nietzsche

Friends seem to be like aspirin; we don't really know why they make a sick person feel better, but they do. Letty Cottin Pogrebin

The Most Blessed Sacrament is Christ made visible. The poor sick person is Christ again made visible. Gerard Majella

Thought is like a bubble rising to the surface. When thought is joined to will, we call it power. That which strikes the sick person whom you are trying to help is not thought, but power. Swami Vivekananda

No society can legitimately call itself civilized if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means. Aneurin Bevan

The passion of hatred is so long lived and so obstinate a malady that the surest sign of death in a sick person is their desire for reconciliation. Jean De La Bruyere

Definitely not-you optimists just can't understand that a depressed person doesn't want you to try and cheer them up.It makes us sick." Brandon Sanderson(Elantris) Brandon Sanderson

We were really sick of silver ... Caroline Ouellette

I told you I was sick. Spike Milligan

We didn't starve, but we didn't eat chicken unless we were sick, or the chicken was Bernard Malamud

A bad salesman will automatically drop his price. Bad salesmen make me sick. Danny Devito

When there's more sick ones than well ones, by golly the sick ones will lock the well ones up. Mary Jane Ward

You can't live a healthy life on a sick planet. John Replogle

The world itself makes us sick of the world. Jacques-Benigne Bossuet

I am sick of being the victim of trends I reflect but don't even understand. Jane Wagner

It is only love that has already fallen sick that is killed by absence. Diane de Poitiers

I am sick of deconstructing their propaganda, because it's pretty much the same as it's always been. It's just repeating something over and over again until we believe it and we hope that you believe it. Jon Stewart

You're not sick you're just in love. Irving Berlin

[Billy Bob Conroy role] that was a favor. Actually, the lady who cast Night Court asked me to do it, because it was a Friday, and the person who'd been rehearsing it all week got sick and couldn't come to the taping. And she figured I could put it together pretty quickly - it was not all that big a challenge, frankly - and I said, "Of course." I owed her, after all. Gilda Stratton was her name. She was a really, really nice person. So I did it. Brent Spiner

All you have to do is send a message or somehow establish communication between the mind and body of the sick person. The mind should be in peace, so that the body can do the job. That's all the cure is. The body cures itself. Medicine allows it to get into that space where healing can take place. Harbhajan Singh Yogi

A sick person is Allah's guest for as long as he is ill. Every day he is sick, God gives him countless rewards, as long as he says ' al hamdulillah', praise be to God, and does not fight it and complain. When God returns to him his health, he expiates his sins and gives him the status of the newly-born (completely pure and free of any sin). Illness is a mercy and a blessing. Kristiane Backer

Psychiatrists are usually very well imbued with the clinical role, where helping the sick person is the goal. And that's quite incompatible with the truthseeking role. That's probably true of the other fields, too, but maybe more so of the personalities that gravitate toward psychiatry. They tend to care about people and wish to be helpful. Park Dietz

My mother was a professional sick person; she took a lot of pain pills. There are many people like that. It's just how they are used to getting attention. I always remember she's the daughter of alcoholics who'd leave her alone at Christmas time. Jim Carrey

People will sooner aid a sick dog lying on the sidewalk than to try to find shelter for a sick person. It's too much to deal with. Michael Zaslow

A monomaniac is a sick person whose mentality is perfectly healthy in all respects but one; he has a single flaw, clearly localized. At times, for example, he has an unreasonable and absurd desire to drink or steal or use abusive language; but all his other acts and all his other thoughts are strictly correct. Emile Durkheim

Look, I am a Palestinian elected representative from Jericho. If a Palestinian wants to sell his fruit anywhere in the West Bank, he goes to the Israeli civil administration. If a Palestinian sick person wants to leave a hospital, he goes through the Israeli civil administration. Nobody can leave or enter my constituency without Israeli permission. Israel is, in effect, resuming the occupation. Saeb Erekat

The Prayer of the sick person is his patience and his acceptance of his sickness for the love of Jesus Christ. Make sickness itself a prayer, for there is none more powerful, save martyrdom! Saint Francis De Sales

I look at my father, who was in many ways an unhappy person, but who, not long before he got sick, said that the greatest source of satisfaction in his life had been going to work in the company of other workers. Jonathan Franzen

Every single person in my life and every relationship I have is distant because all I do is music. Mac Miller

There is no curing a sick man who believes himself to be in health. Henri Frederic Amiel

While the sick man has life, there is hope. Marcus Tullius Cicero

What am I drinking? NyQuil on the rocks, for when you're feeling sick but sociable. Mitch Hedberg

If we feel our way into the human secrets of the sick person, the madness also reveals its system, and we recognize in the mental illness merely an exceptional reaction to emotional problems which are not strange to us. -"The Content of the Psychoses Carl Jung

Little lies that make people feel better are not bad, like thanking someone for a meal they made even if you hated it, or telling a sick person they look better when they don't, or someone with a hideous new hat that it's lovely. But to yourself you must tell the truth Louise Fitzhugh

I usually write about ordinary people and ordinary things, but Paul Farmer is the least ordinary person I've ever met... He's the leader of a small group of people who hope to cure a sick world, and I hope my book can help in some small way. Tracy Kidder

In this day and time you can't even get sick; you are strung-out! Well by God, I'll tell you something, friend: I have never been strung-out in my life, except on music! Elvis Presley

You can set yourself up to be sick, or you can choose to stay well. Wayne Dyer

When asked whether he minded if someone smoked in a non-smoking compartment. Certainly not if you don't object if I'm sick. Thomas Beecham

I'm sick of all you ammo-phobes being intolerant of my gun. Patrick Henry

a sick society, unlike a sick individual, fares best under the ministration of many doctors. Georgia Harkness

I have to take care of myself because if you get sick, you still have to work. Im not much a party animal, anyway. I lay low. Cote De Pablo

I was working at a restaurant in L.A. when a producer came in. He said I should audition for this movie Cellular. I did, and I got the part. It actually makes me sick to tell that story because its obnoxious. Mircea Monroe

To the sick the doctors wisely recommend a change of air and scenery. Henry David Thoreau

I am sick and tired of the hollow parrot-cry of "Apartheid!" I've said many times that the word "Apartheid" means good neighbourliness. P. W. Botha

Mike Knox, I am also getting real sick of this! Your problem isn't me staying away from your girl... Your problem is your girl staying away from me! CM Punk

Freudism and all it has tainted with its grotesque implications and methods, appear to me to be one of the vilest deceits practiced by people on themselves and on others. I reject it utterly, along with a few other medieval items still adored by the ignorant, the conventional, or the very sick. Vladimir Nabokov

When a friend is sick, I see the situation for what it is, not what it isn't, and I offer to help as much as she wants, not as much as I want. Andrew Bernstein

Hide nothing from your confessor... a sick man can be cured only by revealing his wounds. Margaret of Cortona

Where God is not glorified, that place is sick Aiden Wilson Tozer

Meanwhile I'll probably see him again. That's how sick I am. Candace Bushnell

The media is going to stick a label on records. And the public is going to pick it up from that. And that's what I was getting sick of-the whole analyzation thing. Van Morrison

I did my residency on the South Side of Chicago.We were taking care of people who were incredibly sick and were really struggling with poverty, and , access to food, and how could they afford their medications. Jill Stein

I stopped using Twitter for a while just because I got sick of it and I started using it again, but I don't check the "mentions." Michael Schur

When I got sick, it threw everything off course. Tig Notaro

Every band sells t-shirts and plays certain auditoriums, but I'm sick of being like everyone else, because I'm not. Justin Vernon

Pressure only makes you sick. You won't get anything positive out of it. Alek Wek

When you get sick with the flu you get infected with flu viruses and they make lots of new flu viruses, but those new viruses are not exact copies of the old ones. They have mutations in them. A lot of those mutations are harmful. Carl Zimmer

Occasionally I like a really good pair of shoes. A pair of leather shoes from Gieves & Hawkes in England, Buckshot Brogue, they look really sick. Ian Astbury

Man is not born wicked; he becomes so, as he becomes sick. Voltaire

The mundane use of the Gayatri, its repetition for healing the sick, illustrates the meaning we have given to prayer. Mahatma Gandhi

I hold that the world is sick of armed rebellions. Mahatma Gandhi

We lock ourselves into our own philosophies, our own religions, our own walks of life, and if we fail, we condemn ourselves and then we get sick. Erykah Badu

Perhaps there is such a thing as obscene sex, but I know that violence is always obscene. So I don't get it, that you can disembowel a woman but you can't see her tits. Who made that up? That's sick! William H Macy

Not going to God because your faith is weak is like not going to the doctor because you feel sick. John Piper

I'm the unknown everyone's already sick of. Jessica Chastain

I'm sick of playing romantic leads. John Corbett

I am almost sick and giddy with the quantity of things in my head, all tempting and wanting to be worked out. John Ruskin

The more I become decomposed, the more sick and fragile I am, the more I become an artist. Vincent Van Gogh

You wouldn't know I was sick unless you knew I was sick. Elizabeth Edwards

Character is doing the right thing even when it costs more than you want to pay. When it comes to character, you dont have to be sick to get better. Its easier for a good person to get better than for a bad person to get good. Michael Josephson

My mother got sick when I was rich. And my mother, you know ... I do' really want to get into it, but my mother was sicker than my father. And my mother's alive. My mother's fine, OK? I remember going to the hospital to see my mother and wondering, "Was I in the right place?" Like, this was a hotel. Like it had a concierge, man. If the average person really knew the discrepancy in the health care system, there"d be riots in the streets, OK? They would burn this m-therf-ker down! Chris Rock

The longer you're with the wrong person, you could be completely overlooking the chance to meet the right person. Taylor Swift



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