Quotes on Shows

I can show you where to dig, and what to dig for, but the digging you must do for yourself. Matisyahu

Show me how you dance and I will know where you are from... Claire Holt

Your life shows up for you when you show up for your life. Marianne Williamson

You show your worth by what you seek. Rumi

When you do music, you have no control who comes to your shows. Aaron Dontez Yates

You wanna know how you know you're informed as a protestor? They don't show your interview on TV. Bill Burr

Show me who your friends are and I'll show you who you are. It works for me. Stay positive and good things happen. Vanilla Ice

I'll be like Irving Berlin: "There's no business like show business." Debbie Reynolds

Death shows up to remind us to live more fully. Oprah Winfrey

You just do as many shows as you can to hone what it is you're working on. Patton Oswalt

I'm going to show you how great I am! Muhammad Ali

Science shows us what exists but not what to do about it. Heinz Pagels

We"re all with Friends until Friends dies. If one of us goes, we all go. One of us would' leave. It would' be the show it is without each of us. Jennifer Aniston

I'm gonna show you how great I am. Muhammad Ali

They do not truly love who do not show their love. Vince Lombardi

I'll tell you anything about myself. I will show you my bare butthole. Rachel Bloom

I wouldn't have Elvis Presley on my show at any time. Ed Sullivan

I really hesitate to say that any of my shows influenced other writers. Stephen J Cannell

If you are going to survive in business, show business or any business, then you have to be bold. Rebecca Ferguson

I loved Laurel and Hardy and TV shows like 'Robin Hood' and 'Rama of the Jungle'. Stephen Lang

I'd like to do a show that's not a sitcom. Horatio Sanz

Apparently the show happens even if I'm not there. Who knew? Laura Wade

I'm not going to say no to playing a show in Missoula. Jeff Ament

More and more, I've started to understand that no show is dead unless somebody decrees it's dead at a studio. Jim Beaver

Women have to show that tummy to stay noticed. Crystal Gayle

Yes, I am a failed playwright. I had three shows on Broadway by the time I was 30. They all flopped, and I fled. William Goldman

I do a lot of family shows. Tim Allen

It is not always them that has the most that makes the most show. Lady Gregory

'The Simpsons' is an especially collaborative show. Matt Groening

History shows you don't know what the future brings. G. Richard Wagoner, Jr.

I'd do a show about garbagemen if it was good! Cynthia Nixon

We take the show very seriously, but we don't take ourselves seriously. Victoria Pratt

I love the show tunes; I love all of them. Kelly Stables

What you don't see backstage is what really controls the show. Sarah Sutton

Every three or four shows, we have somebody that will come up onstage and propose marriage. John Tesh

I never set out to do a sketch show. Demetri Martin

I canceled a show once to be with someone that I loved. Ricky Martin

Ben Vereen is going to be on the show with me, too. Liza Minnelli

I'm gonna show you how great I am. Muhammad Ali

Just show up and things will happen. Mother Teresa

Hosting a show, even a talk show or a game show, there's so much business you have to conduct. There's so much guiding you have to do. Michael Ian Black

David is the show. There are other writers, but it's David's vision. Steve Schirripa

When one is truly in love, one not only says it, but shows it. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Those who give not till they die show that they would not then if they could keep it any longer. Joseph Hall

And I never missed one concert. In 89 shows, I think I did one a bit suspect show. In the old days, I'd pull gigs left, right and center because I was too f - - up. Ozzy Osbourne

What I love about making movies is that it's a collaboration. It's one of the most rewarding things, to create something and have someone show you something that you didn't see, and vice versa. Hilary Swank

I thought success in show business was everything. It isn't. I don't know what is. Martha Raye

If youre comfortable with who you are, it shows in your walk. Dawn Olivieri

I can say that. I have a television show. Daniel Tosh

'Statistics' show that 66% of clients are cured with psychotherapy; what statistics don't show is that 72% are cured without it. Thomas Szasz

Expect me to give my all. Thats what I do every time I have a show. Give my all. Bruno Mars

Show the World where you're from, show the World we are one... Pitbull

I love doing the show more than anything. It's truly the most satisfying thing creatively that I've ever had in my life. Tom Scharpling

Ive never shown my weakness, I will never show my weakness. Floyd Mayweather Jr

Religion will never show the way. Irving Stone

I didn't trot my pain out to show around. I kept it better hidden than anyone. I did. Sarah Dessen

Show him every dawn & read to him endlessly. Ted Hughes

If you devote yourself to more than yourself ... you will have more than yourself to show for yourself. Andy Stanley

No one can fill those of your needs that you won't let show. Bill Withers

We're all more than the person we show to everyone else. Jessi Kirby

In a recent interview, John McCain addressed Trump's campaign rally in Arizona and said that he just quote, 'fired up the crazies.' Not to be confused with Trump's show 'Celebrity Apprentice,' where he just FIRED the crazies. Jimmy Fallon

Outwit, outlast, outplay. It's the tagline for the television show Survivor and it's damn near what presidenting is like, too. George W Bush

Kindness only goes so far, and then it's time to show your claws. RuPaul

If the show is great, it doesn't matter who wrote it. It doesn't matter who takes charge when you're filming it. It just matters if it works or not. Chris Jericho

Stand-up led to me doing solo shows, which led to me being offered my first broadcasting job, being a VJ. John Fugelsang

Often I'll go to the market, and women will say to me: "Let me see your shoes." And then I show them I'm wearing flip-flops. Sarah Jessica Parker

I'll just stay in [show business] till they stuff me like Trigger, when I drop dead. Debbie Reynolds

I would advocate that you show me your smiling face, and how happy you can make your life. Andy Biersack

Until you show you can handle what you"ve got, you wo' get any more! T Harv Eker

I create this persona for the show. And that's what it is. I'm an act. Jerry Springer

I'm not conflicted. Because I know. There's me, and there's the show. Jerry Springer

Dreams show you that you have the power... Helen Schucman

Everyone has an identity. One of their own, and one for show. Jacqueline Susann

Proper deformity shows not in the fiend So horrid as in woman. William Shakespeare

Show the readers everything, tell them nothing. Ernest Hemingway

You show you care, you die.You show you fear, you die.You show nothing, maybe you live. Patricia Mccormick

I'm more interested to show the darkest places of myself, and I don't joke about it. Pedro Almodovar

My job is to show and tell. If I get better at showing and telling then presumably I get hired more. Tom Hardy

Working on The Daily Show, I co-produced all those field segments, and that's another huge thing.I probably did more than 100 field segments. Ed Helms

I still play solo shows. And some of those shows are still some of the best, most gratifying shows. Andrew Bird



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