Quotes on Refuse (Page 2)

I shall never ask, never refuse, nor ever resign an office. George Washington

I refuse to accept anything less than 100% of what I can achieve. Will Smith

It is the Godfather, not God the Father, who makes you an offer you can't refuse. Peter Kreeft

It's not death if you refuse it... It is if you accept it. James O'Barr

Whatever we refuse to recognize about ourselves has a way of rearing its head and making itself known when we least expect it. Debbie Ford

I refuse to discuss tabloid rumors, Leann Rimes

I refuse to pay a bill I don't owe. Jon Jones

Refuse to compromise what you know to be right for anyone or anything. Brian Tracy

You cannot fix a problem that you refuse to acknowledge. Margaret Heffernan

I do not want to be the leader. I refuse to be the leader. I want to live darkly ... Anais Nin

A woman gains status when she refuses to see anything killed to be put on her back. Then she's truly beautiful. Doris Day

Part of the beauty of love was that you did' need to explain it to anyone else. You could refuse to explain. With love, apparently you did' necessarily feel the need to explain anything at all. Meg Wolitzer

It is the Godfather, not God the Father, who makes you an offer you ca' refuse. Peter Kreeft

If I'm told I have to marry same sex couples I will refuse. Todd Starnes

I have always been "Hacky Wacky" which is my lingo for HAPPY! I refuse to allow my obesity to control me. Ruby Gettinger

Swaraj is not meant for cowards, but for those who would mount smilingly to the gallows and refuse even to allow their eyes to be bandaged. Mahatma Gandhi

Consider what each soil will bear, and what each refuses Virgil

to that piece in each of us that refuses to be silent. Audre Lorde

You are my butterfly and refuse to set you free. Shannon Hale

If you refuse where you have always granted you invite to theft. Publilius Syrus

I refuse to be molded into some stereotypical ballplayer that has no interests, really, no life, no depth, no intelligence. Barry Zito

I refuse to put make-up on just because the paparazzi are on my doorstep. I find it morally wrong. Lily Allen

I refuse to work unless I get paid, so I don't get a lot of work sometimes. Frank Gehry

I absolutely refuse to reveal my age. What am I - a car? Cyndi Lauper

Don't just grab at the first thing that comes along. Know when to refuse something that won't get you anywhere Will Rogers

I refuse to say things behind people's backs. Marilyn Manson

All those things at which thou wishest to arrive by a circuitous road, thou canst have now, if thou dost not refuse them to thyself. Marcus Aurelius

A woman indeed can't properly be said to choose, all that is allowed her, is to refuse or accept what is offered. Mary Astell

I refuse to imprison our acts in the rigid mould of sentences. Ella Maillart

Many men cry Peace! Peace! but they refuse to do the things that make for peace. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Shall I refuse my dinner because I do not fully understand the process of digestion? Oliver Heaviside

An ocean refuses no river. Sheila Chandra

A writer must refuse to allow himself to be transformed into an institution. Jean-Paul Sartre

Things have their laws as well as men, and things refuse to be trifled with. Ralph Waldo Emerson

The soul refuses limits and always affirms an optimism, never a pessimism. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Men are perfectly willing to abandon a woman but they refuse to be abandoned by her. Honore De Balzac

A favor is half granted, when graciously refused. Jonathan Swift

Grant graciously what you cannot refuse safely and conciliate those you cannot conquer. Charles Caleb Colton

He who refuses to learn deserves extinction. Hillel the Elder

Why should we refuse the happiness this hour gives us, because some other hour might take it away? Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie

Guilt is one of those useless emotions I refuse to indulge. Rosemary Daniell

He that condescended so far, and stooped so low, to invite and bring us to heaven, will not refuse us a gracious reception there. Robert Boyle

I am tired of hotels promising to go the extra mile only to have them refuse to go round the corner! Richard Quest

Those who refuse the long drudgery of thought, and think with the heart rather than the head, are ever the most fiercely dogmatic in tone. Peter Bayne

Rebels are the people who refuse the seen for the unseen. Anne Douglas Sedgwick

Could you achieve the possible without trying? Could you achieve the impossible if you refuse to stop trying? Ron Kaufman

I think to scandalize is a right, to be scandalized is a pleasure, and those who refuse to be scandalized are moralists. Pier Paolo Pasolini

Everybody's got whatever problems they have. I refuse to let somebody's mistaken beliefs affect my life. O J Simpson

The true atheist is the one who refuses to see God's image in the face of their neighbour. Shane Claiborne

I refuse to engage in an intellectual battle with an unarmed man. Albert Einstein

Life is the risk we cannot refuse. Mason Cooley

We sometimes get all the information, but we refuse to get the message. Cullen Hightower

Leaders who refuse to listen, will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing helpful to say Andy Stanley

This was too much. "I refuse. I absolutely REFUSE to be an onion. Louise Fitzhugh

Whoever stubbornly refuses to accept criticism will suddenly be broken beyond repair. Solomon

Cats randomly refuse to follow orders to prove they can. Ilona Andrews

Refuse any image that could have a rational meaning or any memory or culture Luis Bunuel

A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I refuse to repent, and I won't plague myself over what is done and past Christopher Paolini

Forgive us as we forgive- we are offered forgiveness on no other terms. To refuse it is to refuse Gods mercy for ourselves. C S Lewis

The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about, yet refuse to investigate. Wayne Dyer

Like desire, language disrupts, refuses to be contained within boundaries. Bell Hooks

The morose one refuses to smile even when he has just had his teeth cleaned. Mason Cooley

to ask for anything of consequence from friends who cannot refuse is uncivilized. Bette Lord

Give nobly to indigent merit, and do not refuse your charity even to those who have not merit but their misery. Lord Chesterfield

God has put into the heart of man love and the boldness to sue, and into the heart of woman fear and the courage to refuse. Margaret of Valois

When the history of guilt is written, parents who refuse their children money will be right up there in the Top Ten. Erma Bombeck

If the reality is not ideal, resist and refuse the reality and change it no matter how strong it is! Mehmet Murat Ildan

Sometimes, man must refuse to win, especially against the nature! Mehmet Murat Ildan

The devil has not vanished simply because people refuse to believe he exists, no more than God has... E. A. Bucchianeri

Sometimes time actually works against you if you refuse to face the relevant issues and explain to the public what is at stake. George Soros

Sin happens whenever we refuse to keep growing. Richard Rohr

For those in love with an illusion often refuse to accept reality Sanal Edamaruku

Let us refuse to be silent! Speaking freely is a decisive step forward on the road to freedom. Leyla Zana

If you would live in victory . . . you must refuse to be dominated by the seen and the felt. Amy Carmichael

In 35 yrs of leading I've been afraid at every major step but I DID IT ANYWAY since I REFUSE let fear run my life. Rick Warren

Everyone including YOU suffers when you refuse to BE all & DO all you can. Tara Fela-Durotoye

Even when dead, the hog largely refuses to submit to the machine, Sigfried Giedion

A lot of people refuse to do things... Nikki Giovanni

Tell me that you refuse to allow me to be so stupid. Tell me that you will not tolerate this relationship being over just when it was on the verge of really taking off. Freya North