Quotes on Regret

To regret deeply is to live afresh. Henry David Thoreau

I've gotten to the place where I find life too short for if-only. Mary McMullen

in February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret. Patience Strong

My biggest regret is that I don't really have time to read. Stan Lee

Something will be gathered from the tablets of the most faultless day for regrets. Lydia Sigourney

Do I Have any Regrets? Of Course I Do. Donald Rumsfeld

What I say is what I say, I don't always say the right thing, I don't always say the politically correct thing. I don't have any regrets about that. Bruce Willis

Always regret the things you did do, never the things you didn't. Dorothy Koomson

Regret is just life's aftertaste. Amy Harmon

...but I've never regretted it. You can't regret experience. S E Hinton

I will not live the rest of my life in regret. Penny Chenery

Don't do something that you'll regret later. Kim Tae-yeon

I don't have one regret. Kanye West

We regret the things we don't do more than the things we do. Mark Twain

Present fear is never as bad as later regret. Len Smith

I don't regret anything that I ever did. You just look back at things and you either learn from them or get what you can from them but I wouldn't change what I did. Mic Geronimo

I don't have any regrets about the album [ Veedon Fleece ]. But it's the same old story - an album is basically 35 or 40 minutes of what you do. It's 'part' of what you do. Van Morrison

I am told that you regret not what you did but what you didn't do; and so that's why I do everything, so as not to have any regrets. Quentin Crisp

Usually you regret the things you say no to. Jim Carrey

Living in regret will become your biggest regret. Bill Johnson

You can't regret the life you didn't lead. Junot Diaz

I don't have any regrets. Brett Ratner

I don't have a lot of regrets in my life. Cathy Freeman

I constantly say things that I regret. I mortify myself constantly. Kathy Griffin

I don't really regret anything in my life. Kristin Cavallari

I don't regret anything. Brian Mcdermott

I don't regret anything. I did everything absolutely correctly. Vladimir Putin

Erm, I don't really have any regrets. Bobby Farrelly

No doing without some ruing. Sigrid Undset

When you get older, it's not about what you did that you regret, it's what you didn't do. Grace Slick

I'm not really one for regrets. David Bailey

I don't go around regretting things that don't happen. Virgil Thomson

The tattooed nation will live to regret this voluntary disfigurement. Tony Parsons

I'd rather regret doing something than not doing something. James Hetfield

No one should say whether others should breed or not, that would go against how I feel a woman has the right to choose. Everyone has the right to feel regret. Alice Glass

In life you don't regret the things you do, you regret the things you don't do. Hugh Jackman

I regret how much I believed in the future. Jonathan Safran Foer

I regret the things I didn't do, not what I did. Ingrid Bergman

I regret my lack of options. I regret being painted into a corner and having that be the only instrument to get me from point A to point B. Ti

I could never regret you. Us Susan Mallery

I don't regret nuthin... Keith Richards

I regret that it takes a life to learn how to live. Jonathan Safran Foer

But I regret not having liked history. Eva Herzigova

As far as Im concerned, I regret nothing. Miyamoto Musashi

I do' regret anything. I did everything absolutely correctly. Vladimir Putin

I never regret anything. Ai Weiwei

I regret things all the time. I've never regretted not saying something. I've only regretted saying something. Chrissy Teigen

I regret nothing, says arrogance; I will regret nothing, says inexperience. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

I regret nothing and fear less. John Cena

To sum it all up, I must say that I regret nothing. Adolf Eichmann

I will never regret not denouncing apartheid. Zola Budd

I dont believe in having regrets. Slash

A person without regrets is called a corpse. Lois Greiman

Live a lie, and you will live to regret it; that's what livin' is to me. Jimmy Buffett

Regret is a pilgrimage back to the place where I was free to choose. Karen Russell

Regrets are so far from reality. Warren Zevon

In my experience, we only ever regret the things we have not done Michael Scott

Quotations are feeble; you always regret making them. Dorothy Richardson

Love lives in sealed bottles of regret. Sean O Faolain

a little misgiving in the beginning of things, means much regret in the end of them. Amelia Barr

Everybody's got regrets. It's a personal choice as to whether or not you can change. Josh Duhamel

You can't live a truthful life without regret. Jamie Lee Curtis

You can't regret what you can't remember. Lisa Birnbach

Isn't it better to regret things you've done, than regret things you've never even tried? Inio Asano

Do not regret what you have done Miyamoto Musashi

Regrets don't help anything. Sue Monk Kidd

I don't regret anything that I've turned down, and I don't regret anything that I've done, really. Nick Frost

We regret the insinuation that Mr. Alex Trebek is a robot, and has been since 2004. Mr. Trebek's robotic frame does still contain some organic parts, many harvested from patriotic Canadian schoolchildren, so this technically makes him a 'cyborg,' not a 'robot.' Ken Jennings

What we most regret are not the errors we make, but the things we didnt do. Audrey Sutherland

Regrets are ridiculous, so I do' regret, no. Nicole Kidman

The magic never worked! The only thing we"re left with is regret. Yuna

The point is' to live without any regrets. The point is to not hate ourselves for having them. Kathryn Schulz

it is better to act and repent than not to act and regret. Niccolo Machiavelli

It's better to have a pocket full of regrets than to never have lived. John Rzeznik

Regret... when it comes to you, I have oceans of it. Khaled Hosseini

What good is regret? It brings back nothing. What we have lost is irretrievable. Khaled Hosseini

Everything we do we choose. So what is there to regret? You are the person you chose to be. Paul Arden

Regrets came up and asked me if I"d like to own them. Declined them for the most part but took a few just so I would' leave this relationship empty handed. Steve Toltz

No one regrets having changed a lightbulb. Gretchen Rubin

Nothing is so weakening as regret. James G. Blaine



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