Quotes on Profit

Taxing profits is tantamount to taxing success. Ludwig Von Mises

We make our profits through content and services. Lei Jun

Profits are what you make when not working. Michael Pare

Legitimate profit is good. What's bad is profiteering, Shaffi Mather

Your profits reflect the success of your customers. Ron Kaufman

He who serves the public best, makes the highest profits. Ludwig Von Mises

The profit of the one is the profit of the other. Frederic Bastiat

Once you privatize something, it becomes a for-profit business. Jesse Ventura

Anybody can leverage celebrity for profit. Howard Schultz

Less volatile stocks tend to have negative abnormal profits; more volatile stocks tend to have positive abnormal profits. Robert Haugen

No profit to honour, no honour to Religion. George Herbert

I know transplanted human worth will bloom to profit otherwhere. Alfred Lord Tennyson

No one can read with profit that which he cannot learn to read with pleasure. Noah Porter

Profit is the celebration of service. Denis Waitley

The key word in profiteering is profit. Martin Shkreli

Virtual business out sources all the work and in sources all the profits. Mark Victor Hansen

If one is guided by profit in one's actions, one will incur much ill will. Confucius

Change amuses the mind, but rarely profits. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There can be no profit, if the outlay exceeds it. [Non enim potest quaestus consistere, si eum sumptus superat.] Plautus

He who profits by villainy, has perpetrated it. Iain Pears

Many receive advice, few profit by it. Publilius Syrus

There are too few rich and too few profits. Margaret Thatcher

You do not require an invitation to make profits. Dhirubhai Ambani

Profit is what happens when you do everything else right. Yvon Chouinard

Profits are better than wages. Jim Rohn

Money will always turn up when there is a potential for profit. James Cook

Nothing is more difficult than to make a profit. James Cook

No one ever went broke by taking a profit. Jesse Lauriston Livermore

You know, my background, I was at a non-profit for years. Elizabeth Emken

Profit per se is not my motive. Chris Hughes

A market system is not a profit system, it's a profit-and-loss system. Charles Koch

Wikipedia is a non-profit. It was either the dumbest thing I ever did or the smartest thing I ever did. Jimmy Wales

What I possess I would gladly retain. Change amuses the mind, yet scarcely profits. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The more illegal a profit, the more tenaciously a man clings to it. Honore De Balzac

For who that noght dar undertake, Be riht he schal no profit take [For who that dare not undertake, By right he shall no profit take. i.e., Nothing ventured, nothing gained.] John Gower

So you come soon to power, but you have merely inherited the crisis and yours is the profit of cancer. Norman Mailer

Honour and profit lie not in one sacke. [Honour and profit lie not in one sack.] George Herbert

They speak of "This Dojo" and "That Dojo". They are looking for profit. Miyamoto Musashi

We all like to see everybody make a profit... a very little. Cullen Hightower

When profit is unshared, it's less likely to grow greater. Malcolm Forbes

Throw away profit and greed, and there won't be any thieves. Laozi

Nothing contributes so much to the prosperity and happiness of a country as high profits. David Ricardo

All gaming, since it implies a desire to profit at the expense of another, involves a breach of the tenth commandment. Richard Whately

Fearlessness begets happiness, which begets creativity, which begets innovation, which begets profits. Ben Chestnut

When consumers know things, they tend to make informed choices, and that could affect corporate profits. I'm sorry, but your right to know is always going to be outweighed by their right to hide it from you. Bill Maher

Today, professional football is about profit and making money. But it's not about how much money you spend, it's about how wisely you spend it. John Riggins

We're essentially continuing a system where profits are privatized and...losses socialized, Nouriel Roubini

We profit little by books we do not enjoy. John Lubbock

The studios are making fewer films. They are making more expensive films. Profits are tougher to come by. Not only because of the expense of production. But also because of the expense of promotion and hype. To boil that all down, it's more about hype than it is about filmmaking. William Friedkin

There is no way of keeping profits up but by keeping wages down.... David Ricardo

What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us! Pope Leo X

The gods give that man some profit to whom they are propitious. [Lat., Cui homini dii propitii sunt aliquid objiciunt lucri.] Plautus

Profit is not a cause but a result- Peter Drucker

I find just as much profit in cultivating my hates as my loves. Andre Gide

A profit is not without honor save in Boston. Carolyn Wells

... one doesn't really profit from experience; one merely learns to predict the next mistake. Shirley Hazzard

a social conscience is not incompatible with profit. Anita Roddick

Moments are the elements of profit Karl Marx

The profits follow, and if we have remembered that, they have never failed to appear. George W. Merck

Fools you are. To say you learn by your experience. I prefer to profit by others' mistakes and avoid the price of my own. Otto Von Bismarck

Profit is the payment you get when you take advantage of change. Joseph A Schumpeter

Civilisation and profits go hand in hand. Calvin Coolidge

Typically, we make money when we buy things. We count the profits later, but we know we have captured them when we buy the bargain. Seth Klarman

In placing civil disobedience before constructive work I was wrong and I did not profit by the Himalayan blunder that I had committed. Mahatma Gandhi

The greatest human achievements have never been for profit. H P Lovecraft

To make agriculture sustainable, the grower has got to be able to make a profit. Sam Farr

By definition startups usually do not turn a profit. Kevin Harrington

Those who seek to profit by division don't stand a chance. Henry Rollins

Profit is the most global aspect of a business, and it is cross-functional. Carlos Ghosn

Kickstarter isn't a profit center, it's an organizer and an instigator. Seth Godin

In exile, I have tried to profit by the past and prepare for the future. Lajos Kossuth

I've made a profit from everything I have done in life. Magnus

Profit is not an event. It's a habit. Mike Michalowicz

Things of greatest profit are set forth with least price. Where the wine is neat there needeth no live blush. John Lyly

The best plan is to profit by the folly of others. Pliny The Elder

Cybercriminals are usually driven by profit, while cyberterrorists are driven by ideology. Evgeny Morozov

Profits, like sausages... are esteemed most by those who know least about what goes into them. Alvin Toffler

We must take the profit out of war. Smedley Butler

Amateurs go broke taking large losses, professionals go broke taking small profits. William Eckhardt

The next thing to having wisdom ourselves, is to profit by that of others. Charles Caleb Colton



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