Quotes on Remember

... nothing ever dies that's worth remembering. Kate Seredy

Who remembers everything about somebody? Susane Colasanti

We must remember who we are by remembering Whose we are. R. C. Sproul, Jr.

He that pitties another, remembers himselfe. George Herbert

Remember when Obama was campaigning? Didn't he say he was going to close Guantanamo Bay? Didn't he say that? Apparently, he just meant for renovations. Jay Leno

So much to relish and remember. Anthony Lane

The part I remember best is the beginning. Jean Racine

Remember always, you are the gift! Neale Donald Walsch

Live a life worth remembering. Bruce Lee

Do you remember Italy? E M Forster

What you remember saves you. W S Merwin

We are, largely, who we remember ourselves to be Holly Black

Remember Whose you are and Whom you serve. Oswald Chambers

All I remember about the examination is that there was a question on Sturm's theorem about equations, which I could not do then and cannot do now. Louis J. Mordell

You know, sometimes you have to remember the bad things so that you can learn from them. Monica Denise Brown

I ain't really sure, but it seems I remember the good times Tom Petty

You must remember that some things legally right are not morally right. Abraham Lincoln

No one remembers how you got there, only that you got there. Jason Calacanis

The older I get, the less I remember. Nick Frost

Remember always that the least plain sister is the family beauty. George Bernard Shaw

I remember everyone who leaves. Lil' O

Remember someone is going to be out, so do' make it you. Tim Gunn

... Remember that forgiveness too is a power. To beg for it is a power, and to withold or bestow it is a power, perhaps the greatest. Margaret Atwood

We do not hear what we hear..., only what we remember. Morton Feldman

Remember, they've never seen you before in their life. Andy Warhol

But I am not what I say or what I do or what I remember. I am fundamentally more than that. Lisa Genova

No one is likely to remember what is entirely uninteresting to him. George Macdonald

You remember with what you are at the time you are remembering. Doris Lessing

Remember yourself always and everywhere. G. I. Gurdjieff

You will remember some of what you hear; much of what you read; more of what you see, and almost all of what you experience and understand fully. Keith L. Moore

There is no learning without remembering. Socrates

I have always been in a relationship. I don't remember the time when I wasn't in one Kareena Kapoor

The more you say, the less they remember. Anatole France

Remember that all the others are more afraid than you Isabel Allende

All along, let us remember we are not asked to understand, but simply to obey... Amy Carmichael

Remember who you really are and be that. Neale Donald Walsch

If you love the truth, you can remember it. Brigham Young

Remember, for it to be a forward pass, it's got to go forward. Phil Simms

If you remember the "90s, you were' there. Al Jourgensen

Remember: Resist do not comply Andrea Dworkin

Learning is just remembering slowly, like simmer coming to boil. Shauna Singh Baldwin

Remember Obamacare is ready to explode. Donald Trump

I remember Tucker Toomey was named so because "T's are funny!" And if Garry Marshall says it's funny, by god, it must be so. Rob Lowe

Whenever you feel down, always remember that Almighty Allah has better plans for you. Shahid Afridi

I had an experience a few years ago where I was on a plane in which one of the engines went out. I couldn't even remember my name. I was just repeating the word no over and over. George Saunders

Not to remember is not an option. Elie Wiesel

Remember someone is going to be out, so don't make it you. Tim Gunn

I do remember being young. Hillary Clinton

I use rosewater a lot. I don't remember who taught me that, but that's my number one thing that I always use on my face and all over my body. Nina Agdal

We need a system that serves our needs, not the needs of others. Remember, under a Trump administration it's called America first. Remember that. Donald Trump

Russia is a very reliable and big market. I don't remember the figure but, for example, the German machine-building industry has been increasing its supplies to Russia every year. These supplies are huge. Does someone want to discontinue these supplies? We'll buy from somebody else. Vladimir Putin

I'm surprised by how much I remember. Mara Wilson

I sort of don't remember anything I did in the '70s. Cassandra Peterson

I remember the '60s, I remember the '80s, but somehow I went directly from the '60s to the '80s. Cassandra Peterson

Packaged foods, partially hydrogenated oils and enriched flours are not your friends. Above all, remember this one word: transfats. Avoid it at all costs. Mehmet Oz

I remember that Jackie [Stewart] was the first driver wearing flameproof underwear! What it definitely was: it was much more flamboyant. But that doesn't really make it better in my point of view. Martin Sorrell

I remember Tetro was a big deal to me at that time. It was going from zero to one: Never having been in a movie, a person who had no relationship to any of that, and that was my first movie. Alden Ehrenreich

When I first had a video camera to document a performance, it was in Sweden and I remember it was really crucial for me. Marina Abramovic

Remember, that the logo is really the dot on top of the i. Martin Lindstrom

We must remember that [Albert] Camus wrote not even a third of what he had wished to. Catherine Camus

Can't nobody make you make any music that you don't wanna make. Remember that. Waka Flocka Flame

I love all the voiceovers I do. I can't remember them all, but I seem to do them all of the time. And there's nothing easier because you just stand and read the script, and you don't have to act the way actors do. You don't have to be made up and put costumes on. Stan Lee

Perhaps we have to remember that there are forms of outrage that do not lead to any sort of mobilization, and there are ways of "registering the facts" that do not lead to outrage. Judith Butler

The ideal is to put on shows where, if you go into the same space again, you don't remember ever having been there before, because where you were was a space that only existed that one time, created by the music. Will Oldham

I need to remember that I'm a human being too, so why can't I love me. Jai Uttal

I remember a time when I would hear a band and then want to hear everything that sounded like it; I wanted it to feel like I was tapping into a thing, even if it wasn't. Alan Palomo

There's so much good you can do with your voice - always remember that. Rayvon Owen

I've been playing one way or another since I was about three years old. I don't remember not knowing how to play any instruments. Frank Fairfield

Being on stage, it's like, "Ooo-kay, now I remember why all this is going wrong or right!" It's very much my element. Doseone

I did have Skidz overalls. Remember Skidz, those baggy plaid pants that look like pajamas? So I did rock overalls, but not in purple velvet. I couldn't find those. Patrick Wilson

I never really thought about anything as far as I can remember. 2D

I always loved my bangles, I can't remember a time when I didn't have a bangle on. Padma Lakshmi

Remember, it's the finish, not the start, that counts the most in life. John C Maxwell

No one remembers who took second place and that will neverbe me. Enzo Ferrari

Can you remember who you were.. Danielle LaPorte

You have to remember a lot of business is very cyclical. James Daly

Remember, either you control your money or it will control you. T Harv Eker

I can't really remember my life without movies. Elle Fanning

What we cannot remember, we must rediscover. Robert Charles Wilson

It's good to remember where you've been. Traci Lords



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