Quotes on Powerless

There is something to be said about laying bare the vocabulary of the aristocratic measure, right? There's something to be said about allowing the powerless to tell their own story. Kehinde Wiley

We've all, at some point in our lives, been in a position where we have felt powerless. Maggie Q

If we're isolated, we come to feel powerless when we're not. Gloria Steinem

Without joy in your life you are powerless. Joyce Meyer

Only the powerless live in a money culture and know nothing about money. Phyllis Chesler

In presence of Nature's grand convulsions man is powerless. Jules Verne

A prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian. Billy Graham

Sexism has never rendered women powerless. It has either suppressed their strength or exploited it. Bell Hooks

Public radio has always been so powerless. Bob Edwards

Excessive fear is always powerless. Aeschylus

The possibilities. Is there any greater pain to know what could be, and yet be powerless to make it be? Andrew Sean Greer

Old Magic, Old Ways, the Old Ones themselves often seem powerless in a new place. Anne Cameron

Powerless rage can work miracles. Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

The war of my life had begun; and though one of God's most powerless creatures, I resolved never to be conquered. Harriet Ann Jacobs

Dreams are powerless unless they are specific. Bo Sanchez

The scolding voice is her own, so abrasive and quick, yet so powerless to move her. Carol Shields

Worry comes from the belief you are powerless. Robert Anthony

I too am not powerless, and my weapons strike hard. Ovid

Never feel too small or powerless to make a difference. Anita Roddick

If you think you are powerless, then you are Monica Denise Brown

They're just words is all. Powerless. Vocabulary. Dialogue. Chuck Palahniuk

I am powerless against the great magazines - I am an artist, and I will always be that. Werner Bischof

For me, bondage makes me feel powerless and annoyed. It's like, can you untie me? Dian Hanson

What most people want, I guess? I want the individual to know that if we unite, we are not powerless. David Guetta

As a teenager, you have so much energy and hormones and you feel powerless in your life. Patricia Arquette

Resistless change, when powerless to improve, Can only mar. Anne Enright

Power is only important as an instrument for service to the powerless. Lech Walesa

Risk is trying to control something you are powerless over. Eric Clapton

I never cared about modeling. As a model, you're powerless. Karen Gillan

Music is, by its very nature, essentially powerless to express anything at all. Music expresses itself. Igor Stravinsky

If your mind is scattered, it is quite powerless. Dalai Lama

Nothing is indifferent, nothing is powerless in the universe; an atom might destroy everything, an atom might save everything! Gerard De Nerval

He realized at last that the arguments of pessimism were powerless to comfort him Joris-Karl Huysmans

The more powerless people are, the longer they are kept waiting. Mason Cooley

Sophistication knows the score, but is powerless to change it. Mason Cooley

The nation-state became powerful in the wake of the French Revolution, whereas the nation-state has become powerless in light of globalization. Grace Lee Boggs

All creation necessarily ends in this: Creators, powerless, fleeing from the things they have wrought. David Eagleman

I don't want any special powers. I'm powerless. I wouldn't want to see into the future, I wouldn't want to know what anyone was thinking, ever! And I don't want to relive my past. Nikki Reed

It is an anomaly that we can split the atom, but we are nearly powerless to persuade each other to embrace justice. Gerry Spence

Why should my love be powerless to help another? George Macdonald

Impotent fury rages powerless and to no purpose. Virgil

Without the cross we have a meaningless and powerless Christianity. Michael Catt

Television is simultaneously blamed, often by the same people, for worsening the world and for being powerless to change it. Clive James

To listen acutely is to be powerless, even if you sit on a throne. Cynthia Ozick

All the brains in the world are powerless against the sort of stupidity that is in fashion. Jean De La Fontaine

I suppose we make kids the repository of our highest ideals because children are powerless. In that way we can have ideals and ignore them at the same time. Ellen Goodman

[I] have fantasies of killing myself and thus being the powerful one not the powerless one. Anne Sexton

There is no mind so weak and powerless as not to have its inclinations, and none so guarded as to be without its prepossessions. George Crabbe

We cannot have a just society that applies the principle of accountability to the powerless and the principle of forgiveness to the powerful. This is the America in which we currently reside. Chris Hayes

Unless I have been sorely misinformed, supermodels are powerless to resist a man with illuminated doorsills. Richard Hammond

Without faith, God's grace is wasted, & without grace, faith is powerless. Andrew Wommack

Intolerance is evidence of fear, and fear is the consequence of feeling powerless. Dean Frazer

I used photography to distance myself from a world that I loathed and was powerless to improve. Lewis Baltz

We voluntary participate in things that we know are causing us harm because we believe we're powerless to do anything about it. Iyanla Vanzant

If you incline towards God the passions that enslaves you will be rendered powerless. Sathya Sai Baba

Hope is a longing for a future condition over which you have no agency; it means you are essentially powerless. Derrick Jensen

Prayer less pulpits will produce prayer less and powerless congregations. Wesley L Duewel

In the end, the thing that's important about free expression is that it's the right from which all other rights are derived. If you can't articulate ideas and if you can't articulate critiques of other peoples' ideas, then you're powerless. What always increases the power of an authoritarian regime is whether it can successfully prevent people from expressing themselves. Salman Rushdie

When something tragic happens in the world and I realize that, for the most part, I am powerless to stop it. Mike Colter

Powerless religion may put a man through many surface changes and leave him exactly what he was before. Aiden Wilson Tozer

I'm always interested in a claustrophobic situation where people might be powerless to do things. Lily King

Men will not change as long as women 'marry up.' Men won't change until we have a perspective on how powerless power makes us. A woman cannot help a man change until she has a perspective on how powerless power makes men. Warren Farrell

A powerless church has nothing for the devil to counterfeit. Bill Johnson

The powerless worship Luck and Fate. Mason Cooley

Once freedom lights its beacon in man's heart, the gods are powerless against him. Jean-Paul Sartre

Ultraconservatism is, to me, so illogical. Everywhere you go, conservatives want to cut, cut, cut, cut - cut money for powerless people. So, that's the biggest problem I have with them. Alec Baldwin

Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful. Molly Ivins

I grew up believing that I was fundamentally powerless. Thom Yorke

If you're a queen, you're powerless, so I'd probably demote myself and go shopping. Helena Bonham Carter

I'm never finished with my paintings; the further I get, the more I seek the impossible and the more powerless I feel. Claude Monet

It is in the power of every individual to do that which the community as a whole is powerless to effect. William Thomas Stead

The more powerful the work, the more powerless the worker. Karl Marx

Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid. Ronald Reagan

The first duty of government is to protect the powerless from the powerful. Hammurabi

Children must be protected not because they are innocent but because they are powerless. Mason Cooley

Apathy is the self-defense of the powerless. Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful. I only aim at the powerful. When satire is aimed at the powerless, it is not only cruel - it's vulgar. Molly Ivins

You do not have to love what is going on in your life, but you must accept that it, whatever it is, is going on. As long as you do not accept reality, you are powerless to define the role you will play. Iyanla Vanzant

That's why I've come to you, to seek release from a curse of misery and horror against which I'm powerless to fight alone. Edward T. Lowe, Jr.

Conscience is a just but weak judge. Weakness leaves it powerless to execute its judgment. Khalil Gibran