Quotes on Purpose

Every single thing you've been through in your life has had a purpose. Beth Moore

The purpose of leadership is not to make the present bearable. The purpose of leadership is to make the future possible. Joan D. Chittister

Beauty always had a purpose: to be of service to life. Nikos Kazantzakis

Make work a purpose, not just a place. Tom Rath

I'm not saying that everything I did was right, but everything I did was for an honourable purpose. Lee Kuan Yew

He had got himself a life. Now he had to find a purpose in it. Douglas Adams

Everyone in life has a purpose, and nobody's purpose is better than anyone else's Tori Kelly

You work for God Incorporated. Iyanla Vanzant

God made you on purpose, for a purpose Bill Hybels

Everybody has a right to their God-given purpose. John Kasich

Everyone has a purpose because God is a purposeful God. Iyanla Vanzant

Why am i here? What's my purpose? Julie Anne Peters

Stop looking for your purpose. BE it! Wayne Dyer

Our essential purpose is to become the best version of ourselves. Matthew Kelly

You have to know what is right for you and go after it regardless of what others say. Les Brown

You are loved, and your purpose is to love. Marianne Williamson

How could it ever be to our purpose to rob another living being of his or her purpose? Will Tuttle

Every why has a wherefore. William Shakespeare

There can be only one purpose for relationships-and for all of life: to be and to decide Who You Really Are. Neale Donald Walsch

Find out what you are, then do it on purpose Dolly Parton

It is better not to proceed at all than to proceed without purpose. Confucius

I am worth inconceivably more to hang than for any other purpose. John Brown

Nothing is happy until it fulfills the purpose for which it was created by God. Jack Hyles

I just love things that serve a duel purpose. Tom Upton

Everything in life belongs to God. Our purpose has already been mapped out. David Luiz

Music's at its best when it has a purpose. Eddie Vedder

The purpose of freedom is to create it for others. Bernard Malamud

Do you serve a purpose, or purposely serve? Corey Taylor

I know that if there's a purpose for life, it was for me to hear Mozart. Maurice Sendak

There is no purpose in living where there is nothing to do. Winston Churchill

It's hard to stay on purpose if we don't know what our purpose is. Sam Horn

God owes me nothing. He doesn't have to work for anything good in my life. That is only for those who are called according to His purpose. Rick Warren

But especially, you know, I love the music. This is my purpose. I don't do anything else but music. Yellowman

The purpose of it all is love. Brandi Carlile

There is a creator and a redeemer, and the purpose of it all is love. Brandi Carlile

Everyone serves a purpose. Vince Staples

When you have got military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, they're intended for one purpose. And that is to inflict as much damage on human beings in as short as time as possible. Mark Shields

I know very well about the necessary level of reserves of the Central Bank as well as the purpose. Vladimir Putin

Having purpose. I had purpose during my presidency, and I've got purpose after my presidency. George W Bush

Not everyone has a purpose. Phil Jackson

I certainly spent many years in my early life chasing all over the globe for meaning and purpose. I'd feel like I'd found it, then it would fade away again. Roger Housden

I've come to see that the way my life shows up is actually my purpose. Roger Housden

I have a large number of cassettes, but I look at them mainly for reference purposes. Jean-Luc Godard

For me, the greater purpose of the story is just to illuminate some pattern of human truth. Will Smith

My purpose alone must be God's purpose. George Washington Carver

There are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts. Voltaire

You were created on purpose for a purpose. Reggie McNeal

Nothing will divert me from my purpose. Abraham Lincoln

The purpose of the Reichsautobahnen is to become the roads of Adolf Hitler. Fritz Todt

We hope there is a sense of purpose in everything. Ozzie Smith

Everybody has a purpose. Dolly Parton

For all intents and purposes, I am a woman Bruce Jenner

Nature creates nothing without a purpose. Aristotle

We have to find our own purposes in life, which are not derived directly from our scientific history. Richard Dawkins

It is in changing that things find purpose. Heraclitus

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point from which one must begin. Napoleon Hill

Sometimes you find an old tune so good you can use it several times for different purposes. Pete Seeger

It is a very good world for the purposes for which it was built; and that is all anything is good for. Henry Ward Beecher

Do what brings you joy, and your purpose will unfold. Iyanla Vanzant

In our factions, we find meaning, we find purpose, we find life. Veronica Roth

It is by that which cannot be taken away that we can measure ourselves. Mia Farrow

Find purpose. The means will follow. Mahatma Gandhi

Everything in the universe has a purpose Wayne Dyer

Find your purpose, find your voice. Demi Lovato

None of us are too sensitive to live our purpose. Sonia Choquette

The purpose of fun is to live it. Bernie De Koven

large part of our purpose in life is to be of service to the rest of us. Angelina Love

Every builder builds somewhat for unknown purposes, and is in a measure a prophet. Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman

The only purpose of education is freedom; the only method is experience. Leo Tolstoy

A man without a sense of purpose, even one whose bank accounts are stuffed with money, is always a small man. Stephen King

Pettiness is the tendency of people without large purposes. George Will

God creates, blesses and saves each of us for a radically global purpose David Platt

Aristotle [would] probably conclude most Americans, for all intents and purposes, are slaves. David Graeber

Regardless of what we go through in life, there is always purpose wrapped within the pain. O. J. Brigance

Where there is purpose, there is happiness as well. Swami Abhedananda

The purpose of relationships is not happiness, but transformation. Andrew Schneider

Her clarity gave her purpose and her purpose gave her clarity. Jonathan Stroud

Anyone can get a job, but do you have a purpose? Tom Butler-Bowdon

It was the purest love without purpose other than love itself. Without tenure or jealousy. Luis Sepúlveda

God created man on purpose, and for a purpose. Zig Ziglar



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